Nash Grier Kisses Gay Fan After Being Slammed For Homophobic Slur: PHOTO


No doubt in response to the fallout from his homophobic Vine that went viral, social media star Nash Grier decided to kiss a gay fan in an attempt to show he has love rather than antipathy for the gay community. The fan shared the experience on Snapchat and later on Tumblr, saying: "To all the people complaining about Nash being a homophobic who’s against gays; He willingly kissed a boy just for a snapchat story on top of apologizing twice."

What do you think of Grier's attempt to kiss and make up? 


  1. Tyler says

    Such bravery. Because town non-apologies and an uncomfortable kiss with a gay person TOTALLY absolves an individual with a history of blatantly homophobic comments of any and all responsibility for said homophobic acts. I’m sure he’s counting on the f*gs he loves to criticize will instantly love him again.

    Barf. Crummy parenting and a lack of adequate supervision has yielded a lack of self awareness. This little sociopath needs to just quit while he’s ahead.

  2. Rick says

    a) I wish he would kiss me

    b) Can someone explain to this old fart what in the world VINE is and how in the world a 16-year-old has managed to get 8 million people to “follow” him? Thanks.

  3. oncemorewithfeeling says

    He got hit in his famewhoredom, where it hurt him the most.

    He’s a hateful christian who had been exposed and will now do anything to hold on to those 9 million fans whose minds he was polluting with his hatred of all things queer.

    That being said: good famewhore move, famewhore.

    And I’m glad all the sane and decent people backed him into this corner, because now he can never get out of it.

    Carry on.

  4. Tyler says

    It figures that Rick, who hates gay people and resents anything and everything LGBT would want to make out with a homophobe who likely hates gay people just as much as he does. Sucking up to those who hate us is his MO.

    Rick, is it difficult to stand without a spine?

  5. Tyler says

    Also, imagine how much friendlier this thread will be to Grier compared to the author of the ‘Dear White Gays’ article. We won’t be seeing any sexist comments, or racism. He’s a straight while male and will get far kinder treatment.

  6. Rick says

    @Tyler Not that you are ever worth responding to, mindless PC robot that you are, but I readily admitted with my question in (b) that I had no idea who this boy is or what VINE is……and my remark in a was simply based on his physicality and the assumption that a boy who would kiss another boy on the lips could not possibly be homophobic

  7. Zell says

    Tyler, I’m pretty sure that was someone posing as Rick.

    With regard to the story, who gives a crap what some 16-year-old kid said on Vine or whatever. It was vile, yes, and I certainly wouldn’t watch anything he did, but how sad that our society puts gives so much power to some nobody with a webcam.

  8. says

    Of this three million followers, they are dropping off like flies. I’d kiss anything I could get my hands on if my subscribers – who earn me thousands of dollars in advertising fees – were leaving in droves. The guy is homophobic no matter how many frogs he kisses. If you are a subscriber to his Vine Channel then by-all-means, drop him like a hot potato.

  9. I wont grow up says

    Every comment, post and re-post about this nobody just adds another minute to his 15 minutes.
    In fact the only way I heard about this little boy was here.

  10. MickyFlip says

    I’m actually kind of glad this certain situation came up because I start questioning at what point do we “draw the line” when it comes to what’s considered “acceptable” and not. Another friend was talking about a situation like this where we begin to fear about being labeled as “bigot” because we (as a whole) can’t speak up. At what point do we say “Enough is enough”? And when do we feel it wasn’t intentional? And it was just… I don’t know… ranting?

  11. says

    According to his YouTube channel he has but just 3,124,785 – down nearly 400,000 since his infamous homophobic scream. Every time he puts up a video the views are over a million. Google pays him almost 2cents a view. According to SocialBlade, the website that tracks and reports on the salaries of YouTubers, he earns about $58,000 a month which measures out to $704,000 per year. Not bad for a homophobic twit, not bad at all. I’m sure he is laughing all the way to the bank because of all the publicity his “fag” scream has generated.

    And to think Google deleted my “World Naked Bike Ride” video with its paltry 22,000 views (and I won’t allow ads to run on my videos to the dismay of Google) citing it violates their decency policy. DavyWavy on the other hand can literally show the vpl of a straight dude in sheer underwear and he buys a new house in L.A. with the ad money it generates. BTW, to see my ‘World Naked’ (including the uncensored version) click my name. I put it back up on my channel despite the threat of losing that channel from Google for defying them. Look to the comments for the url to the uncensored version.

  12. BETTY says

    RICK: spend a little less time on sports message boards getting your “info” on gay people and you might know what Vine is. Figures your comment would be “based on his physicality” as you only judge people based on superficial things like race, masculinity, etc;

  13. Rick says

    “spend a little less time on sports message boards”

    Ah, yes, those EVIL masculine interests like sports…..Ugh……

    “you only judge people based on superficial things….”

    Did I seriously just read this accusation on a gay blog? (LOL)

  14. says

    To those who are lost as to who this kid is or what “Vine” is – you need to get out more on the Internet. Social Media is everything to these twenty-somethings. Google gives you as many ‘channels’ as you want (think of a TV channel) and there you can upload for free anything within their guidelines that will get others to visit and view your videos. In return, Google will pay you up to 2cents per view and you can sit at home all day while your video earns your income.

    “Vines” are six-second videos to grab your attention. Most are funny, some are atrocious, others are original songs or homemade clips. The more people you get to subscribe (you are notified when a new Vine is uploaded) and the more views you generate the more money you make. Seriously, some of these guys make more money then you or I will ever see in one year just putting together little 6-second videos. The Diggs put up a video where he is at the wheel of a car and all he does for six minutes is say, “This is handsome” (and he smiles) “This is ugly” (and he frowns). It is funny and not only generates thousands of views (and ad money) but increases his own fan base (he is currently starring in a 11-episode TV Show called “Murder in the First” which is very good).

    Now you know.

  15. doug105 says

    The kid was getting $10k for a 6sec vine from Sonic MTV etc., So he kissed some kid claiming to be gay to keep the gravy train rolling in.
    Guess if he loses enough fans and money, he may see his future in gay4pay porn in just a few years.

  16. NE1 says

    Didn’t know who he was, don’t care, don’t want to know who he is, didn’t know Vine was making stars, don’t want to see him kiss, didn’t watch the video, don’t even know which guy in the pic is him.. just to sum up how much i don’t care.

  17. Ricco. Reid says

    I would have to weigh the kiss against the seriousness of what he said, and how often he was known to say hateful things.

    But even without doing so, it has been my experience that one does not a person a change.

    It would take some community service with the poeple he slammed. Not a fan of quoting the Bible, but some things just make sense.

    The Bible says: From the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.

    I guess I would have to see what things are on his heart, what it is that he continues to talk about . . . so basically more time, and a lot more than a kiss to show that he has changed . . . basically a history.

  18. Randy says

    “He willingly kissed a boy just for a snapchat story ”

    Wow. That is mind-blowingly naive.

    Please tell me this isn’t the future of the LGBT community.

  19. Seth says


    I’ll give Nash some credit here, for “sacrificing” his pride a small amount to demonstrate that his masculinity is not threatened by this one particular queer…

    But he’s still just stonewalling and demonstrating that he’ll not be intimidated. Besides, girls love seeing dudes kiss. He thinks the kiss is just funny, just like he thinks queers are.

    His instinct to give the queers a modestly prurient token just shows that he thinks of homosexuality as a sexual thing and not about identity.

    I’d rather see Nash attend 4 or more local GLBT teen meetings and sit quietly learning to see them as people.

  20. GreatLakeSailor says

    Fundy got a scare clear down to his cash-flow.

    In Fundy world wealth is virtue, poverty immoral, so this boy’s very soul is in peril.

    Also in Fundy world, empty gestures constitute redemption. Not so much in the real world.

  21. Philip Wester says

    Judging by the look on his face, he’s reaaaaaally hating having to faux-kiss that guy for that photo op. He’s friggin’ frowning!

  22. says

    I was wondering at first if the fellow frowning was the boy (I assume was payed) to kiss him or the idiot who thought this would make up for his homophobia. The fact he was frowning compounds his homophobia, instead of negating it. Clearly he is disgusted; how does this in any way demonstrate he is not homophobic?

  23. says

    Does this excuse his racism too? His homophobia made national news but he’s done several racist vines where he acts in a stereotypical black woman voice and perpetuates anti-black stereotypes.

  24. Rachel wanna be a Grier ! says


    I have had a crush on this boy for a while and even after
    What he said I still like him bc he is a person who
    Makes mistakes just like all I the rest of us who aren’t
    Show. On any social media

    And I understand his apology bc even me a 14 yr old
    Has said things I don’t know was wrong bc of who
    I was around I mean you hear something you have never heard before from someone your own age you don’t necisarily think of it as bad and ya I learned the bad way soo remember he is a person just like you and a person without falt can pick out others and all of us make mistakes I mean YOLO y live it being hated on and getting smack top from someone who probably will do worse or has do e the same of close I the same

    Just think how he feels and yea if you watch his videos from that time to the time he apologized he has matured a lot soo just knock off you crap and leave the kid alone for goodness sake he is 16 and I bet some of you hating on him for one mistake are a lot older so back off

    Btw I love nash and we want the best for you aim yourself in the best direction there is for you and I am always there to support you even know we may never meet and you don’t even know who I am and never really will I am here giving my support 100% am never backing down I love you lots -Rachel

  25. arne says

    get’s your facts straight…….
    they where playing a game, and the dude he was kissing was not gay, they kissed becuase of a lost game lol

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