National Organization For Marriage Launches Hopeless, Pathetic Boycott Of JP Morgan Chase Bank


The anti-gay and anti-transgender group the National Organization for Marriage has started a boycott of JP Morgan Chase bank for surveying their employees about their support with the LGBT community.

B_brownNOM blog says:

“Chase has repeatedly insisted that the survey was "voluntary and anonymous." But NOM has released a screen shot provided by a Chase employee establishing that employees had to "log in" to the Chase computer system using their unique employee ID number in order to complete the survey, allowing the megabank to learn which employees are loyal to the LGBT community… no, [the survey] was not voluntary or anonymous…

Brown said the Chase survey potentially subjects those employees who do not answer in the "politically approved way" to discrimination and sanctions: "As one employee put it, this could be a way to create a ‘fire these people first' list."

It's clear that Chase has lied to its employees and customers about the survey and its attempt to push the LGBT agenda. This is a major violation of trust, the central value in any banking relationship," [NOM President Brian] Brown said. "We are launching an international boycott and petition drive at to give consumers a way to object to the bank's offensive actions, demanding that they issue an apology and pledge never again to engage in this conduct…

To kick off the boycott, Brown said that he would be moving his own home mortgage, presently held with Chase, to another company.”

In a Media Matters article entitled “No, JPMorgan Chase Doesn't Have An ‘LGBT Loyalty Test’ For Employees,” Luke Brinker said:

“[The] ‘loyalty test’ story is a complete fabrication. Neither [anti-LGBT extremist Austin] Ruse nor [NOM co-founder Robert] George (alarmists who spread stories about Chase’s survey) has actually produced a copy of the survey they're reporting on. More importantly, there isn't a shred of evidence that Chase is using the internal survey for anything other than basic data collection. Ruse can't point to any examples of anti-LGBT Chase employees being punished, targeted, or even acknowledged in any way. It'd be equally as absurd for Ruse to assert that the survey was being used to punish employees "with children with disabilities." It's an entirely made-up horror story meant to promote the tired narrative that the LGBT movement seeks to persecute anti-LGBT conservatives.”

Furthering the argument, Jeremy Hooper mentions that JP Chase Morgan itself has said, "[The survey] allows employees to provide feedback on a broad range of issues, and managers use the results of this survey, in combination with other feedback, to continually improve the workplace and employee experience," and points out that NOM has no basis for their claim that the final survey results are not, in fact, kept anonymous. 

NOM’s boycott is a largely symbolic press stunt as it likely will not affect the bank which has 5,100 branches in 85 countries and over $2.515 trillion in holdings.

In 2012, NOM launched a boycott of Starbucks coffee after the company voiced support for a Washington state pro-marriage equality ballot measure. Their effort failed to gain much online support or to inflict significant damage to Starbuck’s stock price.


  1. ben~andy says

    My husband and I left Chase over three years ago, during the mortgage debacle. We found the, very nice, very small, Musician’s Interguild Credit Union on Vine Street here in Hollywood. Our closest ATM for deposits and withdrawals? The lobby of the LAPD Station in Hollywood [which is even closer to home]. And we can use ATM’s in places like 7-11 for free for withdrawals. Life is good.

  2. Strepsi says

    Not to mention that this has absolutely nothing to do with marriage equality, so why is the National Organization for MARRIAGE concerned?

    Oh right, because they have lost that issue so are getting into any ant-gay issue at all and flailing around like a rabid dying weasel.

  3. Richard Harney says

    STREPSI. I was just about to post the exact same thing. This has nothing to do with marriage and wasn’t that supposed to be their only concern. Remember, that are not an anti-gay group. Just only against gay marriage. Uh-huh.

  4. Bryan L says

    As far as I can tell, the real reason NOM and the aligned Common Sense America exist is to give Brian Brown and Maggie Gallagher’s son hefty paychecks, and who knows how much more these slimy people siphon from their own organizations. It’s no surprise that other groups such as Focus on the Family, Family Research Council, Arlington Group, the Mormon-founded Marriage Law Foundation, and the Catholic-funded Knights of Columbus and Opus Dei are contributors.

  5. woodroad34 says

    What does NOM’s charter (or legal reason for existence) say? If they start to deviate from that does the IRS (NOM’s natural nemesis) have anything to say about it?

  6. northalabama says

    “Soon it’ll be easier to list the places they’re NOT boycotting!”

    greg – good point, they’ve unsuccessfully launched boycott action so many times, it’s no longer a threat – more of a joke. a boycott only works as a threat if it has broad support, and continues for a long period of time. these are the last gasps of a dying bigot, not much to be scared of.

    now there are stories of individuals requesting to be added to the nom boycott list:

    “Dear Sir or Madam,

    I am writing to ask that you add my name to your boycott list. I run a…firm in Massachusetts; the state with the lowest divorce rate, the lowest teen pregnancy rate, and the lowest child abuse rate. Marriage equality has done nothing but enhance our families. I supported marriage equality in Massachusetts….

    I think I have earned the honor of joining Starbucks and other fine freedom loving American companies on your boycott list. My wife and daughters also add their pleas that I may attain such a noble status.”

  7. MAP says

    Yes boycotted Starbuks and they have become come so broke (snark snark) they are paying college tuition for their barristas.. How many college educations is NOM paying for?

  8. acorlando says

    Unless NOM has some proof that they have tied the survey module to their log-in credentials, they shouldn’t even get the attention this article is giving them. BUT, that said, if NOM wants to stand with “Christian” companies who want the authority to discriminate against that which they don’t agree, Chase should be able to promote its own agenda, as it were.

  9. james street james says

    NOM phone call to JP Morgan Chase:
    “We’re boycotting you!”
    “Because you have a homosexual agenda, that’s why!”
    “Can I put you on hold for just a moment?”
    “Don’t keep us waiting long, you’ll be out of business soon.”
    “Just a moment, I’m having trouble finding the right extension for agendas. Let’s see, Home Mortgages, House Loans, should be somewhere in between those two.”
    “It’s spelled H O M O S E X U A L.”
    “Sorry, can’t find it. Are you sure we have one? While I look can I interest you in a brokered CD?”
    “What’s that? Is it homosexually oriented? Are they available to gay people?”
    “Yes, I think so, they are available to anyone.”
    “ANYONE? Well that proves it. You can try to hide your agenda but it’s so obvious. You just don’t want to discriminate. And we’re going to get you for that!”

  10. ben~andy says

    @James St James, you are obviously qualified to supervise customer service techs.

    I believe Chase is hiring as their business will undoubtedly expand regardless of the NOM boycott.

    The big get bigger.

  11. ratbastard says

    Sorry, you are never going to get me to sympathize with JP Morgan Chase or any other of their ilk. Their current pandering to the ‘LGBTQ Community’ doesn’t cut it.

  12. Robert M. says

    New day, same old professional victim crap from professional christ-o-nazis. I’m sure Chase is calling an emergency board meeting right now to address this threat…

  13. Kurt says

    NOM’s complaint’s surely are paranoid fantasies, but they are right about one thing: companies shouldn’t be asking employees questions about their political, religious or moral beliefs on surveys that be traced back to them as individuals. It can be misused.

  14. Bill says

    If you look at NOM’s website, the screen shots do not show any that ask an employee to log in. If there is one, NOM isn’t showing it. Even if there is, the IT department could easily just use that information to make sure that an employee didn’t inadvertently fill out the survey twice. It’s then a question of making sure that the IT department protected employees privacy adequately.

    The main criticism of the survey I’d have is poor wording – a straight employee who is supportive of LGBT employees might not consider himself an “ally” unless he/she was involved in some group actively pushing for LGBT rights.

  15. GreatLakeSailor says

    Monkey + Typewriter situation.
    Of all the really good reasons to boycott JPMC and pretty much any Wall Street Fraudster, this is just…stoooopid.

    H/T to james street james – that’s funny!

  16. Michael says

    If this were Hobby Lobby or Chick-Fil-A using the exact same survey to determine which pro-equality employees to fire, Homophobia, Inc. would be screaming that it’s their “sincerely held religious belief” to do so.

  17. Rich says

    I’ve always had somewhat mixed feelings about having an account and credit card from Chase, but this makes me feel pretty awesome about it. Tomorrow I think I’ll take my Chase card to Starbucks and get some coffee.

  18. ben~andy says

    @Rich, I understand from mah husband that if you bring the cup back, Starbuck’s’ll give you a refill just for buying your coffee with that ole gay credit card [and I think you need a same day receipt technically, maybe that will be on your phone or Starbuck’s card]. And Starbucks is helping pay for it’s barista’s college education, so a portion of your purchase is going to support higher education and this ia a known factor in being MORE accepting of homos and lesbos. It is a win, win, win, win [hint, the first win is YOU get COFFEE!].

  19. Wayne says

    Tee…Heee….As of July 28, 2014, NOM’s boycott has 6,800 responses……on a national campaign…..kinda like their “Farmers Market March to Washington”….where 1500 bused-in dummies had no idea where they were going.

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