New York Young Republican Club Writer Rants About Gay Flags, Suddenly Resigns

William Palumbo

The New York Young Republican Club has a problem with the gay flag. Specifically, the site's head of "Blog" William Palumbo took severe offense at the "gay/LGBTQ(RSTUVWXYZ)" pride flag being flown at U.S. embassies in London and Tel Aviv, so much so that he wondered if it were an impeachable offense. Yes, really.

Can I pose a serious question?  At what point does replacing the American flag with the rainbow flag, a symbol of gay/LGBTQ(RSTUVWXYZ) pride from embassies abroad become an impeachable offense in itself?

Concerned that the U.S. is becoming "the United States of Gaymerica", Palumbo went on to condemn gay ambassadors that have been sent abroad in the past.

This administration has a record of placing gay ambassadors in countries where they are not welcome. The Dominican Republic last November, for example, was pretty well outraged.

Naturally, none of this was accompanied by plans of action, proposals for solutions to the "problem" (such as it were), or anything else potentially productive. Just ranting and implications that Obama himself is having a queer relationship with the Emir of Qatar. The President of NYYRC Brian Morgenstern did take productive actions, however, and Palumbo has now resigned and Morgenstern issued an apology stating that Palumbo's views do not reflect the views of the club.


  1. Nick says

    It’s truly looking as if open homophobia doesn’t have the same traction it once did, even among Republicans. Hopefully, Mr. Palumbo has learned that hatred is not conducive to holding a job.

  2. kdknyc says

    WTF?!? It’s sad that he’s so self-hating.

    Talking like that won’t make the republicans like him any better. But sadly he doesn’t get that.

  3. Ricster02150 says

    Another disgusting, self-hating gay man. Very sad. He doesn’t have to be a Democrat or Independent, but at least support your group and open your eyes to the damage that the party you align yourself with wishes to do to all gays and lesbians.

  4. Gigi says

    The self-loathing closet case could have a bright future at World Nut Daily or Twitchy. And by “bright” I mean: a continuation of the self-loathing, self-hating existence that he currently lives. As long as he keeps his “personal life” to himself they’ll fully accept him, right?

  5. HadenoughBS says

    Why are there so many self-hating gays in the GOP? What is the GOP so attractive to self-hating gays?? Oh, who the hell cares as long as they don’t belong to any of my clubs (where they’d be quickly dissed)???

  6. james street james says

    Meltdown. He can’t deal with the self-hate. Personal tragedy for him. This doesn’t mean all Republicans are borderline nuts, just the young ones.

  7. 1♥ says

    I suggest people read what else he said.
    Here is a quote: “consider that Mohamed Atta, a 9/11 hijacker from Egypt, was also gay, and this is not so uncommon among jihadis. Then consider Obama’s strange relationship with the Emir of Qatar.”

    You see he’s claiming that ALL gays are terrorist.

  8. pete n sfo says

    The thing is, despite the firing b/c he said it publicly, he likely wouldn’t have written it in the first place if this weren’t completely okay language around the office.

    Never believe that these folks have acquiesced in their fight/belief that we don’t deserve an equal place in society. Just like racism, they will simply become better at not getting caught.

  9. gregorybrown says

    Thanks to KEVINVT for saying something sensible. Assuming that ranting homophobes are themselves queer is the kind of lazy thinking that makes rightist folks throw the word “liberal” into comments without giving any context. I often wonder if there’s a special keyboard shortcut to do that automatically.

    Sixteen is a dangerous age for having opinions that you’re moved to express in public.

  10. anon says

    His comments are very much like any others you read on the Internet. Official blogs are supposed to ‘elevate’ debate, but he didn’t get the memo.

  11. jamal49 says

    Of course, it reflects the views of the NYYRC! It’s just that Palumbo had the audacity to remark publicly what has been said privately at the NYYRC and Morgenstern knows it. Stop lying about it, Brian.

  12. says

    Braindead racist anti-gay white Gay Republican rattles off all the things that piss off his bigoted racist anti-gay family and yet still isn’t embraced by them, and ends up proving Gay Liberals right – that gay republicans are complete idiots with peas for brains and capers for testes.

    go have a tiny wee bitter salad, sugar.

  13. NoGoingBack says

    He’s a YOUNG Republican?! I wonder what his chronological age is… Either homophobia and his anti-gay agenda has ravaged his youthfulness at an early age, or he never heard of or had the time for skin care with all his anti-gay crusading…

    That picture doesn’t say ‘young’ to me in any way. If he’s really a young person, ewwwww…

  14. Keith says

    So is he saying you don’t have any issue with the Confederate Flag which has been flying in certain parts of this country for hundreds of years?

  15. says

    i’ve come to conclude that some guys Lean Right so they can pretend that *that* is the reason they never get laid, rather than dealing with the reality that they’re dealing with a massive case of The Fuglies.

  16. AG says

    “Umm… Guys, nowhere does anything suggest he’s gay.

    Homophobe, yes.
    Gay, no.”

    Homophobia is very pervasive. Unfortunately, even among gay men. A knee-jerk claim that somebody, whom we don’t like, is gay reflects the low opinion of homosexuality that is apparently deep-seated even among gay progressives.

  17. says

    It’s great to have my picture featured along with my name. I mean, really, who doesn’t love that.
    The article was not “homophobic.” It was directly aimed at a State Department, which has supplanted the American flag with a non-nation flag, which is – in fact – illegal. This same state department is also running arms to the jihadis in the Middle East. I could link you to my work on this topic, which is my primary focus of research, but the New York Young Republican Club has electronically shredded my repository of sourced work. Yes, because in this day and age, questioning why an American embassy is flying a flag of opinion, and simultaneously why the State Department is facilitating genocide, is verboten by the GOP.
    As for you commentators who have nothing better to do than assume that for caring to notice a genocide of Christians I’m somehow in the closet… well… try to be original just once in your life.

  18. says

    @WilliamP: Flying a rainbow flag causes the genocide of Christians? Quite the leap in logic, young man. And, yes, your “article” was homophobic. It’s unfortunate your GOP colleagues have shredded your work, but you’ll have to take that up with your fellow Republicans. Apparently, they want to distance themselves from you. Sarah Palin has faced a similar ordeal.

    Good luck in your future endeavors. Perhaps they will demonstrate a more mature “lifestyle.”

    P.S. He’s right about it being predictable and stupid to assume he’s in the closet. The closeted are often anti-gay, but the closet is hardly a prerequisite for homophobia, and it’s strange to believe that it is.

  19. says

    How was it homophobic? Really, cut and paste the words that are homophobic.

    I’m really curious – I spoke with a national representative of the gay community today, someone I have known for years, and he agreed with me that it was not hateful in any way. He didn’t particularly care for my sarcasm at times, but he did not take personal offense. I asked him several times to point out the the sentences that were offensive, and in each case he declined.

    Why did they shred my work? Hmm…

    I just have one question for you:
    Does the American public deserve to know that we are giving weapons to the same group that executed those Iraqi soldiers in a ditch?
    The GOP seems to think no.

  20. says

    I didn’t take personal offense @WilliamP — your arguments weren’t worthy of that, sorry. And I’m not your editor. Perhaps you should look more carefully at you arguments and word choices — if you truly see nothing homophobic or illogical there, then only time can help you to improve as a writer.

    As for your question, it’s not related to the flag piece I read, so why would I respond to it?

  21. Bill says

    One thing missing: Palumbo (according to the Business Insider link ) had resigned on July 1. They didn’t kick him out for what he said because he resigned before he said it. Instead they were simply embarrassed.

    They claim they were in the process of confirming
    Palumbo’s replacement, so possibly they hadn’t yet changed the password for the blog guy. Big mistake.

  22. Jason Clouner says

    Teh chief homophobe of the MD legislature was a guy named Don Dwyer.

    A friend of mine knew him and said that a couple of his ex friends called hims “strange”

    I saw him testfy at a hearing re gays marrying a couple years ago. Someone said something that obviously upset him, he go out and walked stooped over out of the room.

    It was very obvious he was hiding a boner.

    BTW he s one of those fake protect life guys and tradtional marriage believers

    Turns out his wife divorced him after she found out he was running a round with a french woman.

    He also got totally drunk, ran his boat at full speed into another and nearly killed a 9 year old girl with a skull fracture

    Got to spend about 30 weekends in Jail, hope he got his desires satisfied

    This guy is AFU.

  23. Larry says

    What a clueless a-hole. If this is what passes for intellect among the young GOP, then democrats and gays have nothing to worry about. What an embarrassment to himself and to the GOP.

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