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Ricky Martin May Have 'Mentored' Ian Thorpe Through His Coming Out Experience


Australian tabloids are spreading a rumor: that Ricky Martin, currently a judge on the Aussie version of The Voice, mentored professional swimmer Ian Thorpe prior to his coming out this week. The "Thorpedo," as he was called when he swam in the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, told Sir Michael Parkinson that he is gay in a pre-recorded interview for Channel 10. Martin is currently denying any connection to Thorpe.

The Independent reports:

“I am extremely happy that he is talking about his happiness, and that is where I would like to leave it,” Martin apparently told a Daily Mail reporter when asked about the claims as he promoted his The Voice Australia finalist contestant in Melbourne yesterday (15 July)...

Martin was among the first to tweet his support for Thorpe:

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 10.28.43 AM

Whether Martin and Thorpe were connected or not, it is heartening to see such support.

Martin recently expressed the joy he felt after his own coming out experience, stating in a radio interview, “I wish I could come out again because that moment felt very blissful. It really feels amazing and then when it happens you realise all your fears were in your head.” Hopefully Thorpe has felt much the same.

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  1. "I am not gay," he said and wrote several hundred times. "In no way am I gay." Sorry friend, but now that your career has dried up, don't look for a second coming from us. You weren't there for us - we aren't there for you.

    Posted by: Tigernan | Jul 16, 2014 2:11:56 PM

  2. "I am not gay," he said and wrote several hundred times. "In no way am I gay." Sorry friend, but now that your career has dried up, don't look for a second coming from us. You weren't there for us - we aren't there for you.

    Posted by: Tigernan | Jul 16, 2014 2:11:57 PM

  3. It is astonishing to me that anyone STILL holds on to the most bizarre trope of all time, that confirming you're gay is the best career move that anyone could make.

    The craziest thing of all is that this started with Anne Heche and just look at what a superstar that made her!

    Public people who confirm that they're gay ALWAYS have the exact same career as they had before the confirmation. That is the entire point: confirming you're gay makes no difference to your career. If they were stars, they stay stars. If they weren't, they don't become one. Again and again and again.

    Yet still, all these years after Anne Heche, there are STILL people saying that confirming you're gay is a free ticket to stardom.

    And this guy is an Olympian past his prime! Exactly how is confirming he's gay going to get him more gold medals? How did confirming he's gay make Matthew Mitcham a wealthy household name?

    This idea is obviously wrong, constantly disproved, asinine, idiotic and borderline nuts. Anyone espousing it looks like a moron. Knock it off already.

    Posted by: oncemorewithfeeling | Jul 16, 2014 2:36:31 PM

  4. That's surprise. But good for Ian. All the best to him.

    Posted by: Matt27 | Jul 16, 2014 2:43:26 PM

  5. oh Ricky really?

    you waited 'till you were practically irrelevant to come out.


    Posted by: Truthiness | Jul 16, 2014 3:05:44 PM

  6. Ricky "mentored" him? Like, with his penis?

    Posted by: Mikey | Jul 16, 2014 3:11:36 PM

  7. LOL @ Mikey! You got it right!

    Posted by: Jack M | Jul 16, 2014 3:38:18 PM

  8. oncemorewithfeeling: It's really stupid to think that people like Ian come out for career reasons.
    Yes, his career is over but he is a living legend of swimming.
    He was not an average athlete he was a star.

    He had a lot of problems and being sincere with himself and with the rest of the world is a first step to heal.

    I doubt nobody come out thinking that would make them a star, that would be ridiculous

    Posted by: jjose712 | Jul 16, 2014 4:48:42 PM

  9. @OnceMore ... If a public person only comes out with the idea of advancing his career, he's indeed likely to be disappointed. But there are many valid reasons to come out--living honestly instead of living a lie primary among them--and that applies equally to someone who's known by millions or known by a few. I don't think many actually consider it a ticket to stardom, so there's not much to knock off.

    As for Anne Heche, she's hardly a typical example since she also came out as crazy and went on to marry a man. Her career was hurt by her flakiness for a while; now she's got a perfectly decent career as a character actress.

    Posted by: Ernie | Jul 16, 2014 5:05:55 PM

  10. @oncemorewithfeeling - are you Rupert Everett?

    A) Matthew Mitchum is not wealthy, in fact he talks of how difficult it's been for him to find sponsors.

    B) Anne Heche???? Talk about pulling something out of your ass....

    Posted by: Edmcan | Jul 16, 2014 5:15:17 PM

  11. Two peas in a pod! Gays that came out after they had nothing to lose to gain A-List access into the gay community brand.

    Posted by: Rowan | Jul 16, 2014 8:08:23 PM

  12. @Tigernan: I'm glad you feel so smug that you can dismiss someone's coming out just because it didn't suit your schedule or preference. I'm not sure what the point of your post was but it wasn't helpful to anyone.

    Posted by: Joseph Singer | Jul 16, 2014 8:33:33 PM

  13. Did Martin mentor him on how to come out, or on how to stay in the closet and keep saying "I'm not gay" for over a decade?

    Posted by: FuryOfFirestorm | Jul 16, 2014 8:34:36 PM

  14. If Thorpe stories are reasons to provide more photos like these, then I hope the story still has a few more twist and turns in it over the next few weeks.

    Posted by: Randy | Jul 16, 2014 8:39:27 PM

  15. You know in this case I think he paid a very large price for staying in the closet. His emotional and supposed addiction issues cannot be separated from the fact that he had locked himself into a lie at a young age on a huge scale. He was literally a Lebron James/Peyton Manning level celebrity/national figure before he turned twenty. So instead of following his real feelings he tried to live a lie and kept melting down. I hope his coming out is part of either on going therapy or even a 12 step program. Tending to his personal deamons I'd more important than pleasing a bunch of judhemental pricks- straight or gay.

    Posted by: robroy | Jul 16, 2014 8:46:32 PM

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