Rob Ford and Brother Apologize for ‘Unfortunate’ Attack on LGBT Demonstrators at Ford Fest

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Toronto Mayor Rob Ford and his brother and city councilor Doug have issued apologies for the verbal and physical attack on LGBT protesters by Ford supporters at Friday's barbecue celebration for the confrontational mayor. 

CBC reports:

FordsFord said he didn't personally see the commotion because he was in a tent meeting with his supporters, but he still apologized for what happened.

“It's terrible things like that happen,” he said in an interview on Saturday with CP24 while attending the Taste of Toronto food festival. “I apologize and we have to move on.”

Ford’s brother Doug, who was the first to apologize for the incident, said earlier:  

“I think 99 per cent it went really well. Everyone had a good time,” he said. “I think it’s just unfortunate what happened. Like I said we apologized to the gentleman. I don’t know. It’s tough for him to show up I guess. There was a little bit of taunting on both sides. I just wish it didn’t happen.”

About six demonstrators showed up with signs protesting Ford's homophobia – which popped back in the news two weeks ago when Ford cast the lone dissenting vote for a proposal that would support homeless LGBT youth. 

The Ford brothers, however, remain "offended" that people still think they're homophobic.  


  1. Will says

    I don’t understand why the brother is always by his side…when Rob has a problem or someone calls him out on things, there’s Doug right by his side…kind of odd.

  2. TetraSync says

    @ROB FORD: No, it’s NOT UP TO YOU to decide when it’s time “to move on”; especially since you haven’t made anything right.
    Your incitement caused this in the first place. It is a shame things like this happen, and an even bigger shame that you caused it and won’t acknowledge it.

    WHY WASN’T THERE POLICE PROTECTION for those protesters?! No excuses.

    “Everyone had a good time”?! – I guess those gays and allies don’t count as people then?! The Fords can look at violence at one of their BBQs and think, ‘This is going 99% according to plan’ – WHAT?!

    “There was a little bit of taunting on both sides” – Don’t engage in DISPLACING BLAME, Fords. This is the fault of you and your MORALLY BANKRUPT minions… “Ford Nation!!!”

    These Fords need to look at that Panti Bliss video about why it’s not ok for homophobes to declare themselves not homophobic.

    I think the biggest shame falls on the police, who were CONVENIENTLY absent during the (imho) Latvianesque anti-gay vigilante crackdown on the gay protesters.

  3. says

    Oh puh-leeeze. Like Mayor Ford is responsible for this? Just STOP.

    I have never made any secret of my support for Mayor Ford. He does what he wants and he doesn’t CARE about the HATERS… As a queer man, I have always said we should do what we want, when we want. I don’t waste my time worrying about other people and what they think! Mayor Ford has the same philosophy so in a way, he is Toronto’s first queer mayor.

    That’s why my mom and I stood side by side with Rob Ford on the day the so-called crack scandal broke. The mayor needed some help with the media and the PR situation, and my mom was right there to help! Sooooo proud of her and how she used PFLAG to save the mayor.

  4. Anon says

    @Troll appropriator of Little Kiwi
    “POSTED BY: LITTLE KIWI | JUL 27, 2014 2:50:32 PM”

    Pathetic. If you want to impersonate Little Kiwi, you have to write things he would write.

    You can’t write complete non sequiturs and expect to fool the general reader into thinking Kiwi wrote that.

  5. John says

    I once made a sarcastic comment in some post about “bromances” and my comment was deleted in minutes. Yet, when other people commit fraud by posting as other people, those comments never get deleted. Nice job Towleroad. Nice.

  6. Gigi says

    @TRE Ford is supported by the mindless lemmings who lived outside of Toronto. They live in the outer lying areas, and they believe that the “left-wing media is PERSECUTING Ford” for writing stories about: on-the-job vodka guzzling, late night crack-smoking parties (which have been caught on tape numerous times), abusive verbal and physical attacks on people both as mayor and earlier when he was a city councillor, bigotry, sexism, racism and homophobia, questionable back room deals and associations with known drug dealers and purveyors of illegal guns. These troglodytes drank the Fird-Aid and say things like “what he does in private is his business,” “he’s a good guy…the kind of guy you could see yourself having a beer (or 10) with,” and “we’re all human…we all make mistakes.” That’s true, we do. But we’re not all mayor of the fourth largest city in North America.

  7. Dan says

    F#ck u, Little Kiwi. You are an insufferable je.rk. Why do you even still post here? Didn’t you tell everyone you were done with Towleroad? Go away, no one likes you.

  8. emjayay says


    Why bother with doing an excellent blog, and then have a rubbish commenting system?


  9. Angela Channing says

    Will – I was told by a Canadian friend that the Fords liken themselves to the Kennedys. They also circle the wagons aggressively.

  10. says

    check it out :)

    the Ford brothers know that they cannot win over the, let’s say, “intelligentsia” – so they pander to the lowest common denominator. Homophobic Ford Supporters = White Klansman

    it’s the Sarah Palin-ing of politics – you know the smart folks won’t be swayed by you, so you pander to the non-cognitives. you feed their bigotry, you give them a burger, and then they forget that you’ve slandered them with racial epithets.

    ford is a millionaire. has always been one. and has convinced many of the poor in toronto’s outer boroughs that he’s “one of them” – but he’s not. he’s not a common man. he’s just white trash with money – homophobic, racistr, sexist, misogynistic, the works.

    unfortunate? ford – you encourage this mindset. this is your demographic, homophobic scum. and we have no room for you in toronto.

  11. crispy says

    “It would be interesting to see who kiwi’s impersonator is.”

    It’s pretty obvious that it’s Ratbastard. He’s obsessed with Little Kiwi.

  12. Craig S says

    I think it’s time Towleroad upgraded its comment system so that we have to log in first, so that people’s names can’t be impersonated like that anymore.

    I’ve said it before, but obviously will have to repeat it until troll-Kiwi gets it through his thick asphalt-encrusted skull: Ford’s attendance at the PFLAG event was a SURPRISE to everybody there; even the city councillors DIDN’T KNOW he was going to show up until he did. So what were Kiwi and his mother supposed to do, jump into a time machine and retroactively cancel the event? And the “publicity” he got for it didn’t “save” him either — as there is no mechanism under Canadian law for the removal of a mayor who hasn’t been convicted of a crime, there was NOTHING Kiwi or his mother could have done that would have changed whether Ford was still in office today or not. So troll-Kiwi, just goddamned stop it already.

  13. Troye says

    Craig/Crispy/Mattrocks aka Little Kiwi-

    While I am not the fake Kiwi and I don’t like it when people post under different names (the way Kiwi constantly does), I will weight in here to say that have lived in Toronto my entire life and I can tell you that we were disgusted by what Kiwi and his mother did.

    What might they have done? How about what the whole world does when confronted with an unwanted guest at an event? Say, “Hey, you were NOT invited to this event. This event is for LGB people and their friends and families, not for bigots. Leave now. We won’t continue until you are gone!” Or you collectively turn your backs. Or you terminate the event. There were lots of options if Kiwi and his shrewish mum had really wanted to take a stand. But this weird mother and son act clearly either were delighted that they would get on TV that night or they harbor sympathy for Ford.

  14. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “…and I can tell you that we were disgusted by what Kiwi and his mother did. ”


    when did you have your first drink this morning? I waited until 12:00noon (EST). You must do the same or else your comments will get wackier and crazier throughout the day.

    Now, you get away from the keyboard and go rest for a while.

  15. says

    my mum – calling out mayor ford. for the second time in a row.

    troll-who’s-obsessed-with-me: i call your bluff. my mum did something that disgusted you? prove it. show it. Url please.
    and feel free to show yourself, too. you won’t however. you’re not a man. you’re a boy. a broken one. and always will be.

    you are, of course, the same worthless troll who uses many names. your tell-tale signs: you say LGB. you ignore T. my family doesn’t. unlike you, we’re not transphobic cowards.

    enjoy another thinking about me, as a distraction from your own sad life. and feel free to follow me on instagram: AtticusBennett

  16. Craig S says

    Troye, I live in Toronto as well, and I don’t see or understand what was so “disgusting” about it. Maybe there might have been different ways of handling the situation in hindsight — but the negative reaction you propose might have counterproductively *bolstered* his image with the “Nation”, in exactly the same way as the annual freakout over his refusal to attend Pride does.

    And as I also pointed out, the troll-Kiwi continually likes to claim that the PFLAG event is somehow the *reason* that Ford is still in office today, because the “positive publicity” somehow saved him from getting impeached — which is also a crock of hooey, because *no* reaction they could have given would have actually changed his status at all. I notice you evaded any response to that part of my comment.

    But again, I’m a gay man who lives in Toronto and I lay exactly *no* blame against Kiwi and his mother for reacting the way they did in the circumstances they found themselves. If you do, that says way more about you than it does about the Kiwi clan.

  17. says

    Craig S – “Troye” does not live in Toronto. “troye” is the same worthless troll that comments in here every day under many various names. He’s not a toronto resident, and he doesn’t even want to make salient points. he’s simply trying to get my attention, because he can’t get it from his own family. and never could. and never will.

    he can’t say a single honest and good thing about himself, or his own family, so he has to make up lies about mine. it’s ok. i totally get that society’s unfortunates often need to anonymously lash out at their betters lest they face reality and chug bleach. as if that would be such a bad thing.

  18. leprechaunvict says

    The only fake name that will get your comment removed is if you say your Andy Towle, other than that it’s fair game to impersonate away, sadly.

    Anyhow, the best description of Ford I read above was when someone said he was a cancer on our city and he is. If he gets re-elected in October, Toronto is up the creek with no paddle…

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