Michael Sam Responds to Tony Dungy’s Remarks with Grace and Humility: VIDEO


Michael Sam reacted on Tuesday to remarks made by Tony Dungy this week suggesting that he wouldn't have drafted Sam because the Sam's sexual orientation would have been a distraction. Dungy later clarified his remarks and said that Sam should "absolutely" have the opportunity to play in the NFL.

Sam was asked about the remarks by reporters and responded with grace and humility:

Said Sam: "Thank God he wasn't St. Louis Rams' coach. But I have a great respect for Coach Dungy, and like everyone in America, everyone is entitled to their own opinions."

Sam was also asked if he would be surprised "if that pops up from time to time, that somebody disapproves?"

"It is what it is," said Sam. "What you gonna do about it? My focus is on making this team. I'm excited to be back with the guys. Football is fun."



  1. walter says

    what was dungheaps position when people also said blacks couldn’t be quarterbacks ? was the first black quarterback a distraction or a step forward ? poor tony he has made dumb statements before and for some reason people seem to forgive him , but if we a white coach making these kind of comments on a black player his ass would have been fired

  2. pete n sfo says

    Dungy’s position essentially was, if I exercised discrimination in the workplace, well… who could blame me?

    In his world he probably found lots of folks to endorse his flawed thinking, but that world is ultimately very small.

    Michael Sam shows himself to be an attribute on many levels, again & again. I hope he has a long & rewarding career.

  3. UFFDA says

    Sam just keeps showing how good he really is. And “football is fun” is the perfect reason to play it…as well as the reason he’ll succeed at it.

  4. Are you a leader Tony? says

    Where would Tony Dungy be today if Branche Rickey had said to Jackie Robinson ‘I’d love to help you in your fight for racial equality but it’s just too much of a ‘distraction’?

    Grow your humanity Dungy. Put aside the ignorance and discrimination you’ve been taught and get to know Michael & Vito personally. Gain an bit of understanding about the daily struggles they face before adding your voice to their woes. Be a leader in humanity instead of a follower in oppression.

  5. Carl says

    I’m confused… didn’t Dungy clearly say that he wouldn’t have drafted Sam based on the extra media attention that would follow him?

    Am I being too trusting to believe him? Or is it just more clear to everyone else that it’s veiled homophobia? (I’m honestly questioning myself here… )

  6. Topol says

    Keep in mind that when someone asks Michael Sam about disapproval of his gayness, they are asking an African-American man. Disapproval and discrimination of African-Americans is widespread and longstanding.

  7. says

    I have to say that I’m extraordinarily impressed with Michael Sam, who is responding with intelligence and grace to his role in history, football or otherwise. His speech – memorized and eloquent – at the Arthur Ashe Courage Award dinner and his recent reaction to yet another misspeak by a footballer show that he is a class act. I seriously doubt I could do so well under such pressure.

  8. Enchantra says

    Tony Dungy is scamming a living by giving lectures about being a good christian male husband and father. He “wrote” a book called The Worthwhile Life or something like that. Dirtbag Dungy

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