Sarah Palin Brings Her Obama Impeachment Campaign to Sean Hannity: VIDEO


After her Breitbart op-ed yesterday calling for the impeachment of Obama, Sarah Palin ran into the welcoming arms of Sean Hannity to spew her teabagger word vomit.

"Lawlessness blah blah blah gunfight blah blah blah cojones blah blah blah… Ted Cruz blah blah blah…"

If anything else, watch the interview to reassure yourself she's just as unelectable as before, or just imagine Tina Fey for a moment.

Watch the certifiable nuttiness, AFTER THE JUMP


  1. TBD says

    So Sarah, you and you’re boys can have your little impeachment wet dream, we know you have no ideas of your own. Then we’ll charge Cheney and the rest of the Bush Administration with war crimes, because they are actual crooks, how’s that for good deal, by golly?

  2. Bryan L says

    I don’t understand why Palin doesn’t realize she was, is, and always will be a joke. And why are so many American politicians acting like adolescents?

  3. says

    You know, my *biggest* disappointment with Sarah Palin is that I actually hoped that, since she has a child with Down Syndrome, she’d be a truly vocal champion for aiding families with children with special needs. Alas, she never talks about it – and she’s in the news, constantly. She doesn’t talk about the joys and richness of life in having a child with Down Syndrom, nor the struggles – which so many families go through, and no doubt occasionally need aid and guidance.
    Nope. None of that. It’s just all right-wing buzz terms to feed the fury of Society’s Lowest Thinkers – because that’s her base.

  4. Paul B. says

    @Kiwi…how true! I think “money” is such a powerful and addictive drug for some of us that we’ll do anything to have more. If these nutjobs didn’t get paid millions…they would go away. If they didn’t have “ratings” they wouldn’t get paid millions. Stop watching, stop listening. Connect the dots and they’re gone !

  5. JT says

    Lawlessness? I guess that was the buzzword for the week for her. Please…go ahead, un-enlist from the Republican party and the American political landscape and crawl down a fracking hole where you belong.

  6. Chris says

    @Kiwi. I do think that the reason she gave up her Governorship and went into ‘Talking Head’ land was to make bank to support Trig. While the end-result is laudable, the day-to-day blather is painful.

  7. BW says

    She used to be a lot funnier, but her comedy has gotten really stale. She needs to go away for a while and reinvent herself, hire a new writing team, then come back in 2016 and run for president. Her and Michelle Bachman (or Louie Ghomert) would make a great comedy team.

  8. txstevo says

    Wait! According to the promos for her reality show America is AMAZING!!! Now she says it’s a lawless, unrecognizable hell-hole. Which one is it Palin? You can’t have it both ways.

  9. says

    I hope she runs against Hillary in 2016 for two reasons:

    1) Crashing and burning might actually embarrass Sarah enough to finally go the f*ck away, like it did for Romney

    2) For the LULZ. Sarah is a comedy goldmine.

  10. Marc says

    Oh, I get it. Palin’s silly cable show got renewed and she’s in full PR mode to make her self relevant again. (How many times can you say “lawless” in a six-minute diatribe? I see drinking game.) Please don’t let this vapid woman “write” another book.

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