Scottish Lesbian Teen Takes On The Westboro Baptist Church: VIDEO

Rebecca anderson

16-year-old Edinburgh lesbian Rebecca Anderson has taken on the Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) with her own take on the WBC’s parody of Panic! At The Disco’s “I Write Sins Not Tragedies.”

Last week, Panic! At The Disco responded to WBC’s virulently homophobic parody of their song by making a donation to the LGBT charity Human Rights Campaign.

Rebecca’s mum contacted Towleroad to say that her daughter was so infuriated by the WBC that she felt moved to make her own parody of their parody.

Rebecca’s version, titled “Your Beliefs Are A Lie What A Tragedy,” includes the lyrcis:

I’d chime in with a

“Haven’t you people ever hated Westboro Baptist Church?!”

Oh, think over things you preach about the gays,

With a sense of poise and rationality,

I’d chime in

“Stop spreading homophobic hatred. Obeying the word of God?”

No, your teachings are so hypocritical,

It makes no sense at all…

Watch Rebecca's song, AFTER THE JUMP


  1. Kevin says

    Really? You’re going to dog a 16 year old girl because she didn’t take on a cause you feel is worthy? At least she is trying to help put WBC in its place. What are you doing?

  2. Craig says

    The best thing we can do is just ignore them and stop talking about them. As tigernan says, they are about 14 people. Even mor,e they have zero clout, picketing soldier’s funerals gains them zero fans religiously and politically. The right hates them just as much as the left. To continue to talk about them gives them more respect than they deserve.

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