Senator Marco Rubio Accuses Marriage Equality Activists Of Intolerance


In what should be regarded a part of a years-long run-up for his inevitable U.S. presidential campaign, Republican Florida Senator Marco Rubio proved his conservative credentials in a speech he made at Catholic University in Washington on Wednesday.

During the speech, Rubio parroted the conservative talking points of how opposing same-sex marriage doesn’t make one anti-gay and how gays are “intolerant” toward people who support so-called “traditional marriage.”

MSNBC reports:

“I promise you even before this speech is over I’ll be attacked as a hater or a bigot or someone who is anti-gay. This intolerance in the name of tolerance is hypocrisy. Support for the definition of marriage as one man and one woman is not anti-gay, it is pro-traditional marriage.”

Noting President Obama didn’t declare his support for gay marriage until 2012, Rubio said, “If support for traditional marriage is bigotry, then Barack Obama was a bigot until just before 2012 election.”

Of course Rubio's point about Obama is partly disingenuous both because Obama supported it back as early as 1996, and when he refused to support same-sex marriage earlier in his  presidency, marriage equality supporters repeatedly criticized him for it.

Soon, Rubio took a different conservative tack in his speech by acknowledging the actual existence of anti-LGBT discrimination. But he then continued in a conservative vein re-iterated the disproven notion that “the ideal setting for children to grow up is with a mother and father,” adding that heterosexual parenting “deserves to be elevated in our laws.”

MSNBC has more from Rubio:

“There was once a time when our federal government not only banned the hiring of gay employers, it required contractors to identify and fire them,” Rubio said. “Some laws prohibited gays from being served in bars and restaurants and many cities carried out law enforcement efforts targeting gay Americans.”

Rubio also acknowledged that many gay couples “feel humiliated by the law’s failure to recognize their relationship as a marriage." … He said he respected those arguments as well as the rights of states to recognize same sex unions…

“Those who support same sex marriage have a right to lobby their state legislatures to change state laws,” he said. “But Americans who support keeping the traditional definition of marriage also have a right to work to keep the traditional definition of marriage in our laws without seeing that overturned by a judge.”

Rubio opposes LGBT employment protections, has offered similar speeches for virulently anti-gay groups like Florida Family Policy Council, a group whose leader warned of rampant sexual abuse in the Boy Scouts now that they allow gay members.


  1. says

    Even before 2012 (and after 1996), Obama’s position was more complex and nuanced than Rubio (or many others) give him credit for. Although he said he didn’t favor legalizing same-sex marriages, he opposed enshrining those prohibitions in the U.S. Constitution. He wanted to repeal DOMA in its entirety (while other candidates only wanted to repeal Section 3 that allowed the Federal government to ignore same-sex marriages in states that allowed for it). He opposed Prop. 8 (despite the fact that Prop. 8 proponents falsely claimed otherwise), and opposed other state same-sex marriage bans after 2008. So though he was not advocating making it legal before 2012, he was very vocal about not wanting it to be illegal. Some might say, “What’s the difference?” But I see a huge difference in both intent and effect.

  2. says

    Whine all you want Rubio but you won’t be President and you are a bigot. Denying any American citizen equality pegs you as a bigot. We will run bigots out of this country. Pack your bags.

  3. tad says

    His “logic” is bit convoluted but here goes: gays have a right to resent laws that blatantly discriminate against their relationships, as long as they don’t utilize the judicial or political systems to overturn those laws. Heterosexuality should be elevated to an “exceptional” status that will forever reign supreme in our government.

  4. jmartindale says

    Shame on you for charging people who want you to be treated as second class citizens as bigots. They aren’t bigots, they are just entitled to better and happier and more fulfilling lives than you are. It’s not as though they treat you any differently than they do Blacks or migrants.

  5. R says

    So, LGBT people shouldn’t be able to go to the courts to protect their rights — but Republicans should be able to go to the courts to strip the rights of people away from having access to basic health services.

    Have they ever spent a second thinking about themselves?

  6. Rich-SD says

    Supporting traditional marriage has become Newspeak for opposing marriages that are not traditional. The two are not the same and we should call people on it.

  7. bkmn says

    Rubio is the proud owner of a very inflated ego. He thinks he has all the answers because he was a smart child. Unfortunately he lacks the ability to relate to others that are not as exceedingly “smart” as he is.

  8. simon says

    As a minority, he is in the wrong party. A lot of Ricks in that party will not vote for him even he has the right ideology. He simply doesn’t have national appeal. In the past presidential elections, minority candidates dropped out quite early in the Republican primaries. This idiot can dream on and spill the same nonsense that pro-white is not the same as anti-latino.

  9. SoLeftImRight says

    So it’s not anti-gay to support a definition of marriage which is explicitly excludes gay people? Interesting how that illogic works. Rubio is in the first class of jackasses in the national Republican party.

  10. Gregory in Seattle says

    According to eight years of Republican squawking, Rubio is not eligible to hold the office of President: neither of his parents were citizens when he was born. So either the GOP have been lying their collective behinds off for nearly a decade about the definition of “natural born citizen,” or Rubio is forbidden from holding the offices of President or Vice-President.

  11. Guero says

    Rubio needs to be re-deported back to say…1940s South Texas to understand what real bigotry and discrimination against Latinos was. Then perhaps he’d have a little empahty towards LGBTs. As it stands, Rubio has done everything possible in his life to distance himself from authentic Latin culture. That is, until he had the idea that it might be politically advantageous for him to repackage himself as Conservative Latino Republican. He converted from Catholicism to Mormonism, then left Mormonism to become Southern Baptist and finally back to Catholicism, though he still attends a Souther Baptist Congregation. His Spanish is atrocious, as bad as Mitt Romney’s. He’s such a fraud and a huckster, trying to be all things to all people (Anglo today, Latino tomorrow, Mormon yesterday, Catholic the day before, and Southern Baptist this morning, and Catholic this afternoon) that he himself has no idea who he is, or what he is, or what he stands for. He attacks LGBTs for defending themselves against bigoted politicians like himself who would deny citizens their rights for political gain. You do not want that fight, Marco Rubio, because we will deport your half-and-half a.s.s. straight to the banana republic where you were conceived.

  12. Michael says

    As an employer, I wish I didn’t have to actually hire free people. I believe in the tradition of slavery. Why can’t I own slaves anymore?

  13. james street james says

    He’s a “traditional” Republican in that he’s trying to build a coalition of bigots. He also has the traditional “pretty boy” looks that Republicans favor so much. They are not big on substance, just appearances.

    I’ve never thought of him as particularly bright, just ambitious to a fault. Can you imagine a Republican ticket with Rubio and Paul Ryan? We survived Bush/Cheney but I don’t think the economy could survive those two in the White House.

  14. Hank NYC says

    they must work under a different definition of tolerance than I was taught.

    I’m very tolerant of their religion whether I agree or disagree – not my place to judge their spuriously held deep beliefs. I’m tolerant of things I don’t agree with – I can change the channel, close my door, put on my headphones and follow the laws of the land which are there for everyone of all religions or those of no religion as this is not a theocracy.

    Intolerance is when you go the next step of coming into my house and forcing your beliefs on me, taking away my options and ability to be tolerant.

    Not only are you a bigot, anti-gay (despite your religious claims), in-tolerant (look it up)- looking thru your lens of sin – you are quite guilty of many more than I am.

  15. Bob R says

    @Guero, Rubio was born in Miami of Cuban exile parents. Although his parents fled Cuba in 1956, they never applied for US citizenship until 1975. That may have been because during that period benefits for non-citizens were being cut by the government. His parents, like almost all in the Cuban “exile” community dreamed of returning to Cuba and retaking their island from Fidel’s “communistas”. America was and in some cases still is only a weigh station or temporary place until they can take back their homes and property in Cuba. Their real loyalty, deep down, is Cuba, not the US.

    It is the mentality of Rubio’s parents and now it appears Rubio, that made the Cuban revolution and Fiedel possible. Rubio is a right winger, and like all Cuban “exiles” prefer fascism and a strict authoritarian government similar to Batista (who most early exiles supported or served).

    Rubio, like many if not most of the Cuban community (at least in Miami) consider themselves a different class of “Latino”. They speak a more formal (Castilian, according to them)Spanish and consider other Latino’s (especially those from Mexico and Central America) to be lower class people. Darker skinned Latinos (especially Cuban “negroes”) are considered escoria (trash).

    I spent over 30 years living and working in Miami and I’m very familiar with people like Rubio. Some of the later Cuban exile generation are starting to evolve, but it’s hard when brought up in a closed community like Little Havana where Democrats (especially the Kennedy’s) are maligned every day and you are constantly told to fear anything that may result in communism or socialism (one in the same to some minds). Rubio is a product of a very stilted, hateful and vindictive culture. He will never be president, nor should he, for the sake of the country.

  16. UFFDA says

    Thanks BOB, that was moderately interesting information. Except that Cuba isn’t interesting, Little Cuba is pathetic and Rubio is an air bag. Latinos themselves are a boring people because latino culture is tediously backward and ignorant, overflowing with stale machismo and half-assed Catholic idiocy. It’s all effortlessly obvious leaving one with a feeling of dismissive relief at not having to be around such a human heap of irrelevant confusion.

  17. Bernie says

    Mr. Rubio is certainly no friend of the gay community and his words are meaningless dribble……..He is a poor candidate for president as his far right views only appeal to a small minority of Americans..

  18. GregV says

    Right, Rubio! People who wants blacks and women to be banned from voting are not “anti-black” or “anti-woman” — they are “FOR” “traditional voting.”
    Klan members are not anti-black or anti-semitic — they are “PRO-traditional schooling” and “pro-traditional neighborhoods” and “pro-traditional drinking fountains.”
    What’s with all these nasty-ass minorities nowadays wanting to be seen as humans with the same constitutional rights as you have? How intolerant of you, Your Highness, can they be?

  19. simon says

    His argument of “pro this not anti that” is the same as those of fat-ass Dolan and drunk SF bishop. Typical of Catholic idiocy and up in the sky logic.

  20. queenrosered says

    Lemme see…Translation; “You have a right to not like it when I plant my foot on your throat and treat you as “LESS THAN”….but you don’t have the same constitutional rights, protections or remedies as hetero-normal folks”…Is that about right Rube? (definition of rube: “an awkward unsophisticated person”) Well there you have it, lol.

  21. Rick says

    @Bob: “They (Cubans) speak a more formal (Castilian, according to them)Spanish and consider other Latino’s (especially those from Mexico and Central America) to be lower class people.”

    This needs to be clarified–it is not accurate. Even if Cubans may claim that they speak Castillian/Castellano, they most assuredly do NOT. Any Spaniard would laugh uproariously at the notion. It’s like an American in Tennessee claiming that they speak British English. Cubans have their own dialect of Spanish, with a particularly nasal accent, typical of the Carribean, with many Afro influences as well.

    Rubio’s Spanish is atrocious. It sounds like some street dialect he picked up in Miami– barely comprehensible pronunciation, with rudimentary Spanish vocabulary overlayed on English syntax. He is an utter poser (“fonfachero”) to any native speaker of Spanish.

    Rubio’s citizenship (much like that of Ted Cruz) will remain in question among Tea Party Republicans as long as his parents were illegal, undocumented immigrants at the time of his birth. Tea Party Republicans STRONGLY oppose illegal immigration, whether today or 50 years ago, whether from Cuba or Mexico. Send THEM AND THEIR CHILDREN back where they came from. There can be no compromise and no exceptions here. THIS is the reason Rubio will never be President.

    And whether he was technically born in the United States or not, culturally he was conceived in Cuba, which I believe was Guero’s point.

  22. Bill says

    It is just Propaganda Trick 24: accuse the other guy of what you are doing so that it will sound like he is repeating what you said if he tries to tell the truth.

    It counts on parental experience:

    Jimmy: Bobby did blah to me.
    Bobby: Jimmy did blah to me.

    The parent discounts what Bobby said because it looks like he is just repeating what Jimmy said.

  23. andover1 says

    Almost everyone in this country support hetero marriage so that is the status quo. If you are brave enough to support gay marriage as an equal alternative, you are a radical contarian? I don’t think straight marriage supporters are getting their feathers ruffled or harassed to the same degree pro gay marriage supporters are.

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