Todd Starnes: ‘Religious Persecution’ of Christians Will End in ‘Civil Disobedience’ – VIDEO


Frequent Fox News talking head Todd Starnes is talking, yet again, about the plight of Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson and his ilk. Christians like Robertson, says Starnes, are growing weary of being persecuted for their religious beliefs, and are likely to begin retaliating in the near future.

Rather than merely throwing support behind Robertson, who came under intense media fire last winter after making racist and homophobic remarks, Starnes sat down with Heritage of Truth to warn of the wave of oncoming Christian civil disobedience.


“Rick Warren told me that this issue, religious liberty, is going to be the civil rights issue of our generation,” He explained to Jeanne Dennis. “During the civil rights movement there were acts of civil disobedience, people were marching in the streets for their rights. I suspect we’re going to see that in our lifetime.”

Starnes rounded out the segment with a generous serving of right-wing histrionics, linking feminism and First Lady Obama’s Let’s Move initiative back to a supposed governmental plot to destroy the American family.

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  1. john patrick says

    Been there, done that, Todd. Civil disobedience in the civil rights movement was for the expansion of civil rights to African Americans. Civil disobedience in the LGBT movement (remember the AIDS demonstrations and other demonstrations?) has been for the expansion of civil rights to LGBT people. Civil disobedience is a tool of liberation movements. Disobedience of laws for the purpose of restricting rights, is called lawlessness.

  2. sjorgl says

    As f*cking if, weirdo. And always playing that tired martyr card.
    Get some rocks and stone the sinners – that’s what your Jesus said, right?

  3. MrRoboto says

    What these dimwits don’t understand is that their “civil” (i.e. governmental and social rights) are not being abridged. You can hate me all you want. You can say you hate me any time you want. You cannot be free from the civil and social consequences of either of those acts however. Free speech is expensive, kids.

  4. Jere says

    Actually the title should be “‘Religious Persecution’ of Christians Will End WITH LIONS”
    I’ve grown tired of this “poor me, we are being persecuted” story line just because the LGBT community is fighting back and tired of being persecuted and bullied by the X-tians.
    And Rick Warren is totally WRONG because the civil rights issue or our generation has ALREADY been written. Equality and rights for LGBT people is finally winning, not only in the courts, but also in the mindset of the youth and twenty somethings.

  5. Tarc says

    I have some news for the guy – forcing their religious idiocy on other people is going to incite a LOT worse than ‘civil disobediance’. Christians have attempted genocide of LGBT folks for two millennia and it’s over now, even if we have to fight for it.

  6. JackFknTwist says

    1 What is the ‘attack’ on traditional marriage ? is it part of the same sex ceremony that hetro-marriage is ‘attacked’ ? And all of us demanding equality before the law, not before god, how is that an attack on your religious marriage ?

    2 Why are virtually all these right wing nuts, this pathetic oaf and Brian Browne, all round looking ? I mean they are seriously circular……
    Is there a special Christian diet of high fat food they eat ?

    3 So these haters are the ones looking for civil rights ? – not us looking for equal treatment before the law.
    This is the Karl Rove school of argument – turn the exact same point against the other side……steal the same argument and make it against the other side.
    It won’t work.
    Christians are the oppressors.
    Christians are the haters and the bigots – just as they were the racists.
    Christians are destroying America because of their usurpation of the Constitution. The Supreme Court has virtually told them so. Christians have initiated anti-gay Prop.8 and other ALEC inspired constitutional discriminations against gays.
    ALEC and right wing GOP and evangelicals have deliberately conspired to prevent gays getting equality under the Constitution.
    That conspiracy of hat is their raison d’etre.

    And if you want proof that Christians are the haters and the oppressors….I have a long and detailed history.
    Just ask.

  7. says

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  8. Coemgenus says

    It already is at Civil Disobedience. They refuse to pay taxes (and get away with it), they refuse to obey equality laws (and get away with it), they brainwash children and bully other citizens into obeying their bizarrely savage bronze age cultic rules in education and health care.

    And it is only NOW they are threatening the wider community into obedience and “respect”?

    Bloody hell!

  9. says

    Oh, the irony. People like Starnes are comparing themselves to civil rights marchers when actually they were the George Wallaces of the civil rights movement then and they’re the George Wallaces of our civil rights movement now. So, sure, let them carry out their miserable little acts of civil disobedience (though I suspect it’s mostly hot air, of which Mr. Starnes appears to be full) and we’ll see how history will judge them.

  10. The Milkman says

    “Why are virtually all these right wing nuts, this pathetic oaf and Brian Browne, all round looking ? I mean they are seriously circular……”

    They aren’t ALL like that… the Benham brothers are good examples. Most Americans are roundish, to be fair. But in the case of Starnes and Brown, the body habitus does seem to serve as a visual representation of the oafish, gluttonous, and poorly-maintained nature of their arguments.

  11. Jack M says

    What he’s saying is that so-called Christians are going to pick up their guns and start shooting people, like they do at abortion clinics. I really fear for what will happen if these looney tunes go off the cliff. They will assault people right and left in pursuit of their “Godly Cause.”

  12. JackFknTwist says


    Seriously ?
    WTF would want to see a naked bike ride ?

    This is not the place for your dumb posting.

  13. Bill says

    These “Christians” seem to believe they are being “persecuted” when one opens a bakery, advertises that he bakes wedding cakes, and gets in trouble for telling a customer who shows up to buy a cake, “we don’t serve your kind.”

  14. Robert M. says

    Christians in this country don’t even have a clue what persecution is all about. Frankly, given their barbaric and medieval beliefs, I think they should be persecuted for real; Give them a taste of what it’s like to walk in our shoes for a while…

  15. EFF is for Fundamentalist! says

    Theory: The more zealous a religious extremist is, the more like he is to have a bloated waistline, be borderline-retarded looking, and have a bad haircut.

    Look at him there with his arms folded onto his protruding gut! Is that what X-tianity does for you? Makes you seek refuge in comfort food at Wednesday-night potlucks? Screw that you ugly b¡tch! Wednesdays, I’m going to the gym, then salad for supper. Eff your God! Eff your tin-foil Jeebus! Eff your preachers, and EFF YOU!

  16. Hank NYC says

    Are we going to get to the point of the “christian” defense like the “twinkie” defense.

    You certainly don’t have a problem with the sin of gluttony mr starnes. So if you don’t want me to call you a glutton and treat you differently for it – then don’t call out your biblical judgments on me. If I don’t belong to your church or religion – it is not a sin for me. Save yourself big boy.

  17. David says

    “In 1597, Hideyoshi intensified the persecution of Christians in Japan. As a warning, he had 24 Christians arrested in Kyoto, among them 19 Japanese and two young boys. The prisoners’ left ears were chopped off and they were paraded through Kyoto’s streets and surrounding countryside while onlookers taunted and tortured them. Arriving in Nagasaki, all 24 prisoners, plus two Jesuits who had come to defend them, were chained to crosses and crucified. (They were) stabbed with spears and left to hang for 80 days…”

  18. anon says

    Yet another pasty faced dough boy with no hope of a romantic life tries to blame all of his problems on the gays.

  19. simon says

    It was in the Catholic “Church’s tradition” that assumed their Church Father Peter was martyred. They like martyrdom. They are still trying very hard to find Peter’s tomb.
    As for Jesus, one author put it like this:
    “We might even expect to have physical evidence for him. Instead all we have is a two thousand year history of forged relics.”

  20. says

    @ SIMON :

    We also have a Papal Bull of 1552 expressly authorising the use of torture.

    And in modern times we have the Catholic Catechism expressly stating that gays are “intrinsically disordered.”

    You don’t need to hear about the 200 people burned together in Beziers in the south of France during the Albigensian Crusade to know how twisted and evil these people are.

    That they presume to lecture us on their traditions is contemptible.

  21. JackFknTwist says

    At Montsegur…….200 burned in 1244, on 16th March.

    That’s their traditional values.
    And it was the Catholics who first made jews wear a yellow cloth symbol.
    And yet, the traditions of these scum are paraded as virtues.
    Their traditions are to be despised and destroyed as inconsistent with liberty and the constitution.
    So Starnes, learn something before your hole opens in ignorance.

  22. Randy says

    There should be civil disobedience and direct action AGAINST religious exemptions to the regular laws (including civil rights) that everyone else has to obey. There should be no special exemptions to any law.

  23. Bill says

    @ Hank NYC : the “twinkie defense” was made up by the news media.

    The defense was trying for a diminished capacity defense claiming mental illness. The claim was that Dan White’s behavior in the days leading up the murders were consistent with depression. One symptom was switching to a junk-food diet, but it was only mentioned in passing, along with a number of other symptoms.

    You can read an article about it at

  24. Randy says

    In the longer video, this guy claims to speak for men, but the fact is that men, even those interested in men’s issues, and even those who recognize that humans are sexually dimorphic, are seeking an END to rigid gender roles, so all men have the freedom to live their lives as they are.

  25. Bill says

    @David: the Romans, in comparison, thought they were treating the Christians by and large humanely. The Romans believed that participating in rituals associated with Roman gods was necessary for the well-being of the state. They didn’t like Christians refusal to participate, but would generally give individual Christians an opportunity to fulfill their civic responsibility (pointless as we now know it to be) before punishing them for refusing. Romans thought this treatment was enlightened – instead of punishing someone outright, they would give the person a chance to correct the problem first.

    As to Todd Starnes, as the Romans might have said, “Leones esuriunt” – “the lions are hungry” – although actually throwing recalcitrant Christians to the lions was unusual – there were other animals more readily available.

  26. simon says

    According to Tacitus, dogs were more available.
    “Covered with the skins of beasts, they were torn by dogs and perished, or were nailed to crosses, or were doomed to the flames and burnt, to serve as a nightly illumination, when daylight had expired”

  27. simon says

    Needless to say, lions provided more entertainment values as the sport was more popular than football in ancient times.