1. StranglerFig says

    Just give him electroshock therapy until he’s a blank slate again and make sure the jihadists don’t reclaim him.

  2. Akrontru says

    As long as you’re dreaming just execute the poor misguided soul. I’ll push the plunger. Gotta go? Gotta go.

  3. Steve H says

    The disease of religion has killed more innocent people than any other plague. This infected piece of trash needs to be isolated from humanity. A suitable vaccine should be administered to ali m brown.

  4. Persepctive says

    1) Who hooks up with a piece of rough-trade lookin’ trash like that anyway? Even on Grind?

    2) Will he claim a religious exemption from murder prosecution?

  5. Merv says

    Don’t for get that it was also a Muslim terrorist who attempted to kill over 700 people when he set fire to the Seattle gay nightclub during New Years celebrations. For some unknown reason he was plea bargained down to simple arson, with a recommended sentence of only five years. I hope the mosque or mosques they attended are being investigated. Something fishy is going on there.

  6. Sean Maloney says

    Truly hope this animal gets gunned down in a barrage of fire power by some New Jersey cops.

  7. Erick says

    well according to his logic, I guess I have the right to shoot him, because his radical Muslim Beliefs offends and makes me sick.

  8. iban4yesu says

    A perfect setup for flaming anti-islam sentiments?
    Party on, girls!

    Never mind what drives Islam into such a tragic radicalizion!

    Imperial wars in Iraq and Afghanistan etc. has nothing to do with it, right?

  9. johnny says

    IBAN4YESU, typical muslim apologist B.S.

    I don’t care what drives Muslim craziness. Murder is murder is murder.

    Nobody has an excuse for this, not even you.

  10. UFFDA says

    Again, watch out for IBAN. He really is a brainless moron and now Muslim fascist.

  11. Mike says

    LOL, if it weren’t for the dastardly Americans, the Muslims would be happy go lucky gay and women supporters. Hee. “Stop making us behead people, Cincinnati!!”

  12. iban4yesu says

    Um, JOHNNY GOT HIS GUN (and ever willing to use it)? …. Brainless AND limbless-to-be? LOL Ugh!

    And OOPS I did it again?
    Britney, is that you?
    Go back to your meds and just focus on shaking your ass for your pimp daddy!
    Using the big words you absolutely don’t have a clue about doesn’t suit you, ma petite; it just makes people laugh!
    (First it was an anarchist, now it’s a fascist! Ugh, pouleeeeease.)

  13. iban4yesu says


    Actually that was the case with Iran, before the CIA joined BP (the Gulf of Mexico says hello) to throw off the democratically elected, westernized and secular government to steal their oil. And before the invasion Iraq had never even heard of a suicide bombing in their land! Go figure.

  14. Brad says

    Iran’s gov’t was not westernized or secular prior to Mossadegh’s overthrow. Furthermore, there was a lot of organic opposition to him from the military and religious in the nation. I’m not saying the US should’ve gotten its hands in the mix, but the way you present it is misleading, acting as if Iran were a “proper” modern country until the West ruined it.

    And Iraq maybe never had heard of suicide bombs, but Saddam’s didn’t have problems paying for suicide bombers to kill elsewhere. And Iraq may not have had suicide bombers, but it did have state-sanctioned torture and ethnic cleansing. The US or West didn’t impose that on Iraq; it was homegrown from its own culture.

    Whereas the West may not have had the most salutary influence in the Muslim world, the violence against women, gays, and minorities (or, at best, the official stratification of these groups into lower castes) is organic to the Muslim world and existed before the onset of Western influence in the Middle East beginning (somewhat) in the 19th century and (mostly) in the 20th century.

    A strain of radical, virulent, and violent Islam has been present, at some times stronger than others, but always present, since the dawn of Islam.

  15. Rick says

    Did any of you consider that these victims brought this on themselves? Gay men have a reputation of throwing caution to the wind to engage in risky sexual behavior. It’s stories like these that reaffirm this expectation and reputation. AIDS and hook-up related crime are just two kinds of punishments that gay men bring upon themselves but pursuing lust at the sake of safety. While it’s not ideal to blame the victim, when it’s the victim’s own behavior that gets them killed it’s necessary.

  16. ratbastard says

    The comments section on TR has become laughably pc and predictable. The usual suspects immediately troll Islam and ‘religion’ in general, just to the move the conversation in the pc direction and narrative they want.

    This guy is plain, old bad news. The victims (RIP) hooked up with the wrong person. Won’t be the first or last time. And he undoubetly is no stranger to law enforcement, yet here he was roaming around looking for victims. He converted to a form of Islam no doubt while incarcerated. This is not normal Islam, it’s just crazy psychos involved in violent criminal gangs, and violent pseudo political ideologies.

  17. Anon says

    @”RICK | JUL 5, 2014 1:10:36 PM”

    If some hacker were to identify your IP address and then personal address and published it on this site, and some people decided to get back at you for your years of trolling, you’d deserve it. You would have brought it on yourself.

    Shame on YOU, “Rick”

  18. Rotawan says

    Funny, but when someone who’s not gay or trans gets murdered by someone they meet at a nightclub, you don’t see people blaming the victims. And yes, heterosexuals are sometimes murdered by a criminal they’ve just met at a nightclub. As a matter of fact, if it’s not a gay or trans victim, there is no talk of their hooking up. It’s just casually mentioned how they met….and that’s it. As if it’s the most natural thing in the world for someone – especially someone young – to have an interest in the opposite sex. And sometimes to leave a nightclub with a stranger. By the way, isn’t that what happened to Natalee Holloway? She left a hotel or nightclub with a group of men she’d just met? God bless her. Lovely young girl. I’m surely not blaming her.

  19. iban4yesu says

    Brad, who is apparently not Mr. Jolie but I do hope is/ better be pretty all the same at this rate, lol…

    You mean, as long as a country is not exactly in the mold the West supposedly wants it to be, it’s okay to destroy the nation’s democratic processes? As if a country ever had been in full accord with everybody within this border. “Well I know a country where faux iberal Dems and the Tea party etc. are fighting all the time.Let’s go and mess them up even more!”
    You wish, doll!

    Guess who created this monster called Saddam in the first place? That vile reptile Rumsfeld never shook hands with him in that infamous photo right?

    I could go on like, blah blah blah blah… (but I need my own “beauty” rest. lol)

    So just stay pretty darling!
    In this shallow gay culture, pretty boys get away with a lot.
    Then, you already know that…

  20. says

    Remember when Lacey Peterson was murdered by her husband, while pregnant with his baby? Was it her fault for “marrying the man who was going to kill her”?

  21. iban4yesu says

    Here is a koan for you:
    Living in the gay bubble much?

    Work it out, dear. Yep.

  22. iban4yesu says

    You mean that an anonymous hookup equals a marriage? No wonder that gays are the threat to the hetero-marriage! Lol

  23. ratbastard says


    That’s a retarded comparison. Both Petersons weren’t strangers to each other, they dated and eventually married. Unfortunately for Lacy, she didn’t really know her husband because he is a psychopath and capable of masking his true self, even from his wife. Not a typical or normal situation.

    This guy in Seattle simply arranged a hookup with strangers. No, the victims most certainly didn’t deserve what happened, but hooking up with strangers under such circumstances is very risky.