‘This Is How We Do’ – Katy Perry: VIDEO


Pop starlet and rocket-boobed motivational singer Katy Perry has dropped a new music video for her single "This Is How We Do" from her album PRISM. Like most of her music it's pretty fluffy, but it's enjoyable and engaging fluff with a lot of bright visuals that are sure to put you in a happy mood.

Plus, her male backup dancers are dressed like Peewee Herman, and that alone is reason to watch, which you can do AFTER THE JUMP…


  1. dw says

    Yeah, I’m not feeling this video at all.

    P.S. Sorry Christian, those Peewee-esque suits were boner killers for me. Luckily though they don’t stay in them.

  2. Rob says

    So why is this media ho promoted on Towleroad? Can not find Internet references confirming direct cash donations to HIV/AIDS non-profits. A few event hostings, one “original” apparel design donation and a few freebee percentage net profit donations (no details provided). Are you paid to post this crap?

  3. petey says

    Katy Perry has insulted the gay community enough with her fake lesbian persona.

    She’s a hack with a poor voice who gets a pass because she’s female. As a woman, she’s been allowed to fake her way to fame and fortune.

  4. Tyler says

    As a troll, Petey is allowed to anonymously hate women for, well, being women. He (aka Rick) hates women. Detests them. Wishes they didn’t exist.

    Ironically, most people that know Rick and/or encounter his dozens of aliases on this site wish he didn’t exist as well. Perhaps if we all wish hard enough Rick will disappear (or do something more drastic to achieve the same goal).

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