Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Casts Only ‘No’ Vote on Proposal to Help City’s Homeless LGBT Youth


The Toronto City Council voted 37-1 on "a proposal to find ways to better assist homeless young people who are gay," the Toronto Star reports:

The three-part proposal asks the city’s shelters chief to look into allocating 25 per cent of beds in an existing youth shelter to people who identify as LGBTQ2S (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, two-spirited).

It also asks the city to issue a call for expressions of interest in operating a shelter or transitional housing for gay youth, and requires the city to provide anti-homophobia training to all shelter employees.

The lone dissenting vote? Homophobic Mayor Rob Ford.

According to the paper:

Ford, who has a long history of homophobic remarks and opposition to gay initiatives, placed a temporary “hold” on the proposal Tuesday to prevent it from passing unanimously without a vote. He did not explain his opposition.

The vote came a day after Ford refused to stand during a council ovation for the organizers of the World Pride festival. He said later that he is “not homophobic,” but he would not explain why he did not join in the applause.



  1. woodroad34 says

    He’s mentally ill. Apparently in his “rehab” he was a brute there as well. This is a personality-deep affliction and why he has ANY kind of authority is amazing.

  2. Mark says

    It’s amazing that after everything he’s done he’s still allowed to be mayor. I’ll love it when he’s finally in jail, along with his brother.

  3. says

    So proud to stand with my mom and Mayor Rob Ford!! Don’t care what the haters say! Never have, never will! Any coward can come on the internet and hate on Mayor Ford or me. But my mom and I are on VIDEO standing side by side with Mayor Ford. On the worst day of his political career, we did a joint PFLAG press appearance with him, possibly saving his whole career.

    LGBT homeless youth will do just fine. There are plenty of churches and warm public spaces. We don’t need to be throwing taxpayer money at the problem. Good on ya, Mister Mayor!

  4. Anon says

    I hope groups like PFLAG undermine this s*** head and find beds, maybe even homes, for these LGBT homeless youth.

    @ impostor/appropriator of “Little Kiwi”. What a repulsive troll. F*** Off.

  5. Bryce Ageno says

    Allocating beds just for orientation is wrong. A youth’s orientation should not increase or decrease the likelihood of a homeless you getting a bed. That is a terrible idea. How about appropriating more money for homeless youth shelters.

  6. Anon says

    @BRYCE Not giving your comment benefit of the doubt. Do your homework. But since you’re probably str8 and a troll, you won’t. Yeahhhhhh, making sure LGBT youth who account for the overwhelming majority of homeless youth have a place to sleep when so many “good” and “charitable” Religiously affiliated organizations refuse to do so is a “TERRIBLE IDEA”!!! F*** you, especially for insinuating that somehow LGBTs are trying to do what YOUR SIDE does all the time; taking care of str8s in need while kicking LGBTs to the curb.

  7. Bryce Ageno says

    ANON, you are the one that has no idea what he/she is talking about. I am a gay man and I have worked with youth shelters for about 4 years now and this policy is naive an probably created by people that do not work at homeless youth shelters. All homeless youth need to be looked after and given what they need to get out of homelessness. Rules that say 25% must be used for LGBT creates situations where a shelter can not properly provide beds for those in need. It is a horrible policy, shelters are about stability, most shelters have a list of people that are guaranteed a spot for a certain period of time to promote stability and allow the staff to help get them on their feet. If you were to suddenly say “Sorry, you now have to take 25% of those people off that list if they are not LGBT” it is completely disruptive to the process.

    If you actually did your research, this doesn’t affect all shelters as you think it does, it is for a specific shelter so religious shelters can still refuse service. Educate yourself.

  8. Bryce Ageno says

    “making sure LGBT youth who account for the overwhelming majority of homeless youth have a place to sleep when so many “good” and “charitable” Religiously affiliated organizations refuse to do so is a “TERRIBLE IDEA”!!!”

    LGBT only make up 20-40% (Depending on the area) of the homeless youth, so it isn’t the majority. Man, before you tell someone to do their homework, you should do your own.

  9. Seanumich says

    I think the proof is in the vote. If 37 out of 38 people voted FOR it, it is supported OVERWHELMINGLY. Name ANYTHING that has over 97% support? I dont even think providing clean drinking wwater can get that kind of support

  10. Seanumich says

    As for those who are gettign hung up ont he 25% number, you REALLY need to learn to read

    “The three-part proposal asks the city’s shelters chief to look into allocating 25 per cent of beds in an existing youth shelter to people who identify as LGBTQ2S (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, two-spirited).”

    It says ASKS and LOOK INTO. If the sheters chief says it is not possible, then the council can say no. It also says AN exisiting shelter, not to all shelters. I would imagine a shelter on Church Street would be perfect for that number

    As for the idiot who says he proudly stands with Rob Ford, I guess the fact that you proudly stand with a lying drug addict says everything we need to know about you

  11. says

    That first “Little Kiwi” post is, of course, not by me. It was by a very sad man who doesn’t have any love in his life, whose attempts to get my attention on this site are the only thing distracting him from fellating a shotgun. As if that would be a bad thing.

    There – my Mum calling out Mayor Ford, at city Hall. For the second year in a row.

    Yup – he was the only “NO” vote – and he was the only person sitting and not clapping when all of city council gave our openly gay councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam a standing ovation for her hard work and the rousing success that was World Pride. Which Ford missed, because he misses Pride every year.

    Homophobic. Racist. Sexist. Misogynist. With a massive substance abuse problem and a perpetual victim-complex.

    He was not missed at world pride – nor while he was away at *cough* “Rehab” *cough* – Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly has more than stepped up, he chose to march in the world pride parade – and he marched with us in PFLAG.

    he’s picked up Ford’s slack, with a big heart.

    As for shelters for LGBTQ youth – yes. Needed. As one who’s done outreach with LGBTQ youth, a great many who’ve been on the streets have also been the targets of much hatred and violence around other shelters. Yes – more shelters, in general, would be great> but there are specifics relating to the experiences of LGBT youth that should be met.

  12. Craig S says

    My guess is that he’s probably doing that same “splitting hairs” act that a lot of other homophobes do — he’s opposed to virtually any political initiative involving us, and makes discriminatory comments left and right, but insists he “isn’t homophobic” because he’s not actually advocating that we be rounded up and murdered.

    I’ll give y’all one guess what I think of that rationalization.

  13. MichaelJ says

    In the two times I visited, once in the mid-1980s and once a couple of years ago, I found Toronto to be just about the most gay friendly place on earth. How the hell did this buffoon get elected to be mayor?

  14. says

    @MichaelJ – there was a city amalgamation in the mid-90s, wherein all the outlying boroughs became part of a “megacity” – meaning, anti-city folks voted in an anti-city mayor. he didn’t win any votes in the actual City of Toronto.

  15. says

    There’s an ongoing problem in the city center with minorities. However, it continues to be a great place to live. We are hoping that when we finally get a competent mayor back in office, we can make some progress on the minority/crime problems.

  16. says

    poor, troll. your obsession with me is sad, but kinda cute. i get it, though. if i had your crap life i’d likely be obsessed with me, too.

    yup – my mum states is plainly: the only minorities we should be concerned about are the bigots.

    on an honest note, to the troll who obsesses with me every day, i’m sorry your own mother would never embrace you the way my mother has embraced me and the LGBTQ communities.

    it’s made you a pathetic shell of a man. but hey – keep trolling to get my attention. every time you do it you only prove that you’re a complete failure to your own family.

  17. kyrie says

    I can’t believe you people haven’t figured out yet that Kiwi posts ALL those trolly posts himself.

    He purposely posts the Rick posts, then counteracts them under his own name to make himself look like a hero, and to get hits on his blog from people who ‘agree’ with him, and click his name to get there.

    I can’t believe you all haven’t figured this out. Why on earth do you think he so emphatically responds to every one of the Rick posts on every single article regardless of what “Rick” says?

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