Out Musicians Michael Hensley and Adam Rio Cover Human League’s ‘Don’t You Want Me’ – VIDEO

Watch out musician Michael Hensley and Adam Rio’s indie electro-pop same-sex spin on Human League’s 80s classic “Don’t You Want Me.”


Watch out musician Michael Hensley and Adam Rio’s indie electro-pop same-sex spin on Human League’s 80s classic “Don’t You Want Me.”

Michael tells us that “the goal was to bring out the darker side of the song, and the video tells the story of a relationship that's falling apart.”


Michael Hensley


  1. Nora Charles says

    The song has always been dark, I thought it was obvious that it was about a nasty breakup.

  2. Tigernan says

    I wasn’t aware that only some comments are making it through – I will stop commenting then.

  3. Albert says

    That rendition did nothing for me. Like Nora said, the song has always been dark, albeit to a dance beat. This added nothing to it.

  4. RDiddy says

    Wow. That was beyond terrible. It would be nice to hear their voices without all the production, because based on this I have to say they have zero talent. Hopefully not judging them unfairly…

  5. Cd in DC says

    could have been worse, could have remade Godley and Creme’s “Cry” with all the 80s characters including a young Tyra Banks morphing into each other. Still, this has an anger not in the original, not better.

  6. monty says

    OK.this was beyond horrible..Awful noise and terrible, terribly video..All those faux angry facial gestures and that lame set-up..PLEASE STOP!!!

  7. jonny says

    Awful… just awful.

    Is it just me or are the social media links on the left hand side of this website really annoying???? They cut off parts of the story!

  8. says

    I always imagined “Don’t You Want Me” as a svengali and a starlet with the starlet dumping the abusive boyfriend/manager after she found career success and him being all bitter and vengeful. The video above tells a much more mundane story. Of course, my version would require a bigger production budget.

  9. says

    It’s only disappointing because these guys apparently thought they had something to add.

    I’m a fan of covers…. by those who can do at least SOME justice to the original. This was worse than an unrehearsed drunk karaoke duet.

  10. TMSTX says

    I agree with the majority of postings here, but would like to draw the attention to the true tragedy: this individual actually believes his work to be of good quality. The entertainment industry is based on the opinion of the majority. So regardless of whether or not this individual feels his work to be great, the rest of the world finds it less than satisfactory. So, please, give it up. Im sure you have talents, but music is not one of them. And honestly, shame on your friends for supporting these attempts and allowing you to embarrass yourself so.

  11. my2cents says

    are they borgs? in another galaxy? sounds that way.
    sorry, i just added the idea of ruining of a great movie
    to the ruining of a great song.

  12. MACnNYC says

    Truly horrible.
    I hope who ever posted this is getting some kind of kick back cause it’s crap. I know it’s the end of July Andy but seriously this is almost offensive to the original, and just plain BAD.