Westboro To Hold AMA On Reddit Days Before Protesting Its ‘Fag’ Co-Founder Aaron Swartz


The ever-hateful "God Hates Fags" brood of the Westboro Baptist Church has planned to protest the San Francisco headquarters of the online forum Reddit the evening of Tuesday, August 12 citing Reddit's "fag, atheist, thief" co-founder Aaron Swartz.

The group's protest announcement reads:

Reddit was co-founded by prominent member of Anonymous and cyber criminal Aaron Swartz. Swartz was a poster boy for this online community: a fag, an atheist and a thief. Last year, he killed himself when he was finally caught and charges filed against him for his crimes. Westboro Baptist Church held a public memorial at Time Square, praising God for exacting judgment on this proud sodomite.

While the WBC may know Swartz as a "fag," Swartz was actually bisexual and eschewed sexual labelling altogether. A documentary about the famed hacker premiered earlier this year.

Just before their protest, the WBC will also hold a Reddit AMA (ask me anything), adding "Westboro Baptist Church will use the Reddit platform, which is usually filled with vanity, science falsely so-called, and other sundry lies; to instead preach righteousness & spread the gospel."

A fourth Westboro member defected this last May, two months after the death of the church's founder Fred Phelps.


  1. TM in LBC says

    Whenever I hear about the activities of the Westboro loonies, my first thought is always, “Who has this sort of free time?”

  2. Robert M. says

    These are the most vile of people and even brushing against their message makes me physically ill. I’ve debated Shirley on-line before, she’s quite a piece of work. As much as I truly hate these people, they’ve done more to advance gay rights than any other group. When people see these morons, they realize that they don’t want to be affiliated with them. It opens the door to people reconsidering their position…

  3. Paul B. says

    Oh, I skipped right over this WBC bs and was lifted off my seat by Josh Hartnett kiss me in Penny Dreadful…oh, that wasn’t me? Never mind, it felt like me…I’m still elevated.

  4. Randy says

    When don’t we start using the “Stand Your Ground” law and start shooting these bastards! I did not spend time in Iraq to see my fellow fallen soldier’s being disrespecting when they are laid to rest.

  5. Bill says

    In a twisted sense, this is very good news: there are a lot of people who think very highly of Aaron Swartz who will (a) be very displeased with the WBC’s shenanigans and (b) are very adept at tasks such as taking down servers. If these people get angry enough, WBC’s on-line presence may go away for some time.

  6. NE1 says

    love how they couldn’t find an icon for the M. stupid idiots. You can’t do it then.

  7. BrokebackBob says

    They are going to be in over their bloated heads when they say on the sign that they are “going to use Reddit to preach the Gospel”. Whoa. Get the popcorn. This is going to be a circus and WBC is going to lose big-time.

  8. ToThePoint says

    Extremely dangerous free-speech these vile, despicable and satanic worshipers called the WBC spew!

  9. Bernie says

    Wish I could be there….sounds like a good time…..The Westboro folks have no idea that bringing their poisonous brand of hate to San Francisco is going to swallow them up….Westboro may have 4 or 5 folks, but I would anticipate 100’s of gay people show up for this…..

  10. AJ says

    Reddit is already telling everyone to ignore them on the AMA. I hope that’s what happens. Their church only exists because of the rage of others. I swear if they were completely ignored they would go away.

  11. Dave says

    The documentary, ‘The Internet’s Own Boy’, is great viewing for anyone interested in digital media. It’s available for streaming on a variety of services.

  12. says

    Anyone delusional enough that they’ll do anything other than use the time other than to spiel their mantra needs to be institutionalized. None of the questions asked are going to be answered, they’ll only use the platform as a soapbox.