Wingnut Bryan Fischer: ‘Ordinary Americans’ Fed Up With LGBT Advertising – VIDEO

Bryan fischer

Bryan Fischer has warned that advertisers face a backlash from "ordinary Americans" because of ads aimed at the LGBT community.

In recent months there has been a marked increase in LGBT-focused advertising.

A recent spot for Chevrolet which includes both same-sex and single parent families with the voice-over "while what it means to be family hasn't changed, what a family looks like has,” are representative of this shift towards LGBT-friendly advertising.

Speaking to Press Telegram, Bob Witeck, president of strategic communications firm Witeck Communications said:

“What we’re witnessing is the idea that you don’t have to isolate gay ads and messaging to markets only intended for gay people. Families all look different from the traditional family Americans grew up with 50 years ago. They are far more multiracial, more single parents, more gay couples raising kids. If you start leaving them out, you’re not only erasing gay people, but you’re also erasing people who are part of people’s family.”

However, Fischer, Director of Issues Analysis for fundamentalist Christian non-profit group The American Family Association, which maintains, argued:

“I think eventually this LGBT advertising push is gonna trigger a blowback from ordinary Americans. I think that ordinary Americans are getting fed up with having the homosexual agenda shoved down their throats when they’re watching TV with their families. What American families are gonna begin to react to is that they are recognizing that this is no longer about advertising a product. This is about propaganda for a sexually deviant lifestyle.”

Watch the gay-themed Chevrolet ad which may have aroused Fischer's furor, AFTER THE JUMP…


  1. HadenoughBS says

    Homophobe Fischer’s “ordinary American” definition = non-immigrant white Anglo-Saxon heterosexual Christianist (preferably) male. In other words, THE declining American demographic. So, please raise your hand if you care what Fischer and The American Family Association think about you and yours and the advertisers including “you” in their marketing. Ah, I thought so. Another anti-LGBT lost cause.

  2. John Freeman says

    I’m so sick of reading about our agenda. What’s it got to do with anyone but my family and those I love. We got married as part of World Pride in Toronto. Now that was a tight agenda!

  3. JackFknTwist says

    @ ALBERT :

    You just hit it ; Fischer is a sad bast**d.

    The backlash has already happened and it’s against angry old bigot dudes, like you Fischer.

  4. Bill says

    In the related news category, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has proclaimed himself the caliph of an imaginary country named “The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant” and has ordered all Muslims worldwide to pledge allegiance to him.

    Meanwhile in 1859 Joshua Abraham Norton proclaimed himself “Emperor of these United States” and “Protector of Mexico” after losing a fortune in a Peruvian rice deal. He lived in San Francisco where residents treated him deferentially out of kindness. Currency issued in his name was accepted at the places he frequented. Prozac had not yet been invented.

    According to the Wikipedia page on Emperor Norton, “n November 2004, after a campaign by San Francisco Chronicle cartoonist Phil Frank, then-San Francisco District 3 Supervisor Aaron Peskin introduced a resolution to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors calling for the entire bridge to be named for Emperor Norton.[37] On 14 December 2004, the Board approved a modified version of this resolution, calling for only “new additions”—i.e., the new eastern span—to be named “The Emperor Norton Bridge”.[38] Neither the City of Oakland nor Alameda County passed any similar resolution, so the effort went no further.” It seems that in 1872, Norton issued a proclamation “calling for the construction of a suspension bridge between San Francisco and Oakland, via Yerba Buena Island (formerly Goat Island).”

    Emperor Norton finally got his bridge, although it never was named after him. Fisher will not be so lucky.

  5. MFinBH says

    I’m surprised his panties aren’t in more of a twist over the Hotwire commercial featuring a gay couple going on vacation, one of whom wants the hotel to be comfortable for sleep, while the other clearly has other uses in mind for the bed:

    Also: Please note that the American Family Association was a co-litigant in the Hobby Lobby case decided by the Supreme Court on Monday. Gays? check. Women? check. Whose rights does this guy not hate?

  6. Mark says

    Although this jerk is the same age as I am, we have nothing else in common!!! So I may be old but I am proudly gay and will defend my rights to the end!!! I really think that someone should sponsor a bill in Congress in this jerk’s name that would prevent heterosexual couples from adopting because if we would think like he does, these couples cannot have children because God has not allowed it so we cannot change what God has done!!! It follows his sick mentality!! If God does not want them to have children then the government cannot either.

  7. Todd says

    So once again he assumes he and his ilk are the normal ones. Normal is not going out of your way to target a group of people and then regulate them into a voiceless nonexistence. That’s a very Jim Crow way of thinking he has. He must hate having to see anything other than say, “Touched by an angel” or other wholesome biblical “Daddy is perfect, and Mama should just stay in the kitchen” television.

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