Zac Efron and Bear Grylls Have a Shirtless Rappelling Adventure: VIDEO


In Monday's episode of Running Wild with Bear Grylls, Grylls and Zac Efron are faced with the task of rappelling down a cliffside in the Catskills. The best way to do it turns out to be shirtless and strapped to one another.


"We're gonna do this together. We started together. We're gonna finish together."

Check it out, AFTER THE JUMP



  1. Alex Parrish says

    Cute. Can’t straight guys do anything without crumudgeons (Yes, you, STYLER) grumbling? Breeders should be allowed to have fun too. So what if they are reflecting gay culture — imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Just enjoy for a change without finding-fault.

  2. bambinoitaliano says

    Now if that’s not daddy and son porn fantasy in the making….Bushes, caves in the wild…all the appropriate elements are there.

  3. the other Ken says

    When I rappel down a cliff with Zac Efron, we do it shirtless also. What’s the big deal?

  4. David says

    I’m glad that Zac Efron is not getting arrested or doing lines of cocaine. But do we really have to have a weekly update on his “life”?

  5. Paul R says

    It doesn’t really matter what they’re doing, that final screen capture of Zac killed any remote appeal he ever might have had.

    You can look like an idiot whether you’re gay or straight, obviously, and he just looks like an idiot. Not in a genuine, Yeah we did it! way. More of a, Yeah I’m trying way too hard! way.

  6. John says

    @Alex Parrish: Two guys rappelling down the side of a cliff is “reflecting gay culture”? Think before you type.

  7. CANaive says

    Contrary to popular belief, gay culture did not invent going shirtless or sticking out one’s tongue.

  8. james street james says

    I don’t know why they are doing that tied together, but their nipples do have a point.

  9. Bud Clark says

    I haven’t been over here in awhile, but I see what I’ve been hearing is (sadly) true. These guys sound like the bitter old queens that the more intelligent folks over at JoeMyGod won’t give the time of day to.

    Neither of those men need YOUR approbation OR your censure.

  10. John says

    I hope they checked each other’s bodies for ticks after they rapelled through those bushes near the top of the cliff.