American Family Association: Gays Are Gay Because They’re Abused And Broken

Ed Vitagliano

In today's "Predictable News" file, American Family Association's Ed Vitagliano writes an anti-gay essay that goes back to the ancient and stagnant well claiming that the reason gays are gay is because they suffered sexual abuse and are broken individuals. But it's ok, because we're all broken individuals, gay or straight, Christian or atheist…blind or sighted? And then the logic gets weird.

In an interesting little bit of defiance to the usual wingnut screeching points, Vitagliano actually admits that some gays might just maybe actually be born that way a little bit…or at the very least didn't consciously make the decision to spit in the face of God and His design because of the overpowering allure of man-butt.

I believe some percentage of homosexuals (I have no idea how large or small) simply grew up just like me – only different. Instead of having a crush on an opposite sex person, they experienced a crush on a same sex person. To them it appeared just that natural.

One small step forward that then takes a spinning backwards leap of rationalization by saying that natural attraction that gay people are born with and had no control over is evidence that they're broken, just like a blind person. 

If a child is born blind, does that mean God approves? Isn't it a sign that something is not as intended? Eyes were created to see. To not see is not the same as being able to see. The blind are still human, but their brokenness is still brokenness. But isn't that what we’re doing with homosexuality? Aren't we denying the obvious – that there’s a disconnect between design and operation in the homosexual? Aren’t we applauding as courageous those who declare their brokenness to be wholeness?

So being born gay is like being born blind: a sign that something is broken. And even though it's a brokenness they're born with, it goes against God's plan and He does not approve, and supporting and lifting up a gay or blind person for succeeding in life is claiming that they aren't broken. And, as we all know thanks to evangelicals constantly harping on it, being broken means being damned to Hell.

xYou've heard it from the AFA, folks: God hates blind people.


  1. woodroad34 says

    OH, geez. Don’t they read anything past the 1960’s? Are books really all that expensive? I thought living in ignorance was supposed to be peaceful and yet these highly immature individuals have the most disturbing immoral and negative social presence; they lack any acumen to be part of any society.

  2. ToThePoint says

    So, according to you, we have an excuse for being “broken”. What is your excuse for being mean, cruel, debasing, bigoted or just downright hateful, afa? Huh?! Up yours with a splintered fence post! How about that for hateful? You like that? You teach the world exactly how to hate. Not to mention inciting violence against a segment of society, that by the way, AIN’T BROKEN!

  3. says

    his problem was that he was born gay into an unrepentantly anti-gay family, and unlike the vast majority of gay men who also go through that, he never grew the spine needed to stand up to them and command respect and understanding.

    not our fault he couldn’t.

    broken? the broken are the ex-gays and those who will profess to be “celibate” in order to appease their bigoted families.

    i came out as a teen who only ever loved me more from that moment on. they invited my first boyfriend to sit with them at my high school graduation. but, by all means, continue thinking i’m broken.

  4. Tigernan says

    Don’t you think thirty rhetorical questions is a bit much? Does it seem like I’m avoiding expressing an opinion? Am I just baiting people with this?

  5. says

    This is just nutcase nuttery. I was gay from the getgo and was (and still am) adored and loved by my family. I was never abused, sexually, physically or mentally so making such a ridiculous claim is just plain sheer hatred at its ugliest. We really need to legally ban such religious bigotry altogether.

  6. Gregory in Seattle says

    So… being gay is NOT a choice? I do with these bigots would make up their minds: it’s almost as if they have no idea about what they’re talking about.

  7. jamal49 says

    This religious wing-nuts comments are yet one more reason why I hold christians, especially evangelicals, in utter contempt and am convinced that the only good one is a dead one. Period.

  8. Bernie says

    Another wing nut job with a slightly different, but warped view….Now, he compares being gay to being blind, which in his view god does not like or want and means someone blind is broken……Does this mean people who are blind will not get into heaven?? and if so, what does the person with blindness have to do to enter heaven??? Should they pray for sight!?! Should they become “ex-blind”??? I realize I am going over the top, but my that is my point… the point of the ridiculousness of this man and his views……and like being gay and/or blind is not ok with god and folks with these afflictions are damned to hell unless they repent!

  9. Robert M. says

    Funny, I’m both blind and gay. I’m not broken and I wasn’t abused as a child. I get along just fine in this world thank you and as far as this *sshat is concerned he can go F*CK himself…

  10. james street james says

    I think this guy suffers from vagina envy. And that’s probably why he grew that beard.

    I wish Freud was still around to analyze all this anti-gay ranting by supposedly straight males.

  11. Harry says

    Little Kiwi,

    The AFA writer is not an ex-gay. Read before posting.

    Also, I have seen videos and pics of you interacting with your parents. While it is clear that your mother loves you deeply as a kind of daughter, it is very interesting that your father doesn’t look at you or say much to you. I have witnessed thousands of sons and dads interacting and when that father-son bond exists, it is impossible to miss. Don’t see it with you and the senior Mr. Miller. Sorry!

  12. anon says

    Sadly, the vast majority of people born blind are also mentally retarded. This is quit different from genetic deafness, which isn’t so systemic. Of course, people who develop blindness later on are typical of normal intelligence, but there’s little overlap between the two groups.

    I don’t think he can disentangle the theological knots of what God approves or disapproves of with what he’s saying. These issues have been discussed ad nauseum since the ancient Greeks and you always end up with contradictions. According to Baptist theology, someone born blind is blind as a sign of punishment from God for this sins, or for the sins of others, not necessarily their parents. It’s a cascade of blame. First you blame the individual. If that doesn’t make sense you blame the family. If that doesn’t make sense you blame the country. If that doesn’t make sense you blame humanity in general. God is always punishing someone for something. That’s why bad things happen in Calvinism.

    Being gay is not punishment from God, so his theology is just wrong. Gayness is a sin that will cause God to wreck vengeance upon the wicked, or failing that their family, or failing that the nation, or failing that the whole of humanity, which is why you need to run out and punish gays before God takes any action. Get it? That’s what they think.

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