Australian Comedian Responds to Westboro Accepting His Paid Trip to Iraq: VIDEO


Last week, Australian comedian and late night host Adam Hills went after Westboro Baptist Church for its plans to protest the funeral of the "fag enabler" Robin Williams. During the on-air rant, Hills pledged to fly a dozen of the church's members to Iraq – arguing that if the Phelps clan were really concerned with the Christian way of life, they would be picketing the people who threaten to behead Christians.

Shortly afterwards, the church responded:

After seriously looking into things and consulting the U.S. and UK governments, however, Hills decided to go with an alternative proposal – one that would better honor the memory of Williams without feeding into WBC's hunger for publicity.

Watch and find out, AFTER THE JUMP


To help donate to the fund benefiting St. Jude's in memory of Robin Williams, click here


  1. Caliban says

    He should have bought the tickets.

    If the WBC didn’t use them it would be definitive, permanent proof that they’re nothing more than “trolls” who just talk sh*t and don’t have the guts to face true oppression.

  2. Bernie says

    bummer! I wish they would have gone on a one way ticket and tried messing around with the terrorists, IRAQ citizens and even IRAQ law……..It would have been my belief they would NEVER have made it back to the USA….and now I doubt they would ever donate to St. Judes…………stay tuned!

  3. Christopher says

    And the question remains as to why this publication continues non-stop PR of this worthless pack of lunatics. What you should be doing is securing a pact by all gay publications to NEVER mention them again! This insanity would finally stop! Think about it!

  4. JSB says

    The last thing we need is WBC in Iraq causing more James Foley type incidents.

    I think he is doing the right thing by instead donating to St. Jude’s Childrens Research Hospital, in Robin Williams name. If he paid for their flights and anything happened to WBC members over there, it would be on his head, not that they wouldn’t have brought it on themselves or deserve it.

    The US and UK governments were against sending WBC members over there, and I agree.

  5. BrokebackBob says

    All of you who disagree with what he decided to do don’t get the power of good over evil. You know its not that hard either. We raised nearly 70 million dollars so far for research into a cure for ALS by just dumping ice water over our heads to entertain others. That is many times the _>yearly<_ donations to the ALS foundation. All of you need to check yourselves and use your brain and your heart if you have either.

  6. BrokebackBob says

    The blog software sucks. You should be able to use the underscore and angle bracket characters in a post. I should know. I was a programmer for 31 years. Andy, you should know better.

  7. JMC says

    This clip is nauseating, this guy is such a TOOL. The guy basically kicks off a national publicity campaign for the WBC, they gloat about it, and then the idiot tries to spin the story so he doesn’t look like an idiot. Could he have praised himself any more for giving some money to charity? Jesus Christ.

    The media needs to stop giving these losers attention.

  8. says

    Buncha non-Adam fans in here, I see ^_^

    Anyone who can go 10+ years into his career while keeping quiet about his congenital not-having-a-lower-left-leg and not using it as a part of his comedy gets a nod of respect from this boy :)

  9. Cake says

    JMC – I don’t think you’re seeing the big picture, here. It started out as a joke, then the WBC, being the lunkheads they are took it seriously and saw it as a way to get even more publicity. Adam then cut them off before they could do any more damage and donated to a good cause, something that spreads love rather than hate. He did the right thing. I’d rather have someone gloating about something good that they did than chanting “God hates fags.”

    That being said, I’d love nothing more than to see WBC go over to Iraq and TRY to spread their filth. They wouldn’t be coming back in one piece, I guarantee it.

  10. Dazzer says

    @Anon, as the brilliant Adam Hills is physically disabled, your comment should have been ‘Cold foot?’ had you wished to be factually correct.

    Either way, the man is a comedy god.

  11. pablo says

    “Watch and find out”

    Stop it with the click bait. Inform us of the story and what’s happening and leave it at that. This HuffingtonPost “you’ll never believe…” garbage is a huge turn off and will cause you to lose visitors.

  12. Bill says

    @JSB : while I can see why our government wouldn’t like them going there – the government is supposed to look after them regardless of what sort of creeps they are – if ISIL beheaded the WBC people (adults only, of course), ISIL probably would get thank-you notes from the American public.

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