BBC Facing Backlash for Censoring Gay Kiss from Asia Broadcast of Doctor Who Premiere: VIDEO


The BBC is facing criticism for self-censoring its Asia broadcast of the first episode of the new Doctor Who series by cutting a lesbian kiss scene, South China Morning Post reports:

Thousands of fans missed out on the kiss between lizard-woman Madame Vastra and her human wife Jenny Flint, which the BBC says was cut to comply with broadcasting regulations in Asia.

Local gay-rights groups called the edit "outrageous" and "scandalous" and said it was unfair not to treat the kiss the same as a kiss between a man and a woman.

The BBC Worldwide's London-based compliance team made the cut to conform with laws against homosexuality and broadcast content codes in countries like Malaysia and Indonesia.

The Daily Mail adds:

Campaigner Peter Tatchell said: ‘The BBC should not bow to censorship demands from other countries. 

'If these countries are bigoted and are not willing to show same-sex love, they have no right to demand that the BBC conforms to their standards of prejudice.’

Last week we reported that the scene - featuring the first same-sex kiss for Doctor Who in its 50-year history – drew the ire of some anti-gay viewers in the UK.

Watch the 'controversial' scene in question, AFTER THE JUMP


  1. Tyler says

    How dare Asian television channels show a happily married lesbian couple engaging in a public display of affection. LGBT whovian kids in Asia might think they’re entitled to love and happiness. Won’t somebody please think of the children?!

  2. Craig in Portland says

    Once again, IT WASN’T A KISS. It was the equivalent of mouth to mouth reausitation.

  3. says

    The more things change, etc., etc. Some will remember that an Asian network edited out the kiss in 2003 when Reichen and Chip were competing on “The Amazing Race,” and the scene in which Reichen just TALKED about being gay.

  4. Finn says

    Oh, please. The BBC had to edit the kiss because of the law in those countries. If the BBC didn’t censor the kiss, the local broadcaster would do so.

    If you want to get mad at the BBC, look at how it helped to cover up a child rape club made up of British elites who preyed on young boys and teens at an orphanage.

    Really, is it all that important to show a non-human lizard female kissing a human female? The gay kids in Asia can watch lots of sexy love on the Internet.

  5. CB says

    If anyone ever watches BBC programming here in the U.S. know that nudity and ‘foul’ language are censored here due to our ‘puritan’ standards.

  6. Craig in Portland says

    Again….NOT A KISS… In order to avoid the murderous clockwork droids (which determine you’re alive by your breathing), Vastra (the Silurian) can store more oxygen than the panicking Jenny. She was giving Jenny air.

  7. David From Canada says

    You never bow to the prejudices of others, you always try to enlighten and educate, including other countries. The BBC is clearly wrong in this instance.

  8. TJ says

    This was not the first same-sex kiss on Doctor Who. Captain Jack kissed the Doctor. Barrowman kissed Eccleston.

  9. NIFP says

    I was more taken aback because Madame Vestra (an evolved “lizard”) had human teeth. My right wing father, who puts up with me and was trying to bond via SF, even said that was strange. Not the kiss. He was fine with it. But we’re not true Whovians, so maybe we missed something

  10. JimmyD says

    I guess I missed the Gay Agenda Memo stating that ‘Doctor Who’ was now a political platform and no longer a sci-fi/fantasy entertainment.

  11. ratbastard says

    Here’s a newsflash:

    Most of the world is not like Western Europe or North America. Most of the world is not politically correct and does not ‘celebrate diversity’. Asia is a very conservative place.

  12. AdamK says

    She’s a LIZARD fer chrissake.

    You’d think the cross-species thing would be more noticeable than the same-gender thing.

  13. oncemorewithfeeling says

    Pro-bigotry trolls mixed with Dr. Who purists? Very uneven trolling, but props for a unique blend. I give this Trollroad comments section 7 out of 10 trolls.