Bill Maher has a New Rule for the Dude Planning Ohio’s Upcoming ‘Straight White Guy’ Festival – VIDEO

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A series of fliers advertising a "Straight White Guy Festival" have been popping up in Columbus, Ohio, but local residents and authorities are still unclear if it's real or a joke.

Regardless, Bill Maher wants people to realize that every day is 'Straight White Guy' festival in Columbus. And the Republican Party is hoping to tap into this oppressed community come 2016.

On Friday, RNC members cast a unanimous vote to make Cleveland the host of its 2016 national convention.




  1. Not so friendly says

    Columbus is always portrayed as the poster city for tolerance in the midwest as far as gay acceptance is considered it is pretty much concentrated in a few scattered blocks around the city. It does draw a good many people for pride march in June but many aren’t from Columbus and it is marketed throughout the state and surrounding area as a day to come have fun. The city is controlled by DINO’s in its council and mayor’s office but the real money and power to get things done rests with it hardcore Republican families that have run the city for years -Wolfe’s, McConnell’s, Perzutti’s and of course Les Wexner. They give serious money to the Republicans -always have and always will…..
    Columbus is also the proud home of hard right Christian fundamentalists preachers such as Rod Parsley who are virulently anti-gay for the good ol’ white boys. And last but not least -at one time Columbus proudly proclaimed that the monied gay nouveau riche had more Republican donors than any other city in the midwest…..

  2. mdnc says

    Ha! I lived in Columbus for several years. A lovely place but truly every day there is “straight white guy day.” Okay, maybe kinda straight but really,really white guy day.” Well sometimes it’s “I’ve had a few beers and I’d let a guy blow me but I’m not gay but I’m still really, really white day”

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