Catholic Parishioners Rally Behind Man Fired As Church Music Director Over Same-Sex Engagement

ColletteAt a meeting at the Holy Family Catholic Church in Inverness, Illinois on Wednesday, a large number of parishioners showed up to voice their thoughts on the recent firing of Colin Collette – the man who had served as the church's music director for the past 17 years until he was unceremoniously let go after pastor Terry Keehan saw that Collette had proposed to his long-time partner William Nifong.  

The Chicago Tribune reports that many of the roughly 700 people who attended appeared to support Collette, who received a standing ovation when he entered the sanctuary.

Kevin Keane of Bartlett, one of dozens of people addressing a panel that included representatives of the Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago, quit his position as cantor in protest of Collette's firing.

“He has given his entire life to the church,” Keane said, repeating a portion of his speech. “That leads me to the conclusion if he's not fit to serve, then I am not fit to serve.” […]

Collette said this week that he has continued to attend Mass at the church and had hoped that he could be reinstated in his job as a private contractor. In a meeting with Keehan on Tuesday, Collette said, he was told there was no way he could return to his former job.

The Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago has since taken up all questions surrounding Collette's firing. Earlier this month the archdiocese released a statement saying: "Those that serve as Ministers of the Church, including worship ministers, are expected to conform their lives publicly with the teachings of the Church."


  1. JackFknTwist says

    Sorry, but if he ad any self respect he would not have been working for, nor attending, a church whose doctrine defines him as ” intrinsically disordered”.

  2. wct says

    JackFknTwist, I agree. What did he expect? The Catholic Church to change it’s ingrained intolerance just because they “like” him?

  3. Jason MacBride says

    This is what happens when you give id and comfort to the enemy. Much happiness to him in his marriage, but no sympathy on the job situation.

  4. Richard says

    Where’s the voice of new and supposedly benevolent pope in the midst of all these church-bigotry terminations?

  5. JackFknTwist says

    Sure, be very happy in your marriage….have a great life together ; I’m sure you both deserve all the happiness that will come your way……but hopefully in a more supportive employment.

    But the Catholic Church is a pantomime of pretence.
    And it has always been thus.
    Now it’s being led by a Jesuit; an order which parades guile and deceit.
    An order which manipulated the “Revocation of the Treaty of Nantes”, and thereby revoked toleration of Huguenots, with the consequent result of the massacre of thousands.
    Now, one of its lunatics has taken over that asylum;
    wow, what great pronouncements on gay rights we have had from him !

  6. Steve Talbert says

    If people don’t like the teachings of the Catholic Church, they should leave. The Catholic Church is almost 2,000 years old and is NOT a bottom up organization (except for the physical position of the priests or the alter boys)

  7. Mike in nyc says

    Why thinking person would belong to the evil child rape machine that is the Catholic Church is beyond belief.

    At least the RC isn’t supporting the Nazis like they did in the 1930-1940’s.
    Unless of course, you count ex-Hilter Youth members, like
    the previous Pope.

    They do have an impressive art collection, while many in their flock go hungry every night. Priorities….

  8. Protestant Catholic says

    I do not understand why progressive Catholics do not simply form their own church, using their own financial resources and talents, and promulgating their own truths.

    The Roman Catholic Church is corrupt and rotten from head to toe, from Bergoglio to the lowest priest or nun. Its teachings are false, and its actions are evil. It is a blight on society, and should be eradicated, if not by the government, then by the people who support it.

    Form your own Church! Starve the papist pedophiles of funds, and they will die out. Compete with them for the hearts and minds of the Faithful, and the Roman Catholic Church will surely lose, because what they teach and practice is false and evil. Reject them. Ignore them. Never forgive them.

  9. JackFknTwist says


    And ditto for all churches.

    The very concept of religion has been a dead hand on the evolution of rational thought.

    Just faith – nothing more , that’s all you need to enter heaven.
    What a dead, life sucking proposition.
    It denies all rational speculation, all exploration and has stunted scientific thought for hundreds and hundreds of years.
    The Bible must be the one book in the world worth burning.

  10. PolarBeast says

    @PROTESTANT CATHOLIC Blanket statements like: The Roman Catholic Church is corrupt and rotten from head to toe, from Bergoglio to the lowest priest or nun.

    Are so ridiculous that they are not to be believed. I know a lot of Jesuits and members of other religious orders who work very hard to implement Catholic Social Teaching that is embodied in much of what Pope Francis says. You know what it says in Matthew 25: “Where were you when…”

    You clearly have not been watching the heroic fight being waged by the LCWR against the male hierarchy. Janet Mock et al are amazing women and fighting a fight that I am convinced that they will win.

    Stow your blanket indignation and remember that the Catholic Church has always embraced the future when it is safely and soundly in the past. That is how the organization has survived for 2,000 years.

  11. simon says

    “That is how the organization has survived for 2,000 years.”
    The pigs as a species has survived for about 6000 years. The monkeys have been around for millions of years.
    Talking about human organization, the Church has survived in a much less glorious form, a far cry from its heyday at least in the West.
    It is thriving now in the most backward and ignorant part of the World.

  12. ajax28 says

    I find the lack of empathy for and the judgmental criticism of Colin Collette shown here kind of shocking. It very much reminds me of the intolerance of Christian fundamentalists towards us gays. I am a die-hard atheist, but I think I can understand why someone like Collette remains loyal to his church. It sounds like he was brought up in it, and it has been his life and his community. I assume he has very strong beliefs tied to his church in particular and the Catholic Church in general. I think that Christianity at best is ridiculous, and at worst harmful and intolerant. But I don’t think we should judge Collette harshly unless we’ve been in his shoes.

  13. agboinv says

    [sigh] All these non-constructive attacks on the institution of the Church which alienate by judgement those LGBT people of faith who chose to live within the Catholic faith- the big-C Church and the little-c church (that is, the people of the faith)- as witness in an attempt to reform it. YOu may hate faith, or this particular faith tradition, but all of you who come here trolling like this are just as narrow-minded and bigotted as the institutional church leaders you are attacking justly and far, far from the innocent, loving people of faith you are unjustly attacking. As a gay man who is also Catholic, the hatred and bigotry I experience in the gay community regarding my faith is much more violent and pervasive than that which I face within the Catholic community.

    You don’t need to agree with religion in general or one tradition specifically, but you ought to be respectful of people’s personal faith journeys. You are just as hypocritical as the institutional Church when you claim you want people to accept you for your sexual orientation but then make broad sweeping attacks on the beliefs of anyone of any faith. Disagree with the Church teaching on homosexuality by all means- I certainly do- but STOP taking out your frustration on faith communities broadly as you have here.

  14. simon says

    I don’t expect a beast to have intelligence especially a religious one.
    I know according to your moronic religion it is not possible because the Earth is 6000 years old.
    Millions of years is actually an underestimate. 40 millions years ago, some species gave rise to the “New World Monkey” and the “Old World Monkey”. About 5 millions years ago, humans and apes diverge from a common ancestor. It will blow your religious mind.

  15. simon says

    Please start by telling your religious leaders to shut up about homosexuality and marriage. Then we will leave your “faith” alone. Otherwise all is fair game. As the drunk bishop (can’t remember his name) :”It goes in both directions”.

  16. simon says

    Also when certain faith begins to say stupid things about the natural world or history, there is no other way than to tell them the facts. A spade is still a spade if that hurts some feeling.

  17. simon says

    “non-constructive attacks” is an interesting term as if the criticism of the Church on this community is for our own good. Like love the sinner and hate the sin.
    Enough with this kind of patronization.
    There is nothing “holy” about religions. No one cares if they reform or not. They are always right by definition and not even listening.

  18. walter says

    so that i guess means it is okay to abuse children but don’t marry the person you love. this is surely one screwed religion

  19. Bob K says

    He is a catholic, even though we think he should leave.
    Most choir directors, et al, are probably Gay.

    However, the evil bishops are conducting the anti-marriage campaign (with parishoners pretending it’s not happening), so an employee who dares to defy them is toast.