Chris Kluwe And The Minnesota Vikings Make Details Of Their Settlement Public: VIDEO


Chris Kluwe and the Minnesota Vikings made the specific details of their agreed settlement public in a press conference earlier this afternoon.

“[O]ur focus remains on maintaining a culture of tolerance, inclusion and respect, and creating the best workplace environment for our players, coaches and staff,” said Vikings owner Mark Wilf. “We are glad a resolution of this matter has been reached, and we look forward to continuing our efforts to create positive awareness of these issues.”

The Vikings, Wilf ebaorated, will continue to contribute an undisclosed amount of financial support to a number of LGBTQ organizations. Additionally, the Vikings will redouble their committment to its “Zero Tolerance Policy for any discrimination and harassment because of race, religion, national origin or sexual orientation.”

“I intend to continue to speak out on behalf of marriage equality,” said Kluwe. “I am pleased to be a part of the impact the Vikings material charitable contributions will have on LGBT and related causes.”

Watch a clip of the joint press conference, AFTER THE JUMP…



  1. Mike says

    What isn’t pointed out here, is that Kluwe receives no money from the settlement, with all of the “substantial” funds going directly to the LGBTQ organizations. The judge who presided over the resolution called Kluwe’s support of LGBT rights “selfless.”

  2. Rowan says

    And Mike, Cyd Zeigler from Outsports wrote an article insulting him and turning his back away from him.

  3. PDX Tim says

    If something about gays in sports does not involve Cyd, then he will insult it or belittle it. Media whore of the highest order. And a republican to boot.

  4. says

    It just isn’t enough. Kluwe has been a fine spokesman for the gay community and he was cut from the Vikings because of his outspokenness. The Vikings should offer him a substantial sum and assist him in being placed with another team if they won’t have him back. It would be up to Kluwe as to how he used the money. It seems to me that the Vikings are victorious here – they walk away as being the good guys and Kluwe is out of a job and gets no money. Total bullpucky in my book.

  5. Macguffin54 says

    I applaud Kluwe and believe he did what he thought was best. I would just like to know what it is he did (accomplished). The info presented here sounds like politicians-speak where they speak for an hour but say nothing. If the only thing that was accomplished was the Vikings realized what a horrible environment for tolerance they had and they asked Kluwe to cut them a break so they could earnestly rectify it that would be okay (not great, but okay). Still think that guy they were investigating should be fired. But whatever the terms were and whatever led to them should be made public so we know. Continuing to foster the environment oif “don’t ask, don’t tell” is not acceptable, however.

  6. Dawson says

    This is a man that will go down in GBLT history. A man in an overly macho sport supporting and defending us. He had nothing to gain by doing this but put his career at stake. There are few str8 men who have been as brave to our cause. I would be proud to wear his jersey.

  7. Macguffin54 says

    Of course, if you read the comments on ESPN you realize this settlement was a total failure. Most commenters believe the Vikings were in the right and just settled to make this go away and that Kluwe was an attention-seeking media whore who is bitter about being let go. A court case or details of the report would have beaten these commenters to the punch and out them in there place. Now, the debate goes on and people are allowed to believe what they want, no matter how ignorant or erroneous. Like most struggles, it seems we lost even when we “won”. Sigh.

  8. oncemorewithfeeling says

    Because idiots deem something a failure, that makes it a failure?

    I don’t measure whether a thing is a success by what bottom-feeders think of it, personally. Who does that?

    So bigots and morons think this was a failure. If the goal is to win over imbeciles, then we’d need to have a new goal. Fortunately, the goal is to assist those in need — be it through education, legal aid, financial assistance or whatever it takes to bring about equality for everyone — and to do it despite the people who will always hate us no matter what.

    Kluwe’s success in helping us in reaching this goal is a singular accomplishment and those who deride it only prove its worth.

  9. Jay says

    Were it not for Kluwe, this issue would have been swept under the rug a long time ago. I appreciate his effort and his commitment to our cause.

  10. Honesty says

    I’m glad CHRIS KLUWE continued his fight in the name of what he knew was right. Thank you!

  11. Henry Holland says

    “he was cut from the Vikings because of his outspokenness”

    No, he was cut because he was a slightly below-average punter (the mostly easily replaceable position on a football team) that was due to make about $1.4 million a year compared to the $586,000 that his eventual replacement makes AND because of his outspokenness. It’s not an either/or situation.

    “The Vikings should offer him a substantial sum and assist him in being placed with another team if they won’t have him back”

    *sigh* Don’t let facts get in the way, he tried out for one of the worst teams in the NFL, the Raiders and was cut, he simply wasn’t good enough to overcome the salary and outspokenness issues.

    “Were it not for Kluwe, this issue would have been swept under the rug a long time ago”

    Dave Kopay has been talking steadily about the NFL’s anti-gay atmosphere since the late 70’s, before Chris Kluwe was even born! Kopay was blatantly not even considered for a coaching job in the NFL after he retired, he was told flat out that they’d never hire “someone like him”. C’mon, a little historical perspective please.

    “A court case or details of the report would have beaten these commenters to the punch and out them in there place”

    Or: more incidents like Kluwe tearing a hole in his pants so his bunghole showed and then bending over so he could make fun of a coach who went/coached at Penn State –you know, Jerry Sandusky, rape of boys, that whole thing– would have come to light. Even Kluwe admitted he did that, he lost some supporters when that story came to light.

  12. MaryM says

    Misleading headline.

    Nothing has been made public and that evil pig coach guilty of bigotry got a 3 game suspension.

    the Vikings don’t care about equality.

    Chris Kluwe is great though.