Cristiano Ronaldo Strips Down for His Ice Bucket Challenge: VIDEO


The only thing that could make this better would be HD quality.


Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, and Lil Wayne are next, but a great article over at Slate is calling on people to take the "No Ice Bucket" challenge and just donate the money to charity.



  1. Sergio says

    “…Slate is calling on people to take the ‘No Ice Bucket’ challenge and just donate the damn money to charity.”

    Yes, please. This is getting annoying.

  2. Chuck Mielke says

    While ALS research is a worthy cause, it’s also clear that many celebs have begun to use it as another means of personal advertising. Frankly, I feel that the stunt jumped the shark when the “Today” show cast did it. It’s strikes me that, when celebs hire a 3rd party to dump ice water on them, the dumpers seem to very much enjoy the act — perfectly sublimated aggression, perhaps?

  3. Sergio says

    “If you’re annoyed, then stop watching the videos.”

    I don’t watch the videos. I’m also allowed to have my own opinion. How will you stop me from having it?

  4. David From Canada says

    The most Beautiful challenge yet. And in his sexy, tight underpants! It’s okay to enjoy this – and the whole Challenge is becoming very interesting and entertaining in a cute way.

  5. Zach Levin says

    “While ALS research is a worthy cause, it’s also clear that many celebs have begun to use it as another means of personal advertising.”

    Bingo. Just give the money – we’re already aware of Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

  6. HereinDC says

    Did you see the gay newcaster who was in a hot tub up to your nipples and poured a child’s pale of water over his head and then 1 second later ducks under the water…then it’s just lame.

  7. Mikey says

    The article at Slate is far from being “great”. They’re getting massive flack for it.

    It honestly reads like one of those hipster film reviews of a popular film, where the hipster knocks on anything and everything in the movie, just to show how above it all he is.

  8. JMC says

    lol seriously Mikey.

    it’s stupid to even say people should be making donations in place of making ice bucket challenge videos when ALS wouldn’t even be on anyone’s mind right now to begin with if it weren’t for the videos.

    this campaign was started to raise *awareness* for ALS and it has been wildly successful in achieving its goal. donations follow awareness, and who’s to say the bulk of these celebrities aren’t donating to charity too?

  9. JMC says

    i just took a trip to google and this campaign has already raised more than 15 million dollars in just a few days lol but keep enjoying the smell of your own farts guys

  10. Topol says

    How tough is it to get a bucket of ice water tossed on you? Not tough. Some of these folks are screaming over a small pail.

    Heck, I’ve gone swimming in Lake Tahoe!

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