Discovery Channel’s ‘Shark Week’ Debunked: VIDEO


Are you a "Shark Week" fan? Do Great White attacks and megalodon sightings make you tingle with anticipation? That may be just what Discovery Channel wants and, according to a new video, they don't achieve it with accuracy. 

Vox is here to distinguish between the massive sharks long thought extinct (they are) and "real" footage of shark attacks which never occurred, and get to the root of the cultural phenomenon that is "Shark Week."

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  1. Rrhain says

    Not only has the Discovery channel gone the way of the Learning Channel with regard to informational content, the entire network seems to be infected. The left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing.

    On the Science channel, they have a program, “Outrageous Acts of Science.” It’s a clip show where they find some internet video and have various scientists discuss the science behind what happened (“How is he able to stay on the bicycle?” “How do the match heads create such a large fireball?”)

    Well, they ran the clip of a firemen who had attached their hoses to a car, nozzles pointing down, and turning on the water. There was enough pressure to lift the car. Impressive, right? All the scientists were agog at how much pressure the trucks were able to put out, discussing displacement and such.

    But there was a problem: It was a hoax. It wasn’t an actual car. It was just the shell of a car. There was no engine in it. There’s no way the fire trucks could put out enough pressure to lift a ton-and-a-half of car into the air.

    And they should have known this because Mythbusters had tackled that very clip a couple years earlier. Mythbusters is part of the Discovery network which also owns the Science channel.

    Even when they’re trying to do real science, they can’t do it.

  2. Billy says

    Wow, I feel smart now. My friend without cable wanted to come over and watch shark week programing. I told him it’s all reality tv based now, not science based like years ago.

  3. Mark Twain says

    American fascination with sharks is hilarious and sad at the same time. Hilarious because sharks perception in America is based on Hollywood cheap thrills and all made up and fake shows. But it’s very sad because everyone hate sharks in a childish way, as if they were some enemy whereas they are being decimated and becoming extinct. This great, awesome 200 million years old specie is being wiped out whithin a couple decades, by dimwits, while all the morons are cheering. We have destroyed 70-90% of the Oceans widlife over the last 50 years. in a few decades there willbe only jellyfish all over the world…. so..Go shark week, Go ???