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Gay Teen Records His 'Christian' Family's Heartbreaking and Abusive Reaction to His Coming Out: VIDEO


In a disturbing and terribly sad video posted on YouTube Wednesday, a boy named Daniel is berated and disowned by his parents after coming out. The family claims to have supported him despite "knowing" he was gay since a young age, and though the details of the situation are murky, their hostile and, in the end, violent response is utterly reprehensible. 

The video, posted by user Regina Ryan, had this description:

A perfect example of how much hate and intolerance still exists today. This family gave a young man two options: attend a pray the gay away intervention, or face being disowned by the very people who are supposed to love him unconditionally.

Disclaimer: This is a 19 year old friend of mine who is currently staying with very supportive friends. He is safe and removed from the situation. I am posting this on his behalf per his request. I was not witness to the events that transpired, but was present immediately after to help him relocate.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to support Daniel now that he is without his family's care. In just twenty-one hours the video has received over one million views and Daniel has received nearly $50,000 in donations from strangers, showing that there is a great deal of support and kindness in the world. Our thoughts are most definitely with him as he traverses this horribly tough patch in life.

Watch the video, AFTER THE JUMP...

Warning: The video contains disturbing language and abuse and may be difficult for some viewers to watch. 

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  1. Well, that's what most of the south is like. The minute I heard the accents, I knew it was going to be typical.

    The mother first says "I knew you were gay since you were a little boy" and then goes on to say that it's a choice? What little toddler makes that kind of choice?

    Cognitive disconnect!!!

    Posted by: johnny | Aug 29, 2014 8:03:06 AM

  2. Wow Towleroad. What a wonderful way to start the day! This kid is better off without them. Painful, sure, but at least he has supportive friends. Oh and move away from the South. Clearly that's where this is happening.

    Posted by: AJ | Aug 29, 2014 8:07:10 AM

  3. WWJA?
    (Who would Jesus abuse?)

    Posted by: woody | Aug 29, 2014 8:16:56 AM

  4. White people at their finest

    Posted by: BRUNO | Aug 29, 2014 8:33:37 AM

  5. It's not just the south. It's everywhere. I think it would be easier to attribute this kind of emotional and physical violence not to southern ignorance, but to the toxic effect of mindless religiosity.

    This kid should take that money, go to college, and fly as far away from these two neantherthals as he can get. Education is the silver bullet... it'll change his life for the better.

    Posted by: The Milkman | Aug 29, 2014 8:35:42 AM

  6. I hope these people are exposed, their names revealed. A commenter on another website (JMG?) suggested "outing" parents like this, making them own their hate publicly and take the consequences. No doubt they would receive some approval from other Religious Right types like themselves but I think most people would treat them like the monsters they are. Sounds good to me.

    Posted by: Caliban | Aug 29, 2014 8:50:36 AM

  7. @The Milkman

    I don't know if you can blindly blame this kid's parent's reaction on "mindless religiosity." I think this is more of an issue of class (socioeconomic status) and education.

    I hope Daniel uses the donated money wisely to go to college and escape the his surroundings.

    Posted by: Will | Aug 29, 2014 8:55:13 AM

  8. Why is the word christian written in inverted commas?

    Hatred, bigotry and division are core christian values - tolerance, respect and love are not christian values.

    Religion is a cancer that destroys.

    There is no 'god' after all.

    Posted by: MaryM | Aug 29, 2014 9:15:29 AM

  9. I don't know why christian is in quotes in the article's title. If the vast majority of christians believe something is true, doesn't that make it a christian value?

    Posted by: art | Aug 29, 2014 9:26:20 AM

  10. "Hatred, bigotry and division are core christian values..."

    Not just christian values. They're yours too, apparently, evident by the hatred, bigotry and division (ESPECIALLY division) you espouse in your constant trans bashing.

    Once again, the Internet Award for Irony goes to MaryM.

    Posted by: crispy | Aug 29, 2014 9:29:24 AM

  11. The woman speaking states that she believes in the word of God - but her justification for her actions is that "She doesn't want other people to think ....."

    Her concern is the opinion of others. Well with this video going viral, there are lots and lots of others that have now formed an opinion of her.

    Posted by: Rence | Aug 29, 2014 9:31:35 AM

  12. I guess I will always have a southern accent, but right now I wish I could rip it out.

    Posted by: Mike in the Tundra | Aug 29, 2014 9:43:28 AM

  13. @Will
    Agreed, class can often be an important factor in how these situations unfold. But make no mistake, wealthy families from the north can be just as emotionally and physically violent as poor southerners. They just express it differently sometimes. The thread that binds these two very different family units together is religion.

    Posted by: The Milkman | Aug 29, 2014 9:44:37 AM

  14. Daniel,

    if you read Towleroad, I want you to know that there is 100% agreement on this blog that you are a very brave, intelligent and educated young man.

    Thank you, Daniel, for being in this world.

    Posted by: Derrick from PhillyDe | Aug 29, 2014 9:53:12 AM

  15. "Focus on the Family" and the other groups are now exposed by this tape; this is what ignorance and 'word of god' enthusiasts do and say to young gay kids who try to reason with them.

    This tape is not a one-off; this is the script of christian family values.

    Run Daniel, run.
    As Bronski Beat sang so long ago;
    "Do not cry to them, just to your soul."

    Posted by: JackFknTwist | Aug 29, 2014 10:06:02 AM

  16. The young man in the video has come forward so it won't be long before his family is exposed as well.

    Posted by: Caliban | Aug 29, 2014 10:12:10 AM

  17. Two thoughts went through my head when I watched this video: the first was how horrible a situation this is for Daniel or anyone and how sorry I am that this happens. The parents are disgraceful!

    The second thought is that this isn't really about religion, but selfishness. The mother (or stepmother, I'm not sure which) said that "I will not let people think that I condone what you do..." That is a direct quote. Wow. You turn your own child out because of what other people might think about YOU. No words. No words...

    Posted by: studbud | Aug 29, 2014 10:12:45 AM

  18. He will be better off without them and he will soon realize that as he grows. He's a part of the real "family"

    Posted by: reality | Aug 29, 2014 10:23:52 AM

  19. Yeah, "jesus" would hate him. I almost always put quote marks around many "christian" words and leave it lower case because most the time the way "christians" are acting has nothing to do with Christ (as if the bible isn't fiction enough).

    Posted by: Craig | Aug 29, 2014 10:34:48 AM

  20. The question is:
    "Are these Christian values?"
    They are Catholic values for sure.
    The Church's stand on homosexuality is clear and what they say matters as it is not a democratic institution.
    The Catholic Church seems to think it's not a choice because they said it is "intrinsically" disordered.

    Posted by: simon | Aug 29, 2014 10:35:27 AM

  21. He was being very disrespectful to his mother that's why he got hit.He's also not a kid,he's 19 or 20 years old an adult to he can leave his parents house.

    Posted by: Mike | Aug 29, 2014 10:40:46 AM

  22. @ MIKE :

    Yeah , you really got the point of the vid !!!

    Bite me.

    Posted by: JackFknTwist | Aug 29, 2014 10:54:46 AM

  23. Yes they'll know we are "Christians" by our hate, by our hate, yes they'll know we are "Christians" by our hate!

    Posted by: Jon | Aug 29, 2014 11:00:30 AM

  24. While the video might be fake (it's the Internet after all), my general advice is to not come out to a potentially abusing or neglectful family until you've achieved some financial independence. These days, that's probably age 30. In the past, it might have been 18-19, but getting a good job isn't easy these days. There are many, many homeless LGBT teens in this country who came out to their abusive (and often already broken) families, were then thrown out and ended up on the streets, where their life expectancies are measured in months, not years. So, you are much better off waiting.

    Posted by: anon | Aug 29, 2014 11:06:24 AM

  25. This video has been seen all over the internet and was a lead story on several high profile news sites so my question is, surely the police and child care authorities have seen or head of this. Why haven't they arrested this couple for child abuse and removed this young man from their harm?

    Posted by: Mike Ryan | Aug 29, 2014 11:08:55 AM

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