Fayetteville, Arkansas City Council Considers LGBT Non-Discrimination Ordinance: WATCH LIVE


The Fayetteville, Arkansas City Council is meeting now and hearing speakers as they take up the proposed LGBT Non-Discrimination Ordinance (NDO)

Click HERE to watch the meeting unfold LIVE.

One of the items at stake is whether the public will vote on the NDO in November or whether the council will decide the issue tonight.


  1. Randyybybyby@y.net says

    I’ve been watching for a while and so far all the speakers have been anti-gay. The common theme among them is that they all claim that they are not big it’s for opposing this ordinance. But then they go on to say that they need to have discrimination in order to “protect the children.” Apparently, all these so-called nine bigots, think that all gays are pedophiles.

  2. Randy says

    OK. I figures out “big it’s” and “nine bigots”, but Google Translate only comes up with “Slaps visions” for “Backpfeifengesichten”

    Have I missed a memo of some sort?

  3. Like a Boss says

    Watch this in it’s entirety ’bout 10 hours but I gotta say it was well worth it.

    Passed 6-2 and ended with one of the most impassioned speeches by a Mayor I’ve ever heard. Lioneld Jordan was a total Boss!

    ‘I see the day when everyone gets a seat at the table of equality!’

  4. Vince P says

    live in Fayetteville… so proud of our Mayor Jordan, who has always been a champion of the LGBT community, and the city council members who’ve worked tirelessly for this! Faith in humanity restored

  5. woody says

    “i’m not a bigot, but you have no right to deny me my right to discriminate…”
    jeez… lines to that effect came from nearly every opponent.
    that’s one no-nonsense mayor you’ve got down there!

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