Gay Man Attacked In San Francisco, Taken Off Life Support


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A gay man named Bryan Higgins, known to friends and family as Feather Lynn, was brutally attacked over the weekend in the Castro District of San Francisco. A part of the city’s radical faerie community, Feather’s body was discovered early Sunday morning, unconscious and lacking any identifying belongings. However, after police sought help from the community in identifying the man, a family member came forward and identified Feather. From The Castro Biscuit: 

Yesterday, police declared the case an attempted homicide after evidence was introduced that suggested Feather was brutally attacked which reports say led to a fatal brain aneurysm that has left him on life support. The SFPD has little details on a suspect and is asking for the community’s help in tracking down a white male in his late 20′s and early 30′s who was wearing a dark colored hoodie who was captured on Muni and surrounding businesses’ security footage around the time of the assault. If you were in the vicinity of Duboce and Church in the early morning hours of Sunday, August 10th, or have details related to the crime, please contact the SFPD at 415-575-4444 or text TIP411 with “SFPD” at the start of the message.

Feather was taken off life support today at 3:33 PM PST. A vigil was held at that same time at Duboce Park, near where Feather was assaulted, to commemorate and celebrate his life. 

Feather’s husband, Brian Haggerty, spoke to The San Francisco Bay Guardian on Feather’s condition:

“Right now, we are just concerned with his spirit, and making sure everyone has a chance to say goodbye," he said. "Too many factors came together in this situation. But the truth is he has left us.”


  1. Ikiryo says

    Some of what Matt Barber and his ilk have been promising gays I’m sure.

    RIP Feather Lynn. If you can find it in your spirit, please spend a little time haunting the s*** out of some homophobes before you go…

  2. Zlick says

    This is soul-crushingly sad. In the last few minutes, I’ve learned about the beating, then about a vigil planned for tomorrow, and then that the family plans to take him off life support tomorrow. Sadity sad sad. Cry cry type sad. WTF?

  3. cgueyser says

    With all the progress me have made we can’t forget that there are still people out there who will hurt us just for living our lives. As I heard a kid say the other day “stay woke!” Know your surroundings, situational awareness is key! I’m so sad and pissed at the same time…

  4. Just_a_guy says

    Matt Barber and his ilk did this.

    Remember Bryan Higgins aka Feather. I want to know more about his life. What is “fairie”? This is really tragic.

    Why isn’t there mainstream outrage over this? (Oh yeah: Matt Barber and his ilk fantasize about these tragedies.)

    May feather Bryan’s sweet soul SOMEHOW not be lost in vain.

  5. Just_a_guy says

    Matt Barber and his ilk did this.

    Remember Bryan Higgins aka Feather. I want to know more about his life. What is “fairie”? This is really tragic.

    Why isn’t there mainstream outrage over this? (Oh yeah: Matt Barber and his ilk fantasize about these tragedies.)

    May feather Bryan’s sweet soul SOMEHOW not be lost in vain.

  6. Rob says

    On February 14th, Feather posted: “Today I love myself, hug myself, treat myself for I am the one deserving of such love. After all loving ourselves, taking ourself seriously and being whole alone is harder than loving someone else any day. Love to you all.”

    And here’s what wikipedia has the on the “Radical Faerie” movement:

  7. says

    It’s true, gay people are not safe in San Francisco just as they aren’t safe anywhere in the United States. Homophobes are alive and well here including the head of the Catholic Church who spouts all kinds of bigotry if he can get on the news. This is so sad and has been all over the local news here in The City. Surely someone somewhere saw what happened to this young man. I am sad at all the recent deaths.

  8. Yawn says

    I’m curious why this is, with NO information, instantly assumed to be about him being gay? They took his identification and things that would help them know who he was. That would mean a wallet, perhaps a phone, watch, and jewelry. Usually, someone being bashed on a street takes a few seconds, and the perp doesn’t go through such lengths.

    There’s a very strong chance this was a run of the mill robbery.

  9. petey says

    San Francisco is one of the most homophobic cities in America. If you’re a gay guy who strays outside of the Castro district, you enter a whole new world of liberal homophobia.

    Liberals don’t want gay guys to stray from their enclosures.

  10. leprechaunvict says

    I think there may be more to this than a simple gaybashing. Seems more like a trick with intent to rob, gone wrong. I feel terribly for this poor guy and especially his family.

    @Petey, I just got back from my first ever visit to San Francisco, was there for just over a week with my partner, we went for a friend’s (same-sex) wedding, and I found the city outside the Castro to be not at all homophobic, I don’t know where you’re getting that impression.

  11. leprechaunvict says

    *to clarify, the “intent to rob” part means it went wrong in the first place, but the thief likely didn’t mean to kill the guy. Still a tragedy though and I hope the perp goes to jail…

  12. SFshawn says

    I’ve lived in the Castro/Duboce Park for over 20 years and the City of San Francisco is SO inclusive that almost anyone with a brain cell in their head wants to move/live or work here! :). For a piece of land that is only 49 square miles it is one of the most expensive places to live in the world and it is one of the most desired places to live BECAUSE it is GLBT inclusive throughout the city. They just held a 3 day music festival in Golden Gate Park called Outside Lands and with over 200,000 people attending had a few people arrested for scalping tickets but ZERO deaths and no violence. What other city can even compare?
    @Petey-Pacific Heights and much of San Francisco are Rethugs and regressive thinkers similar to San Diego. The atmosphere is liberal and open minded but the politics veer to $$$ and conservative politics.

  13. Sorrow says

    I live right near there and walk through that intersection twice a day, every day. It’s absolutely full of junkies and young transients — there’s a Safeway right there with a needle exchange and stealable food. Muggings and iPhone snatchings are chronic there and at the south end of Fillmore mere steps away. So I think this was more likely to be a robbery than a hate crime. Regardless, all sympathy to the loved ones of Feather Lynn and sorrow at his horrid death.

  14. Manuel Reno Tingzon says

    I hope that person who took Feather’s life should and will pay for their crime and pay restitution for taking his life. I hope that person is feeling remorseful and should be taken out of the streets and out of society. This crime of hate brings ugliness to this city. The person who did this should be put behind bars for life and have that person’s life be taken away for taking another person’s life because of their prejudice.

  15. Bill says

    I’ve been around awhile, ( code for old ;>)), this just goes on and on and on. I was optimistic in my youth that as we got more and more “accepted” this would all change, but as we see, no! We’ve gotten too complacent. I think, we need to get back to that “watching one another’s back ethos in the community. Bashing will always go on, murder will always go on , and haters will always hate, unless WE stop it ourselves,(whatever that might mean to whomever!); WE all need to COME together, FIGHT BACK, and START CARING about one another. WE will never get that from the straight community when push comes to shove.
    Sorry for the rhetoric, but I’d really hoped by now to see far better

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