Hot Cop Of Castro Gets Wet For Charity: VIDEO

Chris Kohrs ice

Remember how we told you last week that Chris Kohrs, aka The Hot Cop of Castro, would be joining in on the ice water challenge? Officer Kohrs followed through with the event and doffed his shirt to raise money for the Officer Down Memorial Fund. The SF Examiner compiled a slideshow of the event, while YouTube user Nathan Tatterson caught it all on video to share with the world, so you can watch Officer Kohrs get all soakin' wet AFTER THE JUMP…


  1. Jack M says

    Love the harness. Are we supposed to infer something from that, or is he just playing along?

  2. TheOtherOne says

    What a wonderful contrast from the days, not so long ago, when SFPD marched into the Castro to rough up the gays at the old Elephant Walk bar and various ACT UP and Queer Nation rallies. Here’s to improved relations.

  3. Markt says

    He shoulda been the lead in 50 Shades of Grey. That’s close to how I imagined him. Dude needs a PR weapon.

  4. says

    Another in the long line of people looking to become famous for fame sake even though they haven’t accomplished anything to warrant the fame.

  5. warren says

    you guys are a piece of work. He’s wearing a recording harness not an S&M harness and hes straight. Be happy there are straight hot guys that support us instead of assuming every good looking guy is or a closet case.

    Thanks for your support hot cop!

  6. says

    @KDKNYC No need to post the video for anyone but my friends and family to see. Already donated 2 weeks ago. Thank you very much.

  7. Mick says

    California is in the middle of a serious drought and regardless who plays these stupid challenges, (supposedly originated to be in lieu of making donations for ALS), it’s still a silly way to waste water. While I admire this officer, I do not approve of these stunts and their brazen self advertisements.

  8. Tom Cardellino says

    Well, it seems that certain commenters herein think a little too highly of themselves in the face of one of my beloved San Francisco’s genuinely good-hearted, good-looking, good-meaning and all around good guys who truly “protect & serve” SF’s LGBTI community with humor and vigilance. Officer Kohrs also has the brainpower to one day be as great a Chief of Police as our present Chief Suhr (who’s also a straight ally hottie!)

  9. Mick says

    Dear Mr. Hot Cop, Thank you for being “genuinely good-hearted, good looking, good meaning and all around good guy who truly ‘protects and serves’ SF’s LGBTI community” (what’s the I for?). However, down here in San Diego we are restricted in our water use because there is something going on called a drought. If I can’t wash my wheels and water my pansies, you can’t strip down to your sexy self and pour ice water over your hot sexy body and head, ok? It causes shrinkage, ya know! Love you lots. An ardent admirer.