Joe Hanson Reveals The Most Annoying (And Deadliest) Animal On Earth: VIDEO


Sharks bite only a few people each year, and yet they strike fear into our hearts. Hippos and crocodiles run way faster than we'd like to think and have nightmarish man-eating reputations of their own. And yet, this deadly assortment can't come close to the sinister, insidious, disease-carrying…mosquito!

Yes, as Joe Hanson of "It's Okay to Be Smart" reveals, mosquitoes are the deadliest animal on earth, and their reign of terror is nowhere near over. In his newest video, Joe gets serious and ponders the ethics of insecticide and other preventative measures against the itchy, malaria-ridden "pokes" of the the culprits.

It is a problem of huge importance around the world and, as Joe points out, there needs to be a conversation. Let us know your opinion of the mosquito in the comments below.

And check out the informative video, AFTER THE JUMP…