John Oliver Isn’t One Bit Pleased With the Militarization of America’s Police Force: VIDEO


On Sunday's Last Week Tonight, John Oliver looked at the turbulent on-going situation in Ferguson, Missouri in the wake of Michael Brown's shooting and how the city's excessive police response is only the latest example of the increasing militarization of America's police forces. 




  1. David From Canada says

    John Oliver is a bleeding heart liberal and is taking this entire story out of context.
    It is very unfortunate that Michael Brown, an 18 year old young man, was shot and killed, but it appears that he was involved in criminal activity. He was involved in a robbery on that day – you can see the video on the internet – and CNN stated that at last count he has pushed or shoved or slapped a policeman.
    If you are into criminal activity and provoking the police, it may result in a mess like this.
    From what I can see, this is not case of racism but rather, dealing with a young man who had gotten out of hand.
    John Oliver is part and parcel of how the Ultra Liberal Press is fanning the flames of this case and making it far worse than it already is. The whole thing has become a dreadful parody and is mocking everything and everyone involved.

  2. jeo says

    Judging by the sheer number of John Oliver clips posted here lately, can we assume that he’s paying for this exposure? I don’t know why else so many clips from the same show are posted here regularly.

  3. Andrew says

    I felt bad for this kid before the video…even if the officer didnt know that the victim was a suspect in the robbery…this guy was a criminal…the way he attacked the owner of the store (another minority) was aggressive…im sure he showed the same aggression toward the officer.

  4. MaryM says

    Now that our democracy has been hijacked by corporations then can anyone claim to be surprised that the police’s responsibility will be to suppress the population.

    When will democracy be restored I wonder. And how?

  5. Mike in the Tundra says

    @ David – the man that shot Michael Brown did not know about Michael doing those things.

  6. Sam says

    I’m so glad to see that there are people like David and Andrew who think that because someone allegedly committed a crime at some point, they are not entitled to due process and a fair trial.

    It’s really comforting to know that people genuinely want Judge Dredd to exist in real life. Judge jury and executioner all in one.

    That’s called hyperbole, but not by much.

  7. crispy says

    This segment isn’t about Michael Brown.

    It’s about the completely unnecessary and terrifying militarization of U.S. police departments.

  8. Nick says

    Thanks Crispy for re-routing this thread.
    Even seasoned military veterans are calling the militarization of police departments shocking and inappropriate -especially since most of them are not trained in combat except the few who are veterans themselves is what bothers me and it should bother all of us.

  9. Ruben says

    I suppose that all those basically supporting the death penalty without due process are white people. It is this kind of racist attitude that supports the killing of young black men. It is not about the crimes that Brown may or may not have committed, we the audience do not have irrefutable prove of this. If there is anything true about the claims that Brown was involved in any crime, the media has used it to justify the shooter’s right to kill. I wonder if the criminal shot would have been white and how the media may have responded. In all probability we would be told that he was bipolar and was acting out.Nothing justifies the shooting of a person with such carelessness and all of those that are supporting the shooting, need to go back to study American history, but the true American history not the whitewashed versions we are given every day through the media.

  10. anonymous says

    That’s right Rochon, David from Canada and Jeo, let’s just line up all the people involved in criminal activity and shoot them twice in the head and four times somewhere else on their bodies while they’re in the process of surrendering. That will solve all our problems and save us a bunch of money in prison costs at the same time, won’t it? Maybe you two can lead the charge on this?

  11. Joe says

    Oliver is misrepresenting the situation in Ferguson. To say that the video of Brown is as relevant as the movie Ghostbusters is ludicrous. If someone thinks that robbing a market a short time before having an encounter with a police officer will not effect the thinking or behavior of the person being stopped by the police officer than that person is either ignorant or intentionally trying to mislead.

    Oliver is also wrong in his implication that black people are routinely gun downed by white police officers. The reason why this incident is making so much news is precisely because it is rare. If Oliver wanted to argue that black people are disproportionately targeted by white police officers (or officers in general) there might be some statistics to support that argument. That is not the argument Oliver makes, however.

    We should let the wheels of justice grind this thing out. We do not yet know all the facts and drawing conclusions before all the facts could be properly gathered, and analyzed is foolish. Yes, justice moves slowly but it wouldn’t be justice if it didn’t.

    Oliver is correct about the militarization of the police force. I went to college near Keene, NH and that their annual pumpkin festival is not going to targeted in such a manner that an APV will be needed to respond.

  12. David From Canada says

    @JOE: Good posting. Ultra Liberals like John Oliver actually make situations such as this worse rather than better.
    Ultra Liberals in their own way are just as inflammatory and troublesome as Ultra Conservatives. Both are the same, except the opposite side of one coin.

  13. crispy says

    You can always tell the intellectually deficient in the room when they write meaningless phrases like “ultra liberals” just before they head over to the next post fawning all over a soccer player’s “tight underpants.”

  14. Jerry says

    Kiwi, Brown’s own family said it was him. his friend Dorion Johnson’s attorney admitted it was him. Still making up excuses?

  15. oncemorewithfeeling says

    Trollroad at its finest! This is why I would never consider linking to anything here on social media. I’d be embarrassed for my friends to know I actually visit this site.

  16. Terry says

    Trolls indeed. Incredible stupidity. Rochon- I’ve been to England 19 times. The terrorists have not taken over. What do you base your ignorance on? This show is 1) comedy and 2) not about Brown but the fact that SWAT teams are now being used for minor incidents. For a liberal blog it has a large number of comments by people who would readily deny citizens legal rights.

  17. David From Canada says

    @Little Kiwi: The Hunger Games was only a movie, and District 11 was an exaggeration of what was in the book. Time to leave the movies and the books and the name-calling behind and come into the real world.

  18. jordan says

    Apparently, allegedly having committed a crime, ANY crime!, makes you a target for police execution. Nevermind the judge or jury — according to noted racists and the commenters here, any allegation of criminal activity for a black person means they DESERVED TO DIE.

    That’s like saying that gay people deserve to be beaten and dragged behind trucks because their gaze lingered too long on a straight heterosexual patriot.

    Welcome to Troll City.

  19. Bill says

    @Joe @David . Today’s newspaper claimed that an autopsy showed that Michael Brown was shot 6 times. Oliver was understating what happened, as over the top as he was trying to be.

    Throwing Brown in jail for a robbery that he committed is perfectly reasonable, but they are claiming that the officer who shot him didn’t know he was involved in the robbery. Regardless, it is pretty hard to come up with a scenario that would justify shooting an unarmed person, apparently with his hands up in the air, 6 times.

    If Brown just decided to wander off and ignore an attempt to arrest him, I wouldn’t have much sympathy for Brown if an officer tripped him and Brown scraped his knee. But shooting him 6 times, twice in the head? Give us a break.

  20. wheelie81 says

    Since so many of you seem to know so much about Michael Brown and what he was doing or not doing that day, I can only imagine you all knew him personally. What’s that you say? You never met him ever? THEN STFU!

  21. Ulu says

    I love John Oliver but the penguin comparison was problematic because he was comparing race relations (within Homo sapiens) to interspecies Penguin relations when all humans are just one species. Racists are famous for demeaning another group for being “less human”.

  22. Bill says

    @wheelie81 :

    1. An autopsy showed he was shot 6 times and there is some forensic evidence that his hands were up as some witnesses claim:

    2. The police released a video that appeared to show Brown robbing a store. Meanwhile Missouri’s governor suggested that the police released it to besmirch Brown:

    You don’t have to know the guy personally to have some idea of what is being said in newspaper articles about the incident.

    BTW, someone who grew up in the area told me that racism is just under the surface and still persists, and that people living there generally don’t think it is a good idea to argue with the police or not bend over backwards to do whatever they tell you to do.

  23. NwYrkr says

    “Bleeding heart liberal” love that expression, would the opposite be constipated colon conservative ?

  24. Kyle says

    Whether Mike Brown was involved in illegal activity or not, the police should not have the authority to kill unarmed citizens. Don’t care if someone you assume is a criminal is executed by the police? It doesn’t take a lot of imagination to understand that it could just as easily have been you or someone you do care about. At one point in time, it was gay people who were routinely harassed by the police for “breaking the law”. We finally had enough, and fought back. Remember Stonewall? Shame on those of you who find it acceptable for police to act as judge jury and executioner. I thought that’s was the legal system was for.

  25. ted says

    According to the autopsy performed by the former Chief Medical Examiner of New York City one of the top coroners in the world, the fatal shot to Mr. Brown was delivered to his head while he was bent forward demonstrating the the UNARMED victim was in retreat and posed no threat to law enforcement. The police officer who inflicted the fatal blow needs to be arrested immediately. The constabulary in this country are governed by civilian authorities elected by the people and must adhere to the principle of equal justice under the law.