Kids React to Typewriters: VIDEO

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Unlike the Kids React video on the Sony Walkman, these youth at least know what a typewriter is. They're just baffled these old "computers" can't play games or fix mistakes with the backspace.




  1. Robert says

    They’re not as stupid as I feared, given their previous reaction vids to recent technology. Maybe it’s cartoons, like where I learned of things from my own parents’ childhood. In fact, their initial reactions are quite like mine were.

  2. Raybob says

    “it types and it prints at the same time”
    “it’s pretty hard to do, but it’s funner”
    “I feel so bad for you guys”
    “No, no, no, no, no! The Mac isn’t going to be like this!”


    I feel ancient sometimes.

    @Evan: no worries: the IBM PC (first really widespread desktop personal computer) came out somewhere around 1981, so there’s not much reason you *would* know how to use a typewriter.

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