Mark Regnerus ‘Study': Pro-LGBT Christians More Likely To Support Polygamy, Casual Sex – VIDEO

Sociology Professor Mark Regnerus has published a new study which aims to demonstrate that pro-LGBT Christians are more likely than anti-LGBT Christians to support polygamy, abortion and casual sex.

Mark regenerus

Discredited anti-gay "researcher" Mark Regnerus, who previously claimed that children of gay parents had higher rates of life problems compared to those raised by heterosexual parents, has published a new "study" which aims to demonstrate that pro-LGBT Christians will lead to an immoral, sexually unrestrained world, reports GLAAD.

An internal audit of Regnerus’ previous study of same-sex parenting concluded that it barely studied gay parents, contained no original research, had a “highly unusual” timeline with an “unseemly rush to publication” and that all three of the report's peer-reviewers had ties to the anti-gay Witherspoon Institute that funded the study to begin with.

Regnerus' latest blog post – also published by the Witherspoon Institute – is titled Tracking Christian Sexual Morality in a Same-Sex Marriage Future and relies on "the Relationships in America survey, a data collection project…that interviewed 15,738 Americans, ages 18-60, in early 2014."

According to Regnerus, the survey asked respondents to indicate their level of agreement or disagreement with seven statements:

1. Viewing pornographic material is OK.

2. It is a good idea for couples considering marriage to live together in order to decide whether or not they get along well enough to be married to one another.

3. It is OK for two people to get together for sex and not necessarily expect anything further.

4. If a couple has children, they should stay married unless there is physical or emotional abuse.

5. It is sometimes permissible for a married person to have sex with someone other than his/her spouse.

6. It is OK for three or more consenting adults to live together in a sexual/romantic relationship.

7. I support abortion rights.

The University of Texas at Austin sociology professor reports that "there is a pretty obvious fissure between Christians who do and do not oppose same-sex marriage. More than seven times as many of the latter think pornography is OK. Three times as many back cohabiting as a good idea, six times as many are OK with no-strings-attached sex, five times as many think adultery could be permissible, thirteen times as many have no issue with polyamorous relationships, and six times as many support abortion rights."

In a Box Turtle Bulletin analysis of Regnerus' new study, Jim Burroway says that Regnerus, interprets a chart provided without context and few caveats as follows: Regnerus-Graph

“If more and more people, including church-going Christians, continue to come around to supporting marriage equality, then more and more people, including church-going Christians, are going to begin supporting…polygamy. Or anything-goes sex. Or the breakdown of the family through divorce. Or unlimited abortion. And so on.”

Burroway goes on to provide his own explanation for Regnerus’ findings:

Those who oppose marriage equality are much more likely to be the kinds of busybodies with Deeply Held Beliefs about how other people should live their lives. They may say they they oppose pre-marital sex, extra-martial sex, no-strings sex, and getting divorced despite having children — for other people — but they will wind up doing those many of those Very Bad Things themselves at rates rather similar to, and in some cases (divorce, for example) higher than many other people, despite what they may say in a survey.

Conversely, those who support marriage equality are more likely to have a healthier, more laissez-faire attitude toward how other people order their lives, and they tend to be much less judgmental of other people. And gays and lesbians, who have experienced a lifetime of busybodies giving them unrealistic, unsolicited edicts in how to order their lives, are the most reluctant of all to turn around and do the same to others. And what about the Population Average? Well, nobody likes a busybody.

Watch an interview with Regnerus on his previously debunked study, AFTER THE JUMP


  1. kit says

    So, basically, it seems that the real finding of the study is that anti-LGBT christians are more likely to be lying hypocrites. Shocking. Does Ted Haggard know about this?

  2. Critifur says

    My question is why does anyone care what this man says? He is a social scientist, that eschews scientific methodology? His last “study” was thoroughly discredited. So why does his next study have any meaning, it holds no weight. More importantly, why is he still teaching at a public, state funded university when his methods are in question, and he teaches and twists research to meet his bigoted goals?

  3. ToThePoint says

    One thing is for sure, if this troll has not procreated as yet, he must be sterilized at once to prevent him from spreading his wicked seed! Though that may not be necessary since WHAT Ogre would marry this wretched thing, much less spread it’s legs for godly sex?

  4. Semangelof says

    It’s not a real study. It was published on a blog. It is not in a peer reviewed journal. It is quack science.

    Again it is not a study. It is a blog post moonlighting as a study. He knows if he tries to publish it in a peer reviewed journal it’d get rejected since he’s completely discredited in the scholarly community.

    He’s a quack. Nothing more.

  5. shanestud says

    I remember reading another study a few months ago based on website hits. Apparently the most viewing of on-line pornography happens in the south -especially in the bible belt states. Publish that Regenerus!!

  6. Hislv says


    1 the majority of porn is viewed in the bible belt and utah

    6 mormons

    7 they take their daughter to an out of state clinic so their pew neighbors won’t gossip

  7. says

    And pious anti-gay republicans who believe in abstinence-only “sex education” are more likely to have illegitimate bastard grandchildren. like sarah palin. who has TWO bastard grandchildren. or maggie gallagher – who has a bastard son. or shirley phelps roper – who also has a bastard son.

    but seriously, funny headline – “folks who don’t have an archaic and baselessly bigoted and conservative approach to human sexuality and sociology are more likely to have an archaic and baselessly bigoted conservative feelings about expressions of human sexuality”

  8. steven says

    Since I grew up in one of those ‘religious’ groups (Lutheran Missouri Synod) seeing the lying, fornicating, ‘daughter taking care of an aunt in Timbucktoo’, I know exactly how by the rules these people are. They are experts at seeing the speck in someone’s eye while ignoring the log in their own (to mangle and paraphrase the buy-bull – although I think this is a pretty good aphorism).
    I feel I became much more of a moral person by coming out, living the truth about myself, treating others with the same basic respect as I treat myself.

  9. Cassandra says

    Let’s trumpet a real fact: anti-gay people, of any faith, are more likely than average to kill, maim, rape, beat, brutalize, bully and terrorize other humans.

    And researchers, like Regenerus, who’ve been caught in fraud once, are more likely than average to engage in fraud again.

  10. Bill says

    Did anyone actually read the article? He was writing what was basically an op-ed piece for a blog, and not touting it as his own research.

    The main thing the data he showed suggests is that that Christians who support same-sex marriage pretty much track the general population in their beliefs about a variety of topics. The Christians who oppose same-sex marriage have significantly different attitudes on a variety of topics compared to the general population. For gay and lesbian Christians attitudes are probably more “liberal” than the general population, but the error is pretty high (roughly 10%). Gay and lesbian non-Christians are even more “liberal” but curiously there is no column for non-Christians regardless of sexual orientation.

    One thing missing: there is no comparison between conservatives/Republicans and liberals/Democrats, which is relevant since LGBT individuals are more likely to be Democrats than the general population (after all, who is going to support a political party that goes around treating you like a pariah).
    Also, the LGBT categories almost certainly include only people self-reporting as LGBT, so the opinions of closet-cases would tend to be lumped in with the general population.

    One caveat – if this was copied by the Witherspoon from Regnerus’ blog, check the blog to see what he actually said in full, as editors sometimes shorten articles for space reasons, particularly if the articles are going to be printed. Even on a web page where paper cost is not an issue, they may impose a length limit so that readers don’t get bored before seeing ads at the bottom of the page (in this case, there is a facebook ‘like’ button there, which they would obviously want readers to see).

  11. simon says

    Why it is even called “research”? Counting the number of answers to some boring questions doesn’t require any “analysis”. A lot of housewives volunteering in our neighborhood polling station can do the same.

  12. Bill says

    @Simon: what your housewives volunteering in your neighborhood polling station cannot do is to make sure that the people answering the survey are representative of the total population. Then there is the need (in a real study, not a blog article) to estimate the statistical error.

    It is not just a question of counting up the replies in each category.

  13. Bernie says

    not sure why anyone would give any bit of credibility, reliance or belief in anything Regnerus allegedly studied or research when all he really needs to do is write what the right wingers want to hear….No one with even a .0001% brain could believe the nonsense Regnerus wrote as part of a study….Everything he wrote is already part and parcel what all the right wingers already spout….A real study has to be peer reviewed and able to be duplicated…Regnerus could never pass any type of real peer review or anyone legimacy in duplicating his so called study!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  14. Other Questions says

    Regnerus belies his hand with his narrowly-focused,sex-obsessed) questions, to the exclusion of other sex-related/morality questions.

    1) Do you believe in divorce?
    2) Do you believe in divorce if one partner has been unfaithul?
    3) Do you believe in divorce if one partner has been in a persistent vegetative state for 20 years? Or is the partner left behind supposed to be celibate?
    4)Do you believe it is “OK” for the partner of a person in a persistent vegetative state to seek a divorce?
    5)Do you believe it is “OK” for a husband to seek sexual intercourse outside a marriage when a wife is physically incapable of performing sexually, and gives her blessing to her husband to seek the services of a sexual surrogate?
    6)Do you believe that unmarried handicapped persons should remain celibate?
    7)Do you believe that it is “OK” for handicapped persons to seek sexual surrogacy?
    8)Do you believe masturbation is wrong when a person is alone?
    9) Do you believe masturbation is wrong in the presence of another person, as long as there is no contact between the two?
    10) Do you believe oral sex is wrong?
    11) Do you believe oral sex is wrong between a married couple?
    12) Do you believe non-procreative sex is wrong between two married persons?
    13) Do you believe anal sex is wrong between a married couple?
    14) Do you believe that it is “OK” for the brother of a sterile man to provide semen for his sister-in-law so that they married couple may conceive?
    15) Do you belive that it is “OK” for a person to remain unmarried?
    16) Do you believe that an unmarried person should remain celibate for life?
    17) Do you believe that remarriage after divorce is the same as “infidelity”?
    18) Do you believe that single parents should be allowed to keep their children?
    19) Do you believe that single parents should be allowed to remain unmarried?
    20) Do you believe that pre-marital sex should be illegal?
    21) Do you believe that extra-marital sex should be illegal?

    Questions such as these, which Regnerus deliberately avoids, would almost certainly show greater agreement between ALL groups, Christian and non-Christian, SSM-supporters and SSM-opponents, thereby exposing the hypocrisy and falsity of Regnerus’ original research premise.

  15. Still Other Questions says

    Given a weak national economy, high unemployment, and high levels of under-employment, it is immoral for three (or more) unrelated persons to pool resources and form a household?

    Should governments intervene in “roommate situations” to ensure that no sexual relations are occuring between unmarried roommates?

    Is it immoral for two (or more) unmarried persons to shower at the same time?

    Is it immoral for two (or more) unmarried persons to occupy a bathroom simultaneously?

    Is it immoral for two (or more) unmarried persons to share a bedroom and/or a bed?

    Is it immoral for unmarried persons to see one another naked?

  16. Markt says

    Pretty well done smear campaign. I’m sure the results are more or less accurate. As an LBGT non-Christian I am pretty close to his results. And I predict similar results for those I know in that category. Looking through the categories based on personal knowledge, I would say the results look accurate.
    It’s just shocking to see my opinions in print that way. Why can’t 3 or more adults form a family unit if that works for them? Etc.

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