Michael Sam Bails Out Fan Who Placed A Major Losing Bet

Michael Sam

Last Saturday during a game between the Rams and the Browns, a fan who goes by the Twitter handle "Fisher King" made a bold proclamation:

Well…guess what happened. Realizing his mouth had written a check he couldn't cash, King floundered for a bit until Sam caught wind of the bet and suggested that King donate the money he would have spent intoxicating the globe to the charity of his choice: The Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater St. Louis, who have now received a nice $500 bump to their funding.


  1. Alex Parrish says

    Michael Sam showed a great deal of class with his response as did Fisher King. Both gentlemen deserve recognition for their sense of humor and respect.

  2. Elliott says

    I’m happy to see positive attention being paid to Sam; it only translates to more fans and support for the team, and then more $. If that’s what it takes for the NFL to realize that gays are good for business, I’m ok itch that.