Orlando Bans Anti-Trans Discrimination

Orlando City Council

This is some wonderful news, especially out of a place as unexpected as Florida. The Orlando City Council gave its final approval this past Monday to ban discrimination against transfolk, thus placing gender identity in the realm of protected classes alongside race, religion, and orientation. The ban means that someone who identifies as trans may not be denied employment or promotions, public accommodations, service, or prevented from buying or renting a home because of their gender identity. The ordinance was unanimously approved and about ten supporters showed up to speak in favor of the ordinance, while – shockingly (again, this is Florida) – no one spoke up in dissent. Said Mayor Buddy Dyer:

We've gotten to the point where we can do — with very little controversy — things we ought to be doing, so I'm very proud of that.


  1. Jaqcue says

    I think this was done the right way. Legislation dealing with gender identity needs to be considered and voted upon on its own merits, not as part of a cramdown package with gay civil rights. If it has merit, it will pass. If it doesn’t, it won’t. But trans activists need to stop holding us hostage to get what they want.

  2. MaryM says

    Good news.

    And great that it was not lumped in with sexual orientation.

    LGB issues and T issues are not the same and it does not serve LGB interests to have T issues hijacking our civil rights movement.

    LGBT is over.

  3. Tyler says

    I should have guessed that Rick would post as me on a Trans-related story.

    Rick, this site’s most transphobic troll, is so obvious and transparent that even when he impersonates others its so obviously him posting.

    But the DrDonna knows me better than that.

  4. Thedrdonna says

    Oh, I know, Tyler, I know. Actually, it’s somewhat gratifying when all the troll(s) pile on, because it means I struck a nerve and they can’t rebut my comments with actual logic.

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