Religious Leaders in Liberia Claim Ebola Outbreak is God’s Punishment for ‘Penetrating Homosexualism’

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 2.25.39 PMMore than 100 Christian religious leaders in the west Africa country of Liberia have signed on to a resolution blaming gays for the recent Ebola outbreak in the region.

The resolution, signed by prominent church leaders including Catholic Archbishop Lewis J. Zeigler, stated

That God is angry with Liberia, and that Ebola is a plague. Liberians have to pray and seek God's forgiveness over the corruption and immoral acts (such as homosexualism, etc.) that continue to penetrate our society. As Christians, we must repent and seek God's forgiveness.

That a three-day indoor fast and prayer across the nation be observed, commencing next Wednesday, August 6th, and concluding Friday, August 8th.

Americablog adds that this isn't the first time Zeigler tried to blame Liberia's woes on the gays. Earlier this year, Zeigler asked: "“Where are we going as Liberians if we are advocating for homosexuality? Are we not calling for curses upon ourselves? How will a man marry his fellow man, this is an abomination. These are the same things that brought down Sodom and Gomorrah.”


  1. Pierre says

    I am so glad that the Anglican Church is not the only one having to put up with the nonsense from Black African Bishops. These guys are such tribal king wanna-bees that their positions stink to high heaven of patronizing paternalistic BS in the guise of theological/ God-avenging self-righteousness. This, and their misogynistic thinking, prove that there are people living in the 21st Century who are really not alive.

  2. northalabama says

    didn’t the whole “god doesn’t hand out contagious diseases to sinners” debate play out 30 years ago? aren’t there other evils their god would could be punishing instead, like murder or genocide?

    sounds a lot like the “hurricanes are sent from god to punish sinners in coastal towns” argument to me.

  3. Derrick from Philly says

    Oh, well, the rise of the lunatics.

    Why can’t Satan or Lucifer or Sarah Palin be responsible for sh1t like Ebola? Why does it always have to be God. These religious nutcases really don’t like God.

    Nope, they don’t.

  4. Dave C. says

    Disgusting, yet following a time tested process of too many allegedly Christian religious leaders, rather than healing the injured and helping the poor and oppressed, use tragedies to further alienate the very people Jesus reached out to.

  5. Moretruth says

    CLEARLY, god punishes countries (and states) where they hate gays. Get a clue Liberia, Uganda, etc., you are cursed because you are evil sons-a-bitches. No country or US state with sames sex marriage for its people has ebola victims. A coincidence? Nope.

  6. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “I am so glad that the Anglican Church is not the only one having to put up with the nonsense from Black African Bishops.”

    Have you heard American Protestant evangelicals’ reasoning why natural disasters happen here? They often blame the growing acceptance of LGBT people.

    You’ve got your mind fixed on Africans. Why? And stop calling yourself “Pierre”. Call yourself Adolf.

  7. JackFknTwist says

    The plague was sent because of Evangelicals and Catholic bigots displeasing god.

    We’ve all seen the “God sent AIDS to punish gays” plaque cards of the Orthodox Hasidic jews ( see vids on this )and the Westborough wing nuts.

    If god was all powerful shouldn’t that have worked to destroy us ?

    Now he sends something else. It must be for another reason… guess is the Evangelicals.
    Got Ebola yet Scott Lively ?
    Are you working with the sick, Scott ?
    Or hiding out for the summer in your country retreat ?

  8. PHILIE says

    Weird how vengeful deities get so pissy over every little thing, and conveniently decide to punish those who don’t agree with them on their doctrine du jour with sickness:

    – Sex before marriage? You get the smallpox.
    – Not contributing enough to their places of worship? You get Cholera.
    – Not believing in their god blindly? you get AIDS
    – Thinking of going on the pill? You get the plague
    – Allowing Same-sex relations? You get Ebola.

    Those gods of theirs flip-flop so much in their threats they’re starting to sound like a petulant Mitt Romney!

  9. Ted says

    We ought to quarantine every single one of these religious devils in a camp in Africa, set it on fire and dance to the sound of their screams.

    Scum sucking pigs.

  10. john patrick says

    Maybe “god” is angry with these religious bigots. Or not.

    Religion can’t explain the cause and spread of Ebola, any more than religion has explained the cause and spread of AIDS. But religious leaders can help by urging people to follow the recommendations of health care professionals on how to prevent and stop the spread of the disease, and by urging compassion and care for those who contract the virus. Blaming the spread on an angry god inflicting people because of gay people is inexcusable and bigotry to the nth degree.

  11. Pat says

    Your God is lousy at his aim, he killing a lot of heterosexuals to get a few Gays.
    You’d think a God would have perfect precision aim…. or maybe he has your God doesn’t like you very much.

  12. JackFknTwist says


    The ‘god’ advocates have been condemning us forever.
    Now they are getting some push back. Everything here about ‘god’ is entertainment.
    After all there has never been any evidence of ‘god’…….just like the UFO’s.
    Actually instead of using the three letters ‘g-o-d’ you might as well use the letters UFO.
    Same difference.

  13. Gary says

    No surprise. American evangelicals will come after us for the after-effects of climate change as well. “It’s not that gas-hogging SUV I’ve been driving for decades, it’s THE GAYS!”

  14. Matt27 says

    Always blaming gays, even though their own church is full of …. Their statement is disgraceful, awful and a lie. And the worst part, they know it. They use their power and positions to attack gays and to make people look elsewhere from church’s problems. Finally, the situation there is very serious, focur on it and leave gays out of it.

  15. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “What do you expect from savage Africa which swarms in ignorance and raw sewage?”

    I guess you move to Auschwitz where the Europeans will treat you with with hospitality and kindness.

  16. Bryan L says

    Yep, it’s a VERY twisted kind of faith that makes these idiots and all the other radical, homophobic right-wingers around the world believe that the Christian/Jewish/Muslim god dishes out disease and catastrophes because their country or religion isn’t killing enough gay people. This is just friggin’ insane and evil.

  17. says

    Uh-uh. Just like AIDS was supposed to be “God’s punishment against the gays”, yet the majority of Africans suffering from it are heterosexuals. Viruses don’t specifically target people based on race, gender, sexuality, religion, or age, and pretty much infect everyone exposed to them.

  18. Steve H says

    Small minds come up with simple answers. Never bet against hate or stupid, those are proven winners for church’s and other mob-minded morons.

  19. Roman Bolliger says

    If I weren’t an atheist, I would say: Considering the degree of Evil they enact, religious leaders in Liberia (and in other similar African countries stuck in the Dark Ages) can only be the Trojan Horses of Satan.

    But, I am an atheist. So I say: Those religious leaders are real perverts, extremely wicked, machiavellic monsters and disgustingly and destructive ethical analphabets. Should Pope Francis not react harshly to such abominable hate talk, then he accepts the role of Chief Inquisitor.

  20. Derrick from Philly says

    “….leaders in Liberia (and in other similar African countries stuck in the Dark Ages”

    Roman, when you read news stories on Towleroad about Russian or Eastern European homophobia and anti-Gay violence in those countries–do they raise the same emotion in you? Do the Eastern European homophobes make you as angry as the African homophobes?

  21. Bernie says

    I hate laughing, but don’t these wing nut jobs realize that Ebola is a disease, not a punishment from god and this is the second right winger to mention gays and Ebola. Another one said that Ebola could wipe out the problem of gays in the USA. Ebola does NOT care what sexual orientation a person is… and that straight Christian folks will die from this disease too….

  22. Bernie says

    I hate laughing, but don’t these wing nut jobs realize that Ebola is a disease, not a punishment from god and this is the second right winger to mention gays and Ebola. Another one said that Ebola could wipe out the problem of gays in the USA. Ebola does NOT care what sexual orientation a person is… and that straight Christian folks will die from this disease too….

  23. james street james says

    Ebola outbreak in Africa? Clearly it is time for a Christian Anti-Gay Conference in Africa.

    They could charter their own plane: The Ebola Gay

    (What? Too subtle?)

  24. JackFknTwist says


    This is about hate speech…….the fact that it originates in Africa is coincidental… is still hate speech.

  25. Paul B. says

    African…Shmafrican…who cares. Ignorance prevails everywhere…just in some places more than others. We do seem to have an outbreak of it on the African continent lately though. Oops! 3-2-1 Derrick…you go girl…run with it.

  26. Bart says

    100 idiots sign on for non-educated nonsense.

    Even their logic is insane, since the countries where ebola have been found are antigay. Logic would assume it was their antigay stance that is causing the ebola breakout, if you buy that voodoo.

  27. Bill says

    @Derrick from Philly : the religious nuts (2000 or more years ago, they were called “prophets”) have been using the “God will punish you if anyone does something I don’t like” ploy for a good 4000 years.

    Meanwhile Satan, if he exists, is no doubt doubling up with laughter and laughing so hard that he occasionally sticks himself with his horns. The idea of “God’s self-appointed earthly representative” continually blaming their deity for all earthly disasters, while Satan merely gets blamed when people have too much fun, must be truly hilarious and the cause of much laughter between God and Satan whenever they get together at the Heavenly Watering Hole for a beer.

  28. Bill says

    If you actually read what they are saying, it kind of makes sense in a very twisted sort of way: they want everyone to say home for three days of fasting and prayer. It’s basically a country-wide quarantine. The idea (whether 3 days is a useful duration is a separate question) is for everyone to stay home long enough for everyone who is infected or staying with someone who is infected to get sick and die. Then the survivors can claim that “God saved them for being devout and praying so hard” while the people who died (and who consequently can’t say anything in response) were obviously unrepentant sinners.

    What a scam! This was probably the best anyone could do 2000 years ago when medical care was more or less non-existent by current standards, but today? Give us a break!

  29. Douglas says

    so his God is a vengeful God. Then why isn’t ebola strking nations where gays have full equality? Seems He is a bit off target only sending ebola to nations where gays are already under attack and have no rights or visibility.

  30. Belial says


    The west African country of Liberia is to blame for the recent Ebola outbreak in the region.

    What happens when you don’t use science?

    Hey Liberia, I have a suggestion. Why don’t you abandon the use of antiseptics, they way the religious did in the dark ages, and then blame infections that kill people on gays too?!

    Rather than engage in preventative measures, or use science to address a problem once it has already manifest, focus your attention on god and religious bigotry instead; that’ll save you… Scapegoating gays is SURE to solve your Ebola problem… You’re not wasting time and lives on stupidity or anything… It’s not like scapegoating gays could harm heterosexual in any way – not that’s impossible. Str8 people don’t get Ebola, and the ones that do only need to blame gays for god to cure them…

    F*** Africa. Bunch of savages. (For the racially sensitive, yes that goes for the homophobic world too. I fully support diseases for anti-gay Arabs, and anti-gay Russians, and anti-gay…)

  31. says

    Hmm, I wonder if the Archbishop and pothers could give us all a list as to what sin causes which disease?
    For example, is idolatry punished by Leukemia or MS? What about taking God’s name in vain, does that cause an epidemic of mouth cancer? Does heterosexual adultery lead to an epidemic of uterine or testicular cancer?
    GET REAL GIRL, EBOLA IS A VIRUS, not a punishment for something on the catalog of sins and their resultant diseases!~ Time to return to the 21st Century Your Ignorance! ( I could hardly say Your Eminence, unless it means you are eminently IGNORANT! How you ever even got ordained is beyond me!

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