Rick Scarborough: U.S. Should Be Obliterated Because Of Gay Ambassadors – VIDEO

Rick Scarborough, the founder of homophobic Christian organization Vision America, has said that it is a miracle that god has not destroyed the U.S. since President Barack Obama started appointing gay ambassadors

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Rick Scarborough, the homophobic Vision America founder and pastor whom even the Tea Party has had to distance itself from, has said that it is a miracle that god has not destroyed the U.S. since President Barack Obama started appointing gay ambassadors, reports Right Wing Watch.

In the newly released video, wingnut Scarborough says that it would be “perfectly just” for god to destroy the U.S. “because we have squandered our grace in this country.”

Agreeing with Islamic fundamentalists who call the U.S. the “Great Satan,” the homophobic pastor demonstrates just how dreadful the U.S. has become by pointing out that foreign U.S. embassies celebrate Pride as well as the appointment of several gay ambassadors by President Obama.

In lighter, related news: last weekend, Daniel Baer, U.S. Ambassador to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, married his partner Brian Walsh in Vienna.

Watch Scarborough spew his hate, AFTER THE JUMP


  1. Dastius Krazitauc says

    For Christians, who believe in an all-knowing, all-powerful, perfect God, isn’t ANYTHING attributed to him “perfectly just”?

  2. Will says

    If the US is so awful for him leave the country and don’t look back or you’ll turn to salt…or how ever that played out in his fairy tale book

  3. kdknyc says

    I won’t poison my eyes and ears watching this.

    His “god” is such a dysfunctional being.

  4. ToThePoint says

    He should stay. After all, what is he worried about? He is a perfectly pure christian so when the world is destroyed, he will be in his own little heaven and blissfully happy. I would think these end-of-times fear-mongers would just be happy to STFU and let god take care of them while they are laughing their way to heaven and all us sinners will be doomed to hell! Mother Nature, help us all!

  5. john patrick says

    If I recall correctly, Bill Clinton appointed an openly gay ambassador. This guy’s god is a monster. Makes one wonder what is really going on in Scarborough’s mind – what desires he might be fighting so hard to erase.

  6. Chuck Mielke says

    First, I’m amused that his ire is directed at “open and avowed” homosexuals, like it would be alright for secret homosexuals to be appointed — as many Presidents, kings, and commissars have done in the past. We just don’t want them to be open and honest, so that their “secret” can’t be used against them. (As if that is the only exploitable secret one could have.)

    Second, his coding is quite transparent: he’s actively encouraging domestic terrorists to use whatever means they can find “to make the nation right with god.” This man is a traitor and an ally of domestic terrorists for saying that “god would be perfectly justified” if the terrible events he talks of should come to pass. Of course, he’s said it in such a bland, general way that he can effectively deny his blame when the next act of domestic terrorism happens. Now, any nut who thinks s/he “does god’s will” may feel emboldened to do something really crazy.

  7. Princess Lardass says

    This guy appeared on the Daily Show and was interviewed by Jason Jones. He said he would “never turn his back on a gay.” As if ANY self-respecting gay guy would mount this ugly motherf*cker.

  8. Rob says

    If he were any religion other than christian, he would be considered by more than me as a fundamentalist terrorist.

  9. JJ says

    “it is a miracle that god has not destroyed the U.S.”

    F*ckⅰng God! He acts like He doesn’t exist. WTF??

  10. Bernie says

    I’m not sure which god Mr. Scarborough was talking about, but the god I believe in and pray to is a loving one… Maybe, Mr. Scarborough needs to find the loving god I have….I can give him the phone number or website if he wants it!

  11. says

    translation: The holocaust was no big deal, neither was the US legacy of racial segregation nor it’s shameful history of slavery.

    God didn’t mind any of those things. Because God hates gays marrying more than God hated the extermination of Jews and people being kidnapped from africa and sold into violently abusive slavery. for centuries.

  12. Robert M. says

    This man should be arrested for inciting treason against the United States of America…

  13. Bill says

    It would really be ironic if a suitably sized meteor lands on this guy’s house and obliterates it with him inside.

  14. Bill says

    It’s rather funny that he thinks “the Arab world” (it is actually Iran, which is not an arab state) called us “The Great Satan” over gay rights when Iran first started using that term on November 5, 1979. About 2 percent of Iran’s population is Arab. Over 60% is Persian.