Right Wing Blowhard Coach Dave Says Homosexuality is the ‘Most Dangerous Lifestyle in America Today’ – VIDEO


Coach Dave Daubenmire, who made headlines in the 90s and was sued by the ACLU for mixing prayers with his football coaching, used a portion of his web broadcast today to rail against the "real science deniers" out there – liberals.

Right Wing Watch reports:

"The most dangerous lifestyle in America today is homosexual behavior. Why are we not talking about that? Why do the science deniers deny the medical consequences of what homosexual acts do, not only to the person, but to the amount of money it costs all of society. How many people would be alive today if the AIDS virus was identified as to what it was and to what the causes were back at the very beginning? They're science deniers."

You know for a guy who is so "sick and tired of being sodomized by the left," he sure does seem to bring up gay sex quite a bit…




  1. woodroad34 says

    You know, Sarah Palin must get awfully tired with all these web posts she does…first she does it as herself and looks like she’s had a stroke and then she rushes to her dressing room to change into her “Coach Dave” persona to do it all over again. I guess the voices in her head just propel her.

  2. Nick says

    Coach Dave needs to STFU and take care of his own house before he can even begin to give his Christianist-based fairy tale advice to the unwashed–tell us Dave -how is your son bearing up after he was convicted of those internet kiddie porn violations?
    You are a hateful, hypocritical, delusional fool.

  3. ben in oakland says

    The entire world should be on it’s knees thanking Whomever that AIDS hit the gay community first, where it could be recognized. Otherwise, it might have spread for the past 30 years, completely unrecognized, as it did for the 30 years before it was discovered.

    Of course, there are ignorant people who are thanking Whomever for just that, without even beginning to understand the consequences.

  4. crispy says

    “How many people would be alive today if the AIDS virus was identified as to what it was and to what the causes were back at the very beginning? ”

    Uh, none of them.

  5. Bill says

    @Daniel Berry : maybe they are all so fat because you have to stuff your face continually to put out as much you know what as they do (I’d say what that is but it might get filtered).

  6. says

    I dunno. My lovers and my partners over the years created a bond that has not been broken. Love, trust, respect, reciprocity.

    Coach Dave, of course, focuses on “the gays” so he can avoid talking to his convicted child-predator son. But don’t worry, his son only preyed on pre-adolescent females. So it wasn’t “gay” or anything.

  7. AggieCowboy says

    “How many people would be alive today if the AIDS virus was identified as to what it was and to what the causes were back at the very beginning?”

    You can thank Ronald Reagan, patron saint of the GOP/Fundies, for that. If he and the GOP hadn’t turned their backs and ignored the victims of “gay cancer”, we would be a decade or more ahead of where we are now instead of having to scramble to catch up. So, no “Coach” Dave, don’t you dare lay that travesty of injustice at the feet of liberals who were the ONLY ones fighting to get the funding for research to find a treatment and cure for HIV/AIDS.

  8. Bill says

    @AggieCowboy : fortunately, we are not a decade behind in spite of Reagan (he only started to get concerned when he found out that it affected people he knew from working in the movie industry).

    The reason is that there have been significant technical advancements so that what would previously takes months or a year can be done in a few days. Check out the following graph for the cost of gene sequencing to see why:
    http://www.genome.gov/images/content/cost_per_megabase2.jpg and the following paper to see why low-cost gene sequencing is important:

  9. Disgusted American says

    …and I have NO Doubt what-so-ever that this man has a well hidden strategicaly placed GAY PORN COLLECTION he uses to “Rub one OUT” with…….seriously a “supposed” straight man OBSESSED with Gay sex??? Really???

  10. anon says

    There are many, many cranks on YouTube, so why is this guy getting any attention? Just look up conspiracy theory videos and you’ll get several thousand hits there.

  11. Taminy says

    Some aspects do need to be talked about though: particular problems with anal sex, HIV, and promiscuity. These do occur among heterosexuals, but they occur more among gays. We have to acknowledge this.

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