Robert Oscar Lopez: Same-Sex Marriage Is ‘A Tidal Wave’ Sweeping Up Children – VIDEO

In a July speech to the Stanford Anscombe Society, anti-gay activist and “ex-gay” Robert Oscar Lopez said that he cannot support same-sex marriage because it has become a “tidal wave” that has “swept up children.”

Robert Oscar Lopez

In a July speech to the Stanford Anscombe Society, anti-gay activist and "ex-gay" Robert Oscar Lopez said that he cannot support same-sex marriage because it has become a “tidal wave” that has “swept up children,” reports Right Wing Watch.

The Stanford Anscombe Society aims “to help university students and young adults to promote the values of marriage, family, and sexual integrity to the broader popular culture” and “defines marriage as a union, until death, between one man and one woman.”

Lopez said that although he once supported same-sex marriage, many people “have chosen to yoke gay marriage and gay parenting together” which forced him into the opposing camp “because it ultimately means that in order to protect the sexual relationship between two adults, you have to shatter the relationship between a child and either his father or his mother.”

Lopez also attacked what he called “a very powerful gay lobby that has a lot of money” which works to “erase” the realities of life for LGBT people, including high rates of domestic violence in same-sex relationships,”rampant problems with depression, anxiety, eating disorders” and “the fact that HIV infection rate recently went up among boys 13 to 19.”



  1. Brian G says

    Wait ….
    many people “have chosen to yoke gay marriage and gay parenting together”

    remind me which side is trying to push the marriage = having children correlation again?

  2. VenusNo.17 says

    Lopez is willfully ignorant.

    “marriage, family, and sexual integrity” includes gays.

    It’s the anti-gay lobby that has a lot of money and power. It’s so bizarre how anti-gay Christians imagine themselves as a ‘David’ against an LGBT ‘Goliath’.

    Gays aren’t trying to hide anything – Lopez points to the effects of prejudice in victims and then blames them for it. Repulsive.

  3. johnny says

    It would be interesting to see actual stats on the number of people who are same-sex married vs. the number who are same-sex married and actually want or have children.

    I have a suspicion the data would not hardly support his supposition.

    Oh, and he’s an idiot.

  4. Bart says

    What it must be like to be this self-loathing. Like all creepy self-haters, he doesn’t let facts get in the way of his squishy logic. Poor guy.

    This is the type of person I tell my two boys to stay away from. He’s a phone camera click away from being exposed.

  5. woodroad34 says

    What @Johnny said. These people spout opinions, emotional detritus and blatant “un-facts”; if they actually had to accompany facts to their statements their sound bytes would disappear. And I doubt if anyone uses the first Amendment to hide behind more than these acrid bags of air; the first amendment seems to have become the second religion.

  6. janice says

    He actually said that gay relationships lead to eating disorders! Ummm… hello Obesity. I guess he’s been in a pretty gay relationship based on his obvious eating disorder.

  7. Paul B. says

    Oh well…the Asian guy that came in around the 13:20 mark has such a great speaking voice…don’t you all think? I could listen to him on talk radio all day. As for the chubby intellectual wanna-be…good brain but severely damaged. Pray for his recovery.

  8. TheOtherOne says

    His recent interview with fellow unpleasant person Michelle Shocked was bizarre. They agreed that gay men who protest homophobia are actually straight men pretending to be gay. *sound of cuckoo clock*

  9. Johnnybegood says

    I’m sorry to have to ask but was this porker using the all too familiar “lesbian eviction defense” as an excuse for his bad behavior or eating disorder…or both? He sure does like to hear himself monologue…and although he occasionally sounds intelligent…it quickly evaporates into misty mindless drivel. Next contestant please.

  10. Bernie says

    As a clinical social worker, it is my professional opinion that Mr. Lopez is severely mentally ill, which adds to inability to make rational, logical or sensible statements about gay people…I don’t know where these wing nut jobs get the idea about children being “swept” up in a tidal wave…what does that even mean? Is he saying that gays are pedophiles??!!? and further states “shattering” the relationship between children and their mother and father…..again implying that gays are pedophiles………….and again talking about gay male teens with high rates of HIV…………..Mr. Lopez has no clue to what he speaks of………….

  11. Randy says

    This guy’s PhD is in English! LOL

    While it is necessary to have an LGBT movement based in liberty, there’s no reason to ignore the equality aspect of it.

    Children aren’t interested in their parents’ genitalia, Robert. Why do you have to sexualize everything?

  12. SoLeftImRight says

    What is this guy even talking about?

    “in order to protect the sexual relationship between two adults, you have to shatter the relationship between a child and either his father or his mother.”

    Huh? That doesn’t even make any sense.

  13. Johnnybegood says

    So I did a little search on this thing called the Anscombe Society. Never heard of it before.
    What can I say…the evil spawn of Fox “news”. They’re all there…all our regular guests from Fox…and then some.
    I guess it’s good to learn something new every day…and I did. Now…put it away in a little box and torch it.

  14. says

    at what point did “can’t get laid” turn into “ex-gay”?

    pardon the flippancy but nothing the man said is worthy of my thought process.

    newsflash – a culture that embraces same-sex marriage is the very culture that would have loved you. stop being angry that gays are marrying and you had to pretend to be “ex-gay” to win back the tolerance of your crap family.

  15. Tarc says

    Well, the propagandists can blather whatever they like (cause that’s all the every do – lie), but the SCIENCE says that every species has relatively static percentages of the sexual orientation spectrum. Just because the Christian bigots have lost their horrid stranglehold on the media doesn’t mean that there are more gays… it just means the rest of us are winning the visibility war.

  16. emjayay says

    Ugh. Revoke his Phd. Why are all the questioners so sincere and naïve? Why would anyone want to ask this guy who apparently read a couple of queer theory books long after the period they were written and pulled some ideas out of context and flipped them around to make himself sound smart. Probably how he got the Phd.

    When he said it’s between them and god and we are all sinners he revealed what he is all about. Some kind of twisted fundie Christianity trying to reject his parents while staying virtuous, or something. If his lesbian parents story is even true. Sick puppy, and all these people are taking him seriously.

  17. Robert M. says

    There’s an old saying, “never let the facts get in the way of a good story.” I believe it was said about William Randalph Hearst but it certainly appies in this case. Why use actual facts when you can make things up to support your lies…

  18. Paul B. says

    @EM…it’s a group of wackos from the Anscombe Society. They’re listening to him because they already believe in what he has to say and want affirmation. It’s like you and me going to a pride parade looking for affirmation…it’s there honey! Can you say “speaking to the choir”?

  19. Just_a_guy says

    Wow, I’m disgusted as much by the bottom-feeding sycophants in the audience as the crazed anti-gay blatherer hiding behind his irrelevant phd.

    Never mind for a moment Lopez’s absurd statements about children.

    Lopez also critiques gay marriage as if it is already mainstream and is expected to solve every variety of problem. And that because all such problems are not solved yet, the very humanity of gay people should be in question. These exact sort of arguments were used against black people after the slaves were freed, and then after the most basic of civil rights act in the 60s.

    Entrenched bias against minorities has consequences that are difficult to uproot. But Lopez doesn’t seem interested in uprooting such bias; instead he makes a living by excusing bias on gays.

    This “Dr.” Lopez = house f*ggot.

    The Lopez dude here is bankrupt of genuine fact-based ideas.

  20. Jack M says

    God forbid that children would grow up to be at ease with their sexuality, no matter what that was, and perish the thought they would be open minded. Nobody is born a bigot or a homophobe.

  21. John Normile says

    hmmmm. I’ll bet lots of immigrants get the same sort of hate speech attacks… remember their struggle Lopez……You don’t deserve to be called DR.

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