Robin Williams Fans Show Their Love At ‘Good Will Hunting’ Bench: VIDEO


Robin Williams fans are still reeling over the actor's unexpected passing. Many have left their regards and flowers at the actor's star on the Hollywood walk of fame. Others have turned to places from films Williams starred in.

Some of the most touching of these displays have been in the Boston Public Garden, which was the site of the famous bench scene in Good Will Hunting, the movie for which Williams won his Oscar. Many have written quotes from the film around the garden, and some, controversially, have left beer bottles as a nod to Williams' struggle with alcohol.

Check out pictures of the Boston fan tribute at Mashable, and check out the park bench scene from Good Will Hunting, AFTER THE JUMP…




  1. Tyler says

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  2. Tyler says

    Oh Rick, you could never anger me. Anger is reserved for people of worth. You’d have to start being a human being for me to even consider being angry with you. But troll on, troll (though your skills are dwindling).

  3. SwingSet says

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  4. says

    I saw a picture on facebook yesterday; it simply contained the words: “Genie, you’re free. 8-11-14″

    None of the tributes hit me in the gut like that one. His work really did touch the hearts of all ages, like very few others I can think of. Rest in peace Robin.

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