Leading Texas Anti-Gay Activist’s Wife Left Him for a Woman, Documents Reveal


Jonathan Saenz, a virulently anti-gay activist and President of conservative group Texas Values, was divorced in August 2011. Court records recently uncovered by Texas blog Lone Star Q indicate that Saenz' wife left him for another woman just months before he joined that organization:

The revelation could help explain Saenz’s seemingly abrupt transformation from socially conservative lobbyist to homophobic firebrand.

Saenz, a devout Catholic, has been a right-wing operative in Texas for many years — working on abortion and religious liberty cases as a staff attorney for the Plano-based Liberty Legal Institute as far back as 2005.

However, it wasn’t until recently that Saenz emerged as one of the state’s best-known — and most extreme — anti-LGBT voices.

Court records indicate that Saenz’s ex-wife, Corrine Morris Rodriguez Saenz, is a member of the LGBT community who was dating another woman when she filed for divorce from Saenz in August 2011.

In early 2012, with their divorce still pending, Saenz would take the helm of Texas Values after the organization spun off from the Liberty Legal Institute, where he’d risen to chief lobbyist.

With Saenz as president, Texas Values has led the charge against not only same-sex marriage, but also passage of LGBT-inclusive nondiscrimination ordinances in San Antonio and Houston.

Right Wing Watch this week posted video of Saenz speaking at a Texas Values press conference, warning that gays would "obliterate" religious freedom. Added Saenz:

“You will see more attacks on churches than you are already seeing right now and they have already started, because that is the goal to a lot of people, it is not simply to change the definition of marriage but essentially to destroy it and to have a type of sexual behavior being recognized and protected in law that will be to the detriment of our society and to churches across our country.”



  1. TBD says

    so instead of advocating for same-sex marriage, making what happened to him not happen to others, he goes the opposite direction hoping to make more gays marry straights resulting in more divorce and more broken hearts.


  2. Philie says

    Oh sweet irony of life! From his wife being a lesbian, and assuming her identity finally freeing herself from such a “righteous” man, to the “type of sexual acts… that would destroy society and church.”

    Neener neener, you’re a whiner and a lesbianator.

  3. mike/ says

    he is also hiding his own personal demons. he believes his ex-wife has medical records on him showing his past mental health problems and tried to get them away from her. makes you wonder what he is really hiding…

  4. Tyler says

    Rick (Rochon) would know all about gays hating other gays. He hates gay men the most despite the fact that he is one (albeit a closeted one).

    Rick, you’re posting as Rochon on nearly ever post this morning. I guess you woke up early. Can you even tell it’s morning when there are no windows in your mother’s basement? Has her corpse started to smell yet?

  5. Plain Gold Band says

    Wait…that can’t be a wedding ring he’s wearing. But I didn’t know that there was such a thing as an “I-got-dumped-and-divorced- by-a-lesbian” ring.

    Sure enough, he has that typical closeted Texas gay Latino boy accent and intonation, complete with the hand gestures. I’ve seen it literally thousands of times. That closet sure can distort a person’s character and psyche.

    And let’s not even go into the drooping bags of estrogen residue standing on either side of him.

  6. james street james says

    You’d think he would be too embarrassed to come out in public with everyone knowing his ex-wife wouldn’t play ball, or play with his balls, not even pretend to like playing with his balls. She’s playing for the other team with no balls at all. None. Not a one.

  7. Randy says

    “You will see more attacks on churches than you are already seeing right now”

    To be clear, nobody (other than a handful of criminals) is attacking churches.

    However, yes, it is a long-term goal of many rational people (most of them not even LGBT) to see religion, and Christianity in particular, reduced to a minority.

  8. Bernie says

    Can anyone imagine being married to Mr. Sanez, the President of Texas Values?????!! By the way, I am laughing at the craziness and hypocrisy of this because his poor wife just didn’t pray hard enough to be straight!! ! ! !

  9. says

    “attacks on churches”? WHA?

    Please show us proof of where and when these churches were looted and burned down by roving gangs of homosexuals. I’ll wait.