Spanish Senator Blames Gays For €1 Trillion National Debt

Luz Elena Sanin

Luz Elena Sanin proves that the U.S. has no monopoly on hyperbolic wingnuttery in politics. During a discussion of Spain's national debt, the senator from Ceuta blamed the previous prime minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero for racking up over €1 trillion with "favors" to the gay community

Sanin didn't elaborate on what, precisely, those favors were, just that the government had been subsidizing homosexuals. Normally this is where the party would circle the wagons and double-down to defend the outrageous statements made by one of their own, but unlike the GOP Sanin's conservative Popular Party wasted no time in distancing themselves from her toxic remarks. MP Francisco Marquez, a Popular Party congressional representative from Ceuta, said Sanin's words in no way reflect the positions of the Popular Party.


  1. JMC says

    lmfao why would she pull such an absurd number out of her ass? she could have gotten some people to believe her lies if she picked something less insane

  2. Jim in MN says

    This is pretty old news in Spain. Sanin is, pretty much, the Sally Kern/MIchelle Bachmann/Sarah Palin/Stepford Person of Spain. Inflammatory, indefensibly crazy. This is one of those situations where a politician who only cares about their own bottom line throws out EVERYTHING they can think of hoping that some of it sticks. Economy is a MAJOR issue in Spain, so its “blame the gays”. Why? because we are a minority vote.

  3. JimmyD says

    This is the problem:She NEEDS to explain herself. She needs to be called out. The media needs to address her with: You make this claim. Please back it up with facts and documentation.
    This needs to happen whenever anyone makes ridiculous claims.

  4. woody says

    yeah, all the british couples who traveled to spain to gay marry when spain passed marriage equality were really bad for the spanish econony. and all those gay tourist euros spent in barcelona and ibiza and playa de ingles are terrible for spain’s pocketbook.

  5. petey says

    Most women oppose male homosexuality in the mainstream because it interferes with their ability to market themselves to men.

    Women see male homosexuality as a threat to female power.

  6. says

    Usual right-wing garbage tactics – “I’m going to accuse someone of something bad, despite not having any evidence whatsoever. If I’m called out on it, I’ll just double down on the derp and insist that it’s true simply because I FEEL that it’s true”.

  7. SoFla says

    She’s from Ceuta, an exclave hanging off the African continent, with a population of 80,000. They fish and smuggle. And get fantastic tax breaks from Madrid. Even so, the responsible politician from her own party who slapped her down is the governor of Ceuta. Why would anybody give her the time of day?

  8. andrew says

    The conservative party in Spain unlike the Republican Party in the USA doesn’t have all those bible thumping fundamentalist Protestants to keep happy.

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