Stacey Campfield, Tennessee Lawmaker Behind ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill, Defeated in Reelection Bid


Stacey Campfield, the virulently anti-gay Tennessee state senator who authored the "Don't Say Gay" bill forbidding discussion of homosexuality in schools, has been defeated in his bid for a second term. 

The Tennessean reports:

Campfield, a mainstay at the legislature since being elected to the House in 2004, finished with 5,824 votes, just 28 percent of the overall vote, compared to 13,977 votes, 67 percent, for Richard Briggs, a Knox County commissioner. […]

Memorable comments and moments included: unsuccessfully attempting to join the Tennessee legislature's Black Caucus; blaming AIDS on a gay airline pilot having sex with monkeys and saying the disease is "virtually impossible" to contract during heterosexual intercourse; and, most recently, posting on his blog that "Democrats bragging about the number of mandatory sign ups for Obamacare is like Germans bragging about the number of mandatory sign ups for 'train rides' for Jews in the 40s."


  1. The Milkman says

    Bye Felicia.

    I’m sure you and Parker Posey can still get a job at the DQ. There’ll always be a place for y’all at the DQ.

  2. AdamTh says

    Okay….. Is the other guy any better than Campfield? Hard to imagine, but he might be even crazier.

  3. stranded says

    @ADAMTH: He lost the primary because apparently he wasn’t conservative enough. Out with the old extremist, in with the even more extreme extremist.

  4. Tyler says

    I guess he’ll be left alone with his gay thoughts now. That should be a fun time for him. It’s so easy to deny your urges when you’ve dedicated all your time to vilifying the very say community you’re secretly a part of.

  5. bkmn says

    I’m sure Stacey never says gay when he is out at the truck stop on Saturday nights. Kinda DADT.

  6. Jerry says

    I dunno, looking at Briggs’s candidate page, it doesn’t seem like he’s that much different ideologically.

  7. says

    thank heavens. he’s a really dangerous man, espousing the very ideologies that, truly, are the only thing that makes life difficult for LGBT people.

    people like him lower the nation discourse. disagree with his inherently bigoted, prejudiced, ignorant and steeped-in-baseless-animus stances and you get dismissed as “being intolerant of a different belief/opinion” – which is smokescreen bulls**t.

    the problem is that his stances and beliefs only hurt LGBT people, and indeed straight people. think homophobia can’t make a straight person’s life worse? Ask rick warren how it feels burying a son rather than seeing him Come Out. on second though, don’t. Warren would likely say “it’s a relief!”