‘Superman’ Henry Cavill Takes The Ice Bucket Challenge In His Skintight Suit: VIDEO


Superman stars Henry Cavill and Amy Adams have both joined the chorus of celebrities taking the ALS ice bucket challenge. However, it was the Man of Steel himself who took the challenge to new heights of frigidity (and some might say water waste). 

Watch Cavill get wet–really wet–AFTER THE JUMP…


ALS Ice Bucket Challenge – Amy Adams & Henry Cavill from Cruel Films on Vimeo.


  1. JMC says

    i would gladly endure all that ice water if i could sit on henry’s lap for the duration!

    and pablo lol c’mon please don’t be that guy who feels the need to let everybody know he’s a special snowflake

  2. Critifur says

    @Pable -= if you think that is a steroid body, than you have never seen a steroid body. My guess is that is body is natural, augmented pretty clearly, by costume padding. It wasn’t his padding I am into. I have seen his natural & worked out bodies in various projects. He is just smoking no matter what. That face!

    If you mean lusting after healthy fit bodies as opposed to slothy, layered bodies, then you are barking up the wrong tree. People are generally programmed to be attracted to the fittest, healthiest looking mate. This mate is fit looking.

  3. JMC says

    lol critifur all the marvel and dc boys use steroids to beef up for their roles, don’t be naive

  4. BDN says

    Can we please stop with the ridiculous water-wasting concern trolling, please? God knows we waste water in the U.S. in countless stupid ways, but the “look at me” counter-meme — raising millions and awareness for a good cause is, sniff, so wasteful because people are pouring a bucket or tub of ice water on their heads — is just dumb (and a drop in the bucket compared to truly idiotic and wasteful ideas like golf courses in the desert). Enough. Plus, it’s encouraging to see celebrities actually using their status for something good. And yes, Henry Cavill is very easy on the eyes.

  5. TimF says

    Pablo, we all have our fetishes, and my steroid fetish is just as valid as someone else’s fetish. (but I believe the best way to attract a type is to also be that type.)

    Critifur, sorry, most every buffed actor, most every fitness model in the magazines, most every lean muscular guy a few years past adolescences has used performance enhancing drugs such as steroids.

  6. gr8guya says

    i assume that some portion of his body is due to padding in the suit.
    The biceps are so huge and his abs are so cut, they can’t be real.

  7. Cd in DC says

    she showed more personality in this clip than she does in her movies and no, i’m not talking about Henry.

  8. Derek says

    The suit is painted to highlight his musculature and is just one of several suits he wears. I am assuming this is a fight scene suit. But…his body is still amazing and due to hard work, proper diet and rest.

    Henry is beautiful and I cannot wait for Dawn of Justice and seeing some/most members of the Justice League on the big screen.

  9. pablo says

    lol come up with a real response instead of the middle school girl “you’re just jealous” routine. I am healthy and fit, but I recognize the difference between that and obvious steroid usage. That isn’t healthy. Screeching that only jealous queens would point that out is just silly and lazy.

  10. michguy says

    Besides, where this was shot in Michigan… we have lots and lots of fresh water, even with the City of Detroit’s water woes.