Tallmadge, Ohio Holds Its First Gay Rodeo: VIDEO


Ohio Wranglers fans, rejoice, because Tallmadge has just given you another reason to slip into your skintight denim. This year the Summit County Fairgrounds played host to their first-ever gay rodeo, and what’s more it was a hit. There were a handful of unorthodox events, such as men trying to put underwear on a goat, but most of the amateur competitions were rodeo standards and taken seriously. Surprisingly, while the competitors were largely gay, nearly 20% were actually straight, and they were bringing their families to see the show, to boot. No small amount of the spectators were straight as well, something that one simply wouldn’t expect in such a conservative part of the state. It’s a harbinger of good things to come, so here’s hoping Tallmadge’s gay rodeo grows in both size and renown.

You can watch a video of the story – and get an eyeful of participant Red Hodeo – AFTER THE JUMP…