Tallmadge, Ohio Holds Its First Gay Rodeo: VIDEO


Ohio Wranglers fans, rejoice, because Tallmadge has just given you another reason to slip into your skintight denim. This year the Summit County Fairgrounds played host to their first-ever gay rodeo, and what’s more it was a hit. There were a handful of unorthodox events, such as men trying to put underwear on a goat, but most of the amateur competitions were rodeo standards and taken seriously. Surprisingly, while the competitors were largely gay, nearly 20% were actually straight, and they were bringing their families to see the show, to boot. No small amount of the spectators were straight as well, something that one simply wouldn’t expect in such a conservative part of the state. It’s a harbinger of good things to come, so here’s hoping Tallmadge’s gay rodeo grows in both size and renown.

You can watch a video of the story – and get an eyeful of participant Red Hodeo – AFTER THE JUMP…



  1. John says

    Thanks for covering this. There are many gay rodeos around the country every year, but this was a special event because it was associated with the Gay Games. If anyone is interested, there is more information about the International Gay Rodeo Association (IGRA) at igra.com.

  2. peterparker says

    GREAT! Now gays can be associated with torturing animals too!!!!! Thanks for covering this and thereby giving it a veneer of respectability, towleroad!

  3. Truther says

    This is nothing to be proud of. The animals are abused then when they no longer perform they are sent to slaughter, including the horses, which are butchered under barbaric conditions in Mexico and Canada.

  4. Nelson says

    Tallmadge is not exactly in podunk USA , as it’s a wealthy part of the large Cleveland/Akron/Canton metro area. And yes – gay people ought to be STOPPING this kind of cruelty, not contributing to it.

  5. says

    Gods, no wonder I can’t stand most of youse all…whine, complain, whine! :)

    Talked to a few of the IGRA competitors at the Opening Ceremonies. Had quite a large contingent at the Q that night. Didn’t realize they were doing the calves-in-undies event, gotta laugh at THAT mental image! ^_^ (Friend up here thought it was like dressage or something, I think we even went *further* this time!)

  6. Red Hodeo says

    Howdy. Thank you GG9, Cleveland and Akron and Summit Co. Fairgrounds. We had our first “gay” rodeo in Ohio and it was a blast. As for torturing animals, I didn’t see us doing anything that I haven’t seen done by dog/cat owners. You notice that we do break-away roping, so the calf isn’t flipped. We put underwear on goats. Again, no worse than what I’ve seen with dogs. I would hardly call it “barbarism” or “torture”, and I would remind you that these animals are part of the food chain. You should also know that I have competed with a vegetarian on the IGRA circuit. As to why we need gay rodeo? Well, if people wouldn’t make such a big deal out of someones orientation, we’d be welcome at regular rodeos to be ourselves (not that you won’t find some of us at regular rodeos.) The IGRA came out of a fundraiser that had a country western theme; that was a rodeo to raise money for a Senior Center’s Thanksgiving meal. That is still the idea today, as well promoting the country-western lifestyle for those of us in the city and being a social outlet for those in the country. As for my Wild Drag outfit, I was tapped to fill in for a sick competitor. I believe in being entertaining and there was a costume contest with a prize. I worked the crowd professing my gratitude for the Buckeye state. We were playing out of control Ohio State fans and the cop had to deal with us, after we were dealt with by the steer. Yes, it was my (scary) tribute to a state that we’ve tried twice to do a rodeo and our first at Gay Games, which was supported by Cleveland + Akron, who did an incredible job. We came, had fun, spent money and enjoyed the “Midwest friendly” of Ohio. So, haters, get over it. We spent money in your state! I enjoyed both Cleveland and Akron. I taught two children to rope, posed for pictures and talked to a lot of people who were having a great time. I wanted to thank the people of Ohio, and did, and did some cheers, but had trouble getting them right, there were 3 of them that I was told was THE cheer for OHIO. Oh well, the audience laughed and cheered and voted my team the winner. It was worth the trip from Michigan! And yes, if the fairgrounds does a western themed fundraiser for charities I will come back, teaching roping, do goat dressing (I’ll use inflatables), do rodeo games, and maybe we can even milk a cow. All for health awareness and a better community.

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