Thousands March For Marriage Equality In Dublin, Urge Ireland To Replace ‘Tolerance’ With ‘Citizenship’ – VIDEO

An estimated 8,000 people took part in the fifth annual March for Marriage in Dublin, Ireland, last Saturday


An estimated 8,000 people took part in the fifth annual March for Marriage in Dublin, Ireland, last Saturday, reports The Irish Times.

Some dressed in sashes and tiaras after the news that the newly crowned Rose of Tralee, Maria Walsh had revealed she is gay.

NoiseThe organisers of the march said that hoped this would be the biggest – and last – gathering for same-sex marriage equality prior to a referendum on the issue to be held early next year.

Comedian and writer Tara Flynn, who last week starred in an LGBT Noise video spoofing the “Armagayddon” that sadly some believe will come about if marriage equality becomes law, introduced speakers at the end of the march.

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Warning against complacency among supporters of equal rights, Marriage Equality’s Gráinne Healy asked the crowd to check the electoral register to make sure they and their friends and family are registered to vote.

Representatives from LGBT youth organisation BelongTo, INTO LGBT Teachers’ Group, the Union of Students in Ireland, trans rights organisation TENI, and LGBT Pavee representing the traveller community also spoke.

Irish Times journalist Fintan O’Toole called for Irish society to replace “tolerance” of LGBT people with “citizenship”. He told the crowd:

"What we’re asking for is a recognition of a change that has already happened… The slogan I would suggest is ‘if you want a Republic, put a ring on it.’”


  1. says

    wonderful proactivity at work!

    you know, it’s a funny thing about “tolerance” – “tolerance” is what you almost always hear conservatives say in the same sentence as “liberals” – IE, “oh, where’s your liberal tolerance you’re supposed to blah blah blah..”

    Well, thing is, true liberals don’t actually tout tolerance as something noble or to be aimed for. tolerance is lame. tolerance is what you aspire to when you know you can’t get understanding, support and acceptance. tolerance not a liberal value. it’s basically saying “I’d kill you, but i’d get in trouble. So i won’t. even though i still want to. every single day”

    kudos to these groups for their smart language and rallying-call to vote.

    and in every country around the world, the anti-gay candidates play that card of the same reason: they think their constituents are stupid. that’s the reality; “are you stupid as s**t, have no idea how the economy works, and are highly likely to vote against your own economic interests because you obsess over a socioreligious issue that won’t actually affect your life in a negative way? vote for me! I hate gays and abortions and love giving tax breaks to the wealthy!”

    we will not be respected until we stand up and command respect on OUR OWN TERMS, no the terms our detractors and enemies would often seek to conditionally impose.

  2. MaryM says

    The terrifying thing about this story is teh fact that there will be a referendum on equal civil rights.

    There is something deeply flawed about the Irish constitution if it requires a public vote on minority rights. Minority rights should NEVER be dependent on the will of the majority,.

    And of course there is no guarantee that it will pass.

    Unlike the US however the outcome cannot be appealed to the Supreme Court.

    If this referendum fails Irish LGB people will remain 2nd class citizens for 30 years.

    They have no plan B.

  3. Irish supporter says

    @MaryM I’m from Dublin Ireland (and still live there) it won’t be 30 years more like 5 years polls show high support (around 70%) for gay marriage!!

    Plus this years Rose Of Tralee (which is a competition in which Irish communities around the world send a beauty queen to the finals in County Kerry) Maria Walsh, just came out mostly to comments like oh how nice for her and other supportive comments!

  4. Ryan says

    I don’t think the Irish Government would have scheduled the referendum if they didn’t feel confident that it would be approved by the Irish electorate. Unlike most of Europe, Ireland has a very young population. Thanks largely to its strict ban on abortion, about half of the Irish population is under 30. It will be the younger voters who will be the insurance that the gay marriage amendment will pass.

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