Transphobic Essay Author Asked To Take ‘Leave Of Absence’


Earlier this week Gavin McInnes, chief creative officer of Rooster in New York, posted an article to Thought Catalog called "Transphobia is Perfectly Natural", and it's every bit as terrible as it sounds. Thankfully, it turns out that Rooster, as a whole, does not share their CCO's transphobia and released a public statement condemning his behavior:

Gavin's views are his own and do not represent those of the company or its members. We are extremely disappointed with his actions and have asked that he take a leave of absence while we determine the most appropriate course of action.

Stand by for the Vice co-founder to be invited back to Fox to talk about being persecuted for his freedom of speech. 

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  1. St.Eve says

    I saw his movie ‘How To Be A Man’ in it there’s a scene where he goes to buy cocaine from a gay drug dealer in the bathroom of a gay club, full of gay stereotypes…the whole movie is a mess!

  2. MaryM says

    Some points are valid though, even though expressed vulgarly.

    How can a person brought up and socialised as a boy claim to be a woman, despite having no experience of the practical day to day reality of being female. Coupled with the fact that biologically female occurrences like menstruation; ovulation; pregnancy; female orgasm are something that these quasi-women will never experience.

    So a transwoman does not feel male – well and good. But since when did that automatically make him female?

    Trannies are always going on about the gender binary but they simply reinforce that binary with their invasive surgeries.

    So a tranny hates his penis. Surely the best way of dealing with that is counselling to accept that, rather than reinforcing the binary by having mutilating surgery and thereafter dressing like a female hooker.

  3. MaryM says

    Trannies never seem to be able to address a very basic question.

    So they don’t feel like a male despite their chromosomes and body parts and socialisation as a male.

    Why exactly does that make them female? They know nothing about the biological or social reality of being femmale.

    They reinforce the gender binary they are always whining about.

    And quite often are disgusting homophobes as well.

    LGB does not belong with T.

    LGBT is an invention that there is no consensus about. Drop the T.

  4. MaryM says

    Trannies trannies trannies.

    How I wish I were just one-tenth of a human being as most of those trannies are.

    I’m just a lying, horrible, piece of human waste who spends far too much time with my gargantuan ass splayed out over my wheezing old Office Depot chair.

    If only one person would love me…

  5. MaryM says

    Waiting for the troll to arrive to make the fake claim that all LGB people opposed to the tranny hijacking of the gay rights movement is an alias of Rick.

    The tranny supporters need to accept reality – that many of us believe that tranny issues and LGB issues are separate.

  6. Jake says


    Just shut up !

    I myself am trying to understand what Trans issues are and I must admit I used to have negative feelings about Trans people, but that’s because I was raised around people like you – People who don’t have a mind of their own but follow the path of fear and aggression.

    Why are you so dedicated to demonizing people that identify as trans and why are you so fixated on the notion that non-trans people should -hate- trans people?

    You don’t represent anyone but yourself, but look at you !

    You’re a f*cking fool if there ever was one!!!

  7. Pogovio says

    The article was deleted from Thought Catalog before I got a chance to read it. Does anyone know a place where it was copied or reviewed?

    A few years ago Towleroad linked to this YouTube video
    with McInnes ranting against the “American Mustache Institute”. It’s pretty obvious it’s a performance, but some people thought his tantrum was real.

    Could this be what happened at Thought Catalog? – That he wrote a parody that people wrongly interpreted as a serious piece? Even if he did, he should have known better – there are some places you don’t go, even if it’s intended to be humor.

  8. Jake says

    @Jake Baker

    Why can’t every single person live under the rainbow?

    Personally – I think it should be LGBTS

    S is for Straight people.

    We’re all in this together troll.

  9. says

    GOOD. it was without question the most heinously transphobic thing i have ever read in my entire life. and this is NOT about “freedom of speech” or “differing opinions” – the ONLY opinion anyone is entitled to is AN INFORMED ONE, and his piece was nothing but bilious prejudicial HATE.

    of course, a regular on Fox. and a known anti-Semite – the man made a wealth of enemies years ago whilst working for VICE – friends of mine who had to interact with him had nothing but horror stories. misogynistic, with a history of sexually harassing females to boot.

  10. kipp says

    The essay was designed to offend, infuriate and provoke. It has succeeded brilliantly in that and, though it offers nothing of value to a productive discussion on trans issues, it is a sort of masterpiece of hate rant. In its way, it’s kind of like a baptist church revival or the Republican National Convention: There is nothing of value to be found there, but it’s hard not to be a little impressed with the spectacle itself.

  11. Zlick says

    I have a live and let live attitude about trans people, but I also agree with MARYM about one important aspect: Males who believe they are female are using their imagination to envision what being female is all about, and females who believe they are male are similarly using their imagination to envision what being male is all about.

    There’s nothing wrong with that, so more power to ’em. Live as pleases you.

  12. Markt says

    I realize this post will be unpopular. But boxing promoter Frank Maloney recently revealed his transition to female. He said some very homophobic things in explanation – like he doesn’t think gays are good for society. My take is that he feels he must change his sex to have the relationship that he wants only because he is so deeply homophobic. I have had limited relationships with transsexuals but in at least two cases I felt i was being dissed for being homosexual by transexuals. Although I think it’s likely that there are people who should change their sex, I’m concerned that maybe some transexuals really need to accept who they are. And in a personal way, i don’t like being looked down upon for learning to accept myself as I am.
    The author very crudely and inappropriately made his points but the professionals involved in okaying sex changes should really take note. He has a point.

  13. MaryM says

    Frank Maloney is a typical tranny homophobe.

    And no – not all people opposed to the hijacking of the LGB civil rights campaign by tranny homophobes are aliases of Rick.

    It is trolling to repeatedly say that.

    it is an undisputed fact that LGBT was imposed on our communities without discussion.

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