Ugandan Archbishop On Anti-Gay Violence: ‘Homosexuals Are Also Human Beings’


Ugandan Archbishop John Baptist Odama has reportedly spoken out about the plight of homosexuals in his home country, according to Metro Weekly. Following the overturning of Uganda's controversial anti-gay bill, many Ugandans are eager to move forward on further discriminatory legislation. The archbishop supports such an initiative, but recently told The Daily Reporter:

“People should not take the laws into their hands and harm homosexuals, since they are also human beings though with different sexual feelings.”

It is encouraging that a public official should speak out vehemently against anti-LGBT violence, though his support for a a new anti-gay bill counteracts much of the good will. 


  1. David From Canada says

    If you look at the photo of the Archbishop, fittingly, there is a statue of Jesus in the background. What would Jesus do in this situation? Love your neighbour and don’t harm the homosexuals. Plain and simple.

  2. Timothy says

    Watch ‘God Loves Uganda’ on Netflix streaming to get a fuller picture of what is going on there. Basically American evangelical religious conservatives see Africa as a fertile ground for converting them to their form of evangelical Christianity. They see that America is becoming more tolerant of gay people, so they are exporting their brand of Christianity to places who don’t have the same understanding about sexuality as we do.. =/

  3. Randy says

    The Daily Monitor quotes Odama (at a wedding):

    “Let us learn to love God’s human creatures. It is not that I am advocating for homosexual practice in the country, but we should not take laws into our hands to harm and hate the homosexuals because we all have weaknesses”

    “The country has been struggling to have a law to criminalises homosexuality. However, the struggle has been frustrated by the constitutional courts. People should not take the laws into their hands and harm homosexuals, since they are also Human beings though with different sexual feelings”

    MetroWeekly’s Rhuaridh Marr FALSELY attributes this quote to him (actually said by Stanley Ntagali, a different archbishop):
    “I appeal to all God-fearing people and all Ugandans to remain committed to the support against homosexuality”

  4. james street james says

    Africans are also human beings. Even if most of them are not too bright.

    There, I just thought I would return the compliment. He has obviously adopted the Euro-white man’s culture and should be given credit for that effort.

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