MEXICO: 30,000 March Against Same-Sex Marriage In Coahuila – VIDEO

Around 30,000 people have taken part in a protest against the legalization of same-sex marriage in Coahuila state, Mexico

Anti-gay marriage march Mexico

Around 30,000 people have taken part in a protest against the legalization of same-sex marriage in Coahuila state, Mexico, reports

By a margin of 19-1, the Congress of Coahuila voted for marriage equality of September 1st. The new law, which alters more than 40 parts of the state's Civil Code, came into effect one week after the vote.

MarriageThe protest march in the capital city of Saltillo was organized by Casa de Rescate "Cristo Vive,” an evangelical group modeled on anti-gay religious groups in the U.S.

At the head of the march was a huge banner that read “Rescuing The Family.” Protesters were heard to chant “true love is found in mom and dad.”

According to El Universal, Casa de Rescate Pastor Carlos Pacheco quoted the usual, well-worn passages from the bible to condemn LGBT people and same-sex marriage.

Same-sex marriage is currently also legal in two other Mexican states, the Federal District (which includes Mexico city) and Quantana Roo. Coahuila borders the U.S. state of Texas.

Watch a Spanish language news clip on the legislation approving same-sex marriage, AFTER THE JUMP…


  1. disgusted american says

    but you couldnt get a 100 of them to march for decent pay, employment, immigration..nahhhhhhhh – f’n dumbass brainwashed usual Religion POISONS everything

  2. Kenneth says

    Same sex marriage is an abomination, but cheating on your baby making wife in an adult bookstore is as god intended. Not saying all Mexican men are like this, just 99.9% of the ones I have met living in Phoenix.

  3. simon says

    NOM march only had about 30 marchers. They must be jealous. Is that the reason Brian was not there to make a Youtube video like what he did in France? You can see he was having an orgasm in that video.

  4. pete n sfo says

    Evangelicals should be a major concern for all governments. Brazil is going crazy with these nuts and I’m sure lots of the rest of S America as well.

    Every time I hear Americans advocating more religious influence in government I shudder. The best thing for all concerned is less influence by religion in government & society as a whole.

  5. woody says

    This is the difference between catholics and evangelicals. Catholic bishops are much discredited and have very little sway with catholics and can’t get very many to attend such things. Evangelical pastors, however, can mobilize large numbers of people. This is why Brian Brown had to rely on Ruben Diaz to bus loads of evangelicals from Jersey to DC for his March for Marriage.

  6. Rowan says

    Pete SFO, they tried in England. Or I should say they are trying. The Alpha group which that horrible adventure guy you guys love but we loathe here, Gylls, is an evangelist and that is how they have gotten to the middle class in England but this is mainly in the South of England.

    The evangelists are doing their stuff via the Africans, the Muslims are also recruiting in most cities…the Jehova’s are still with most West Indians..

    Religion, religion, religion…..

  7. Carlos says

    Ugh! Marriage in many countries is about economics as much as anything else. With two men getting married, there basically, one less man that can marry a woman.

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