One Direction Debut Hot New Single ‘Fireproof’ From Upcoming Fourth Studio Album: LISTEN


One Direction fans have something to celebrate today with the release of "Fireproof" – a track off of the band's upcoming fourth studio album Four that will be available online for the next 24 hours. 

Idolator writes:

The brand new track is a subtle shift away from the crunchier pop sound of their early global hits like “What Makes You Beautiful,” as well as their folkier third effort Midnight Memories, this time gliding across gentle Beach Boys-esque guitars and sweet harmonies. “Nobody knows you baby the way I do,” the boys coo.

Listen while you can, AFTER THE JUMP

Four is scheduled for release November 17th. 



  1. Matt says

    @Crispy if you’re a grown man and still shame people for music choices like a schoolyard bully, then you should seriously re-examine your choices.

    It’s a song, get over yourself.

  2. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “I knew it, many old/mind aged men on this blog will like one direction cause they look like little children, shameful.”

    What are we supposed to like? The Beach Boys? I don’t think so.

  3. Dawson James says

    I’m not a 1D hater, but how is this post relevant to a site with “homosexual tendencies”? Is there a pro-equality track on the album? Are they making a donation to Trevor Project? What drivel.
    I’ve never singled out a Towleroad writer but Kyler Geoffroy, I hope you can do better. And if you can’t, Andy Towle should hire someone else.

  4. Derrick from Philly says

    if liking 1D makes you a pedophile
    then liking maria callas makes you a necrophile
    and liking adele makes you hetero

    Posted by: verbocity eric | Sep 8, 2014

    lOL !!! Every now and then there is a gem of comment!

  5. crispy says

    ” how is this post relevant to a site with “homosexual tendencies”? ”

    Because the homosexuals who run this site have a tendency to hate horrible music.

  6. Just_a_guy says

    Puke. Puke. Puke.

    Every time I hear “the story of my life” accidentally play, I hear the lyrics…

    The story of my hate; I hate the gays… Etc.

    I am allergic to 1D now and don’t want to recover, sorry. Tho I suppose I should make myself listen to their new popular stuff to make sure I don’t accidentally like it ha

  7. Adwise says

    They’re cute guys with music that, like it or not, is very popular. That’s as good as any reason to feature them here occasionally. The rest of the heavy argument whether to like them or not is needlessly heavy-weighted. Don’t like them, skip the article.

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